If you are thinking about acquiring property in Pakistan, this can be considered a very good choice in regard to ideas for future investment because there is a lot of potential in the real estate business in Pakistan in 2024. With a projected value of US$ 2.11 trillion at the close of the year 2024, the real estate market is expected to grow by 7.04% per annum in the period 2024 to 2028 according to the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) analysis obvious from the market figure suggested at US$2.77tn by 2028.

CAGR Beginner Guide To Real Estate Investment In Pakistan 2024 Wirasat.com

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After going through these studies. Now you are getting the point, that it is the right time to invest in Real Estate in Pakistan and make a passive source ahead. However, this type of investment involves numerous intelligent considerations and financial information.

But don’t worry…

This blog post will cover all the necessary information about real estate investment in Pakistan. Experts advise investing in property only for those unwilling to yield their earned money but expecting some returns from it.

Even in the future, you will not face any type of crisis because of this investment. This is your lifetime savings. Over time, its price will strengthen which will give you huge profits.

Why is Real Estate the best investment in Pakistan?

When it comes to people who desire not to lose their hard-earned money, investing in property makes sense because you can expect some additional income-generating opportunities; when you invest in real estate you gain plenty of money specifically by purchasing land or buildings then selling these either together with making big profits or renting out land/building who generates income over time such that; thus with such an investment.

Even in the future, you will not face any type of crisis because of this investment. This is your lifetime saving. Over time, its price will strengthen which will give you huge profits.

Types of Real Estate Investment In Pakistan:

There is a list of the most applicable types of real estate investment in Pakistan in 2024.

  • You can buy the plots and resale them at a higher price.
  • You can buy a property for renting out.
  • You can invest in the undeveloped for future development opportunities.

Key Factors:

Key Factors Beginner Guide To Real Estate Investment In Pakistan 2024 Wirasat.com

These are the most important key factors to keep in mind while investing in Pakistan real estate.

  • Purpose:

Investors should have a clear point or purpose before investment whether it is for commercial space and personal residence.

  • Budget:

Before starting the property search you have to set your budget and finances and it is very important to consider factors like taxes, maintenance costs, risk tolerance, and interest rates, in that way, you don’t have the fear of running out of your budget.

  • Location:

The location also plays a crucial role in real estate investment in Pakistan, as the areas with convenient access to amenities typically offer better investment opportunities.

  • Real Estate Agent:

Incorporating the services of a real estate agency can provide an impartial perspective and guarantee thorough attention to all essential specifics throughout property transactions.

What are the top cities for real estate investment in Pakistan?

Top Cities For Real Estate Investment In Pakistan Wirasat.com

If you are looking at investing in Pakistan property and making profits at the end of the day, one thing you must take into account is location, this is why we will highlight three major cities for real estate business.

  • Lahore:

Lahore is one of the hustling and bustling cities, besides that, it also serves as an economic centre and vibrant culture.

The strongholds Lahore entertainment city, are some of the great areas for real estate investment in Lahore.

  • Islamabad:

Besides its natural beauty, Islamabad has very established housing scheme agencies including Wirasat, which is one of the leading real estate marketing agencies in Islamabad. They are working on hand-to-hand projects  from commercial to residential and farmhouse and some of them are Manor Villa and Holiday Homes Muree

  • Karachi:

The real estate investment in Karachi is also a great choice. They are also known as large real estate housing schemes like DHA and Bahria Town Karachi, which attract many investors to make a profitable deal.

Future Prediction:

In 2024, investors can expect that Pakistan’s real estate sector will exhibit positive signs that will lead to its further growth as specialists envisage. Here are the details about how it will look like:

  • Market Expansion:

The market is expected to expand by 2024 reaching US$2.11 trillion which shows its substantial size and worth as an investment opportunity.

  • Residential Dominance:

Residential properties are forecasted to be the most popular type in the market with a volume worth US$1.49tn by 2024 while an annual increase of volley is anticipated.

  • Reasons Why You Should Act Quickly:

There is a high likelihood that individuals who act now will make great profits out of their investments because market growth is high.

  • Where Do You Invest Money:

Investing in real estate is a sure way to save money for future use as house prices always go up. On The One Hand, Some Problems May Prevent It And On The Other Hand Perspectives Are Good: though there exist certain obstacles on the way, ahead is the bright side.


Real estate investment in Pakistan is profitable due to affordable property prices. Studies project the market to reach $2.11 tn by 2024, making it a great time to invest. Consider various factors for successful investing and explore top real estate agencies like Wirasat for the best market options.

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