Abdullah City

Abdullah city- is the residential housing project which aims to provide the best living environment to people. It is an exclusive city established on international standard facilities. It is a venture with almost all necessities of life like education, health, entertainment and security. This venture holds a golden opportunity for the people who want to live in twin cities. This city fulfils the needs and demands of a high existence lifestyle.

This project offers a wide of opportunities while keeping the standard of living high. It is a real estate project with extraordinary and complete development planning. Abdullah city is comprised of advanced features with astounding lifestyle for its residents. It is a city with luxurious sort of environment and that too, with affordable prices. Residence of these housing projects can enjoy through facilities like parks, schools, hospitals, mosques and commercial areas.


This housing project is by the Aziz builders, who are prestige in the Land development and town planning sector. This project is the best example of professionalism and public concerns. Their real work and care for the people help them to develop a venture with the best sort of living experience.


TMA approves Abdullah the premium providing facilities, the city. After the completion of the instalments registry will be transferred to the owner.


This peace-loving society is located on Chakri road near Islamabad and Lahore motorway. The site is ideal as it is surrounding by all the modern facilities.

Abdullah City Rawalpindi Location Map

Amenities and facilities


To fulfill the education and learning necessities of the housing society, Abdullah city has planned many schools setups and a team of educationists to facilities the people of the Abdullah city. In future, fully equipped laboratories, the highest quality of teaching, computer rooms, libraries and extracurricular activities will be available in educational institutions.


The medical care units and medical facilities are an integral part of any housing society. Abdullah city is on the way with the most modern medical equipment. The most experienced and qualified doctors and paramedical staff will be available under affordable rates. Other than this, 24/7 on-call ambulance services will be open and 24 hours emergency care unit.

Commercial zones

Abdullah city is introducing the supersedes shopping experience for the people of Pakistan. Now, the residents of the project can get access to the different products and that too with diverse varieties. The well-designed commercial zones offer all the retail items of daily need. From food items to clothes, home décor or stationery items. All will be available under “one roof”.

Security System

For the security and safety of the Abdullah city, the management has installed various security system throughout the housing society capacity. The department of the security system is equipped with the trained and honest security team, who are working day and night to ensure the safety of the people living inside the Abdullah city.

Maintenance Services

Abdullah city is providing a completely secure environment for living. Twenty-four hours maintenance service is available for your home with no additional or service charges. You can enjoy the excellent comfort level by just sitting in your home and efficiently resolve the domestic issues.

Parks & Zoos

Abdullah City is filled with parks and zoos. Animal exhibits are spread all over Abdullah City and animals from dogs to reindeer’s from cougars to lionesses can be found in specific locations. Similarly, a park has been provided to every 100 houses in Abdullah City. Each planned community is allotted a certain percentage of land which is used to beautify the community and provide its residents with areas dedicated to green playing fields and jogging tracks. Ask your Abdullah City employees for directions to your nearest parks and exhibits

Road Network

Roads are essential need for any housing society to connect and make transport to work smoothly. The road makes life easier as ways are the quickest, most direct and most accessible access to help at the time of need or emergency. Also, a complete traffic management system is available in Abdullah city.

Environment & Safety

Nowadays, after necessities of life, environment and safety are of great concern for any housing society. To maintain a high level of health and safety, Abdullah city has developed a community with reasonable security measures to protect the property and business of the people.

Abdullah City Rawalpindi Payment Plan

It is established highly on international standards and contemporary time’s needs and demands. It facilitates people in every walk, either in education, health, security, and entertainment aspects. Living here is synonymous to live prosperously and conveniently as this project is packed with many striking features and facilities. Abdullah City is offering farmhouses, commercial and residential plots of various size on four years easy instalments. Aziz Builders & Developers are ensuring the highest international standards, timely delivery, and lifelong customer satisfaction.

1 & 3 Marla Commercial Plots

5, 10 & 20 Marla Residential Plots

3 & 5 Kanal Farm Houses

3, 5, 10 & 20 Marla Homes

Payment Schedule Residential and Commercial Plots

Category 5 Marla 10 Marla 20 Marla 3 Marla Commercial 8 Marla commercials 1 kanal commercial
Total price 1199000 2099000 3799000 2850000 5600000 11000000
Membership 9000 19000 29000 10000 45000 100000
Booking 100000 200000 400000 200000 400000 1100000
Confirmation 50000 75000 150000 75000 150000 400000
Allocation 50000 75000 150000 75000 150000 400000
Monthly installment 14000 28000 50000 35000 70000 125000
6 Monthly installments 40000 50000 85000 100000 200000 375000


  Payment Schedule for farm house

Category Total price Membership Booking Confirmation Allocation Installments
3 kanal 3300000 30000 300000 200000 200000 40000
5 kanal 4950000 50000 500000 350000 350000 60000
8 kanal 7125000 75000 750000 500000 500000 90000
18 kanal 12150000 150000 1000000 7500000 750000 150000


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