4 common mistakes made by seller before selling a home

Selling a home can be complicated as this is the most important transactions of your life, and you want to save yourself from any big problem too.

Selling a home is a little bit of challenging and an emotional event, both at the same time. You have spent so many years in the house and have some love and emotions attached to it.

It is your biggest asset till now and selling means that you want to extract a good profit from it. Sometimes, sellers make some blunders and end up having a low price.

With the help of a real estate agent, you can avoid the biggest four selling problems. Always arm yourself with knowledge, especially if you are going to make the most significant financial transaction of your life.

1. Overprice the house:

In Today’s market, buyers are well educated about the property prices and the taxes rates. You cannot make a buyer fool. He can easily access to historical data and other property rules and regulations.

Don’t quote a high price in which your competitor has more to offer. A correct price range will create a buyer’s interest and bring more customers to visit your home

2. Not staging your home properly:

Sellers often don’t value for staging and furniture. But staging a home definitely have an impact as if the buyer sees a well-decorated home with clean and elegant furniture, then this appearance appeal attractive to him.

Some sellers in order to sell the home, already move out the furniture from the rooms thus make the rooms empty and non-attractive.

3. Uploading non-professional photos online:

Today’s is the world of technology, and every item is selling online from a piece of a paper to the home, plot and furniture. There are many websites available online where you can sell your property by providing detail, price and pictures.

If the seller’s upload an old picture or less quality picture, then buyers will not take any interest. Make a little expense for a better price by hiring a professional cameraman to take the images, and you can put them online.

4. Don’t hire a real estate agent to sell the house:

Many sellers avoid paying some commission to a real estate agent, and for this, they don’t hire. Keep one thing in mind, that they have more knowledge then you, know the market tactics of property rate. They can make negotiation on your behalf, can put a price range better than you and can provide you complete guidelines before and after the deal.

Some final words:

There are also some other factors which you should keep in mind before selling a home.

  • Calculate the ownership, that how much you own the price.
  • Add extra cost, but don’t too much as you need that cost for a down payment of the next house.
  • After that, make some repairing, if needed as that can help you to quote more price.

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