While 2023 brought many innovations and advantages, it also accompanied some real challenges. The housing societies also had to revise their amenities to meet those challenges. This blog will pinpoint all the best amenities of Nova City Islamabad 2023.

If you are looking for a marvelous housing community in 2023 equipped with all the best amenities, Nova City Islamabad has it all. It is a PHATA-approved housing scheme. The famous developing firm Nova Group is developing this housing project. Nova City is situated on the CPEC (China-Pak Economic Corridor) route, Fateh Jang Road. Furthermore, the project offers you many suitable housing options and easy payment plans.

Best Amenities of Nova City Islamabad

Nova City offers an array of facilities ranging from essential to luxurious ones. Residents and investors can expect a lucrative future from this society in terms of international standard amenities and lavish lifestyle. Compared to the launch time of the scheme, Nova City will enhance its amenities to the best possible level by 2023.

World Class Amenities

Below is a detailed list of the best amenities that Nova City offers:

Eco-friendly Environment

This futuristic Nova City envisions establishing a natural and green lifestyle. Nova City aims to safeguard nature and its beauty to provide a healthy lifestyle to the residents. 

Eco-friendly Environment

High-end security System

One of the main reasons people endorse the idea of housing societies these days is their high-level security system.

High End security System

Nova City has a well-equipped security system that includes the following:

  • Patrolling Security Officers
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Security Command Center

Zoo and Parks

When we talk about catering to the needs of the families living in housing societies, we cannot overlook the needs of their children. A housing society only becomes ideal when the children residing there feel entertained. Nova City has a beautiful zoo and many lush green parks to meet the needs of the growing individuals. 


A mosque is a place where Muslims gather five times a day to pray. The children also go there to learn Holy Quran. Adding mosques in a housing society is mandatory to attract investors or buyers. The construction of Nova City’s Jamia Masjid is in full swing. It is a colossal mosque where thousands of worshippers can pray simultaneously. 

Healthcare Units

The housing society is well-planned as it gives easy access to all the famous and well-equipped healthcare units. This is one of the most significant needs of any housing project. These hospitals and clinics comprise the best staff to provide all the medical services. 

Healthcare Units


While looking for an esteemed housing option, families also expect all the elite facilities. The best amenities of Nova City Islamabad 2023 also include a gym for self-maintenance. Nova City comprises several fitness centers and gyms.

Nova City Gyms

Educational Institutes

Nova City has many remarkable aspects to surprise you. The developers have launched a high-standard educational experience for their young residents. Nova School is an outstanding educational institute that aims to equip your children with the best possible education. The housing society will have several international standards schools offering primary and higher education.

Wide Roads

Nova City is a carefully planned society, offering wide roads to facilitate residents. Due to this reason, Main Boulevard and other roads provide residents with a safe driving experience. The roads and streets will also have street lights on either side. This is one of many best amenities of Nova City Islamabad that will hopefully be effective by the end of 2023.    

Load-Shedding-Free Living Experience

Load-shedding is one of the biggest problems Pakistanis have suffered for a long time. Nova City will offer a 24/7 supply of electricity to the residents. Providing them with a load-shedding-free environment is no less than a wonder. This is also among the best amenities of Nova City Islamabad 2023.

Other than offering the best amenities and facilities, Nova City has several features that make it an extraordinary housing project, such as:

Nova City Islamabad Location

The prime location of a housing society also counts as a luxury amenity for its residents. Nova City boasts an ideal location as it connects the sister cities. City Islamabad lies on the CPEC Route, adjacent to Islamabad International Airport. Lying this close to the CPEC makes it more strategic as it can reap many advantages.

Nova City Islamabad Location

Its ideal location will also create a lot of potential job opportunities for the residents. Thus, Nova City becomes a complete package, including an ideal location as one of its best amenities. 

Nova City Location Map

Nova City Location Map

Nova City Islamabad Owners and Developers

Nova City is the prestigious project of the Nova Group. Nova Group is famous for its international standard infrastructure and timely project delivery. They are all set to become Pakistan’s top developing firm with utter dedication and hard work. The CEO of Nova Group is Mr Chaudhry Junaid Afzal. He is a reputed businessman in Pakistan’s real estate. 

Nova City Islamabad Owners and Developers

Nova City Islamabad NOC Approval Status

Nova City has successfully received its NOC (No Objection Certificate) from PHATA (Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency) and TMA (Tehsil Municipal Administration) Fateh Jang.  This approval adds to its allure and makes it a perfect investment opportunity. 


The following are a few FAQs about Nova City Housing Society:

Q1. What is Nova City?

Ans: Nova City is a prestigious housing scheme that provides excellent investment options for the people of the twin cities.

Q2. Where is Nova City located?

Ans: It is located on the CPEC route, adjacent to Islamabad International Airport.

Q3. Who are the owners and developers of Nova City?

Ans: Nova Group is the developing firm of Nova City. The owner of Nova Group is Mr Chaudhry Junaid Afzal.

Q4. Is Nova City a futuristic housing option?

Ans: Yes! The housing project’s proximity to CPEC Route, in particular, makes Nova City a futuristic scheme. 

Q5. Does Nova City have an approved NOC?

Ans: Nova City has received NOC approval from PHATA and TMA Fateh Jang.

Q6. What are the best amenities of Nova City Islamabad 2023?

Ans: Some of its finest amenities include:

  • High-Class Infrastructure
  • A Load-Shedding Free Zone
  • Wide Roads
  • Healthcare Units
  • Gyms
  • A Zoo
  • Jamia Masjid


Nova City is one of the best housing opportunities in the capital city of Pakistan. It offers all the best amenities to its residents to provide them with a lavish living experience. This blog has highlighted the best amenities of Nova City Islamabad 2023. From its international standard infrastructure to the load-shedding-free living experience, every feature is unique in itself. For further information, please get in touch with Wirasat.

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