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Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City, a huge housing project spearheaded by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC), will be Pakistan's first Pak-China housing society created in partnership with the Chinese.It is the most cost-effective housing project constructed by Chinese investors, with a simple payment plan despite its size, making it popular with investors. The fact that it is close to the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi is a plus.The project is being constructed with the goal of making it Pakistan's new commercial hub. The first private housing society to be designated as a Pak-China Friendly City will be Blue World City. Through the CPEC route; M-2 Motorway – located near New Islamabad International Airport – this housing scheme project being created by Chinese investment would provide a market for Pakistani and Chinese manufacturers with easy access to local and international clients.

Blue World City Owners & Developers

The Blue World City project is founded by Mr. Saad Nazir (Owner of Blue Group of Companies), Son of Mr. Ch. Nazir (ex-Deputy Commissioner Lahore.) Mr. Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company, China, has signed an MOU for the creation of Blue World City.

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Blue Group Of Companies (BGC)

The Blue Group of Companies was established in Lahore in 1998. It began by providing clients with architectural design and construction services. And was able to quickly acquire the trust of its clients and establish a solid reputation as one of the most dependable businesses. With over 300 employees, the company has developed and thrived since then. And it is one of the most diverse organizations in Pakistan.

BGC provides a variety of services, including:

Investing in real estate
Construction, development, and marketing
Design of the building
Commercial printing and IT assistance
Gated Community & 24/7 Security

The Blue Group of Companies was established in Lahore in 1998. It began by providing clients with architectural design and construction services. And was able to quickly acquire the trust of its clients and establish a solid reputation as one of the most dependable businesses. With over 300 employees, the company has developed and thrived since then. And it is one of the most diverse organizations in Pakistan.

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Blue World City Location

The major Chakri Road, near the Chakri Interchange on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M2, is home to Blue World City (BWC). It is well located near the twin cities, making the Islamabad Airport accessible. Commercial avenues such as Bahria Town, Gulberg Green, DHA, Bahria Town, and other projects will be 20-25 minutes away through Ring Road once it is completed.

Master Plan of Blue World City

The well structured/beautifully designed/architected and community oriented master plan of Blue World City has been developed by very expert/renowned /well reputed Urban Development experts according to the latest trends and principles of Urban Town planning and has been designed to cater all of the basic and advanced needs of the gated communities.

The Blue World City project offers one of the most convenient access points to Islamabad and Rawalpindi while also providing a peaceful, serene, and luxurious living environment that no other residential project in Pakistan has provided to its residents, and this is what distinguishes the BWC from other societies in Pakistan.Blue World City's web location is simple to comprehend and access for everybody.

Blue World NOC Status

Blue World City Islamabad was granted planning clearance by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) in response to the Vide Letter no. 532/10/DC. The date is 07-08-2018. Initially, the group was awarded Preliminary Planning Permission for around 427 Kanal of land.

NOC Update for December 2021

Letter No. 532/10/DC dated 07-08-2018 was issued by the District Council about the NOC of Blue World City. Governor Punjab signed the 2021 Local Bodies Ordinance, which addressed the jurisdiction disagreement between the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and the District. The District Council will grant approval to all residential housing societies under this Ordinance. Following all of these considerations, Blue World City was awarded final approval, resulting in a rise in plot prices.

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Blue world City Project Plan

Blue World Society has been given a total of 5000 Kanal of land. The society will be divided into four phases, which will then be subdivided into blocks and plots.

The society provides:

5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal Residential Plots
4 Kanal and 8 Kanal Farm Houses
5 Marla and 8 Marla Commercial Plots.
Bookings begin with a 10% down payment of as low as Rs. 119,000/-.


Blue World City Awami Residential Block

Awami Residential Block Islamabad is a desirable block in Blue World City. It showcases the best residential properties. All of these apartments are perfectly situated within this fantastic project. Furthermore, this complex has the cutting-edge infrastructure and all of the best features that set it apart from the competition.
It is, indeed, one of the best residential projects in which to invest.

Blue World City Awami Residential Block Project Plan

Blue World City Islamabad is a well-designed plan that was created with the assistance of national and international specialists and is based on the most recent principles of Urban Town Planning.

Blue World City Awami residential Block Payment Plan

Blue World City has announced easy payment plans of Awami Residential Block as follows:

Blue World City Payment Plan

For the convenience of its investors, the society has provided a 3-year, 4-year, and 5-year installment plan. Only a ten percent deposit is required to secure a reservation.
Blue World City's Management has announced the following simple payment plans:

Blue World City is made up of various blocks, including:

Blue World City General Block
Blue World City Waterfront Block
Blue World City Executive Block
Blue World City Overseas Block
Blue World City Overseas Block
Blue World City Country Farms
Blue World City Orbital Flats

Blue World City Overseas block

Blue Group of Companies has recently completed the launch of their housing society's abroad block. As one of the focal areas of this fantastic housing community, the block with time is gaining appeal. The building is designed primarily for Pakistanis living abroad who seek a luxury living and high-quality accommodations.
The overseas block has a limited number of plots and residential plots offered on a first-come, first-served basis. This is a profitable and cost-effective investment opportunity for citizens residing abroad, providing greater safety and convenience.

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Blue World City Waterfront Block

Blue World City Waterfront Block is the most recent addition to the Blue World City project. The area is in the society and directly in front of Overseas Block, right on the shore. Residents could enjoy the tranquillity of the society while looking out over the quiet waterfront.
Located between Rawalpindi and Islamabad, you might get to your office or company in a matter of minutes. In fact, all residential and commercial amenities are provided within the society so that no one needs to leave the region to meet their needs. Even cutting-edge healthcare facilities might be accessed from within the confines of society.

Blue world City Executive Block

The Blue World City offers its newest block, Blue World City Executive Block, which is a magnificent complement to the already captivating residential society. The Executive Block is at a great location and is easily accessible via several routes. Furthermore, it is close to the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
The Executive Block will be the pinnacle of luxury, elegance, and class. The residents of the block will have access to all of the basic and modern amenities. Blue World City's Executive Block will provide inhabitants with an ultra-luxurious lifestyle.
Blue World City Executive Block will provide inhabitants with the home of their desires at extremely affordable prices.

Blue World City Orbital Apartments

Orbital Apartments in Blue City provide a wonderful living in a premium design. If you want to enjoy panoramic picturesque views all day, there is no better apartment option in Pakistan than this.With world-class infrastructural development, orbital flats provide exquisite yet inexpensive housing possibilities. The orbiting flats were created with the goal of providing big and affordable residential dwellings.
Vertical residential projects are the emerging trend in Pakistan and around the world, necessitating the development of orbiting flats. Spacious areas, dedicated lifts, themed furnishings, world-class services, 24/7 maintenance, and more are all included in the Orbital apartments.Orbital Apartments in Blue City offer a luxurious living experience. There is no better apartment option in Pakistan if you wish to enjoy panoramic gorgeous views all day.

Blue Hills Country Farms

Maintaining a busy and stressful daily routine can be exhausting. To get away from this hectic environment, one often fantasizes about living in a serene and tranquil setting where one may appreciate natural beauty while also enjoying luxury. Blue Hills Country Farms are located nearby to suit that need.
Whether you're a business person or have a 9-to-5 job, living a hectic life can have a negative impact on your mental and physical health. That is why, to de-stress, a calm atmosphere close to nature and away from the city is required. Blue Hills Country Farms is an ideal retreat for individuals seeking a stress-free lifestyle. The farms provide a close connection to nature.

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Blue World City Awami Complex

The Awami Residential Complex is the most recent addition to the magnificent Blue World City housing complex. The complex consists of independent and duplex residences, each with all of the amenities needed to live a lavish lifestyle with spectacular views of society. Each apartment is built with environmentally friendly infrastructure, high-end facilities, and comfort in mind.
Awami Residential Complex is being built to address the growing need for affordable housing properties while keeping in mind the needs of the general population. The Awami complex consists of single duplex units built in a cost-effective manner without sacrificing quality. The BWC Awami Complex is the apex of low-cost housing development.


Blue World City Facilities and Amenities:

This housing project will be a marvel of Chinese architecture and development. It is not only the cheapest housing society in the area, but it is also designed to satisfy the needs of the nearly 2 million Chinese people who would be moving to Pakistan for the CPEC route project in the coming years. To meet this need, the society must implement international-quality services and infrastructure that will not only benefit Chinese residents but also improve the level of living for Pakistani inhabitants. Residents of the housing complex will have access to the following futuristic, never-before-seen amenities:

Water, Gas, and Electricity

Blue World City Islamabad is located in a relatively rural location that has been ignored for a long time, with connections for power, gas, and water being provided only seldom. Although it was a difficult assignment, the personnel worked nonstop to assist the investors and give them the essentials of life, such as 24/7 gas, electricity, and gas, so that the members of this society could live a stress-free existence.

Blue Mosque Replica in Turkey

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, is a marvel of classical architecture built between the years 1609 by Muslim designers and architects who inspired the Blue World City planners to build a replica of this monumental mosque in the society to restore Islamic values and culture in Pakistan. The copy of the Blue Mosque, which will be built after the Faisal Mosque, will become a landmark and draw people to this society. The mosque will fully embody and compliment the Blue World City motif. Commercial Hubs, Schools, and Colleges: With the CPEC route nearby, the society will prove to be one of the largest business hubs in the region, with infinite commercial potential. For people's accessibility, the master plan of this outstanding community includes state-of-the-art, modern commercial avenues, and high-standard educational facilities in all sectors of society.

Water Theme Park

The park will have entertaining water rides, slides, wave pools, a volcanic waterfall, specially constructed water pools for underage children, and water surfing, making it Pakistan's largest water theme park. The society intends to construct the world's largest and first international water theme in Pakistan.

Blue World City Gated Community

Islamabad will be a gated and carefully secured community. Unauthorized individuals will be barred from participating in society. To give an extra degree of security, the society will be surrounded by a protective perimeter wall. To prevent unwelcome visits and disasters in the society, additional measures such as face recognition and key cards will be implemented.

Blue world city 24/7 security

Blue World City Islamabad takes the protection of its inhabitants and visitors very seriously, and a specially trained security crew will monitor and assure their safety 24 hours a day, seven days a week. CCTV cameras will be deployed throughout the housing society to create a secure environment in which you can relax and enjoy a magnificent stress-free lifestyle.

Sector and Jamia mosques

Each sector of society will have a particularly designed sector mosque for its residents, allowing them to pray comfortably and fulfill their religious responsibilities without having to travel long distances. Jamia Mosques will be established across the society for the convenience of the tenants and visitors in order to accommodate more Jummah prayers.

High-Class infrastructure

Society has already started working on infrastructure, and the first phase is to create a large network of carpeted roads that connect all regions of the society. These roadways will include concrete pathways and sidewalks for walkers and bicycles and will be 40, 60, 80, 100, and 120 feet wide, respectively.

Subterranean Electricity

Although the concept of underground electricity is not new, and many of the newest housing developments are employing it, it has become a necessary update for the community's safety. This measure will not only increase society's beauty and elegance, but it will also make it much safer and lower the risks of any disasters.

Public Transportation

The society will include an internal network of public transportation to make commuting within the society easier for residents and visitors.

Plant for energy production

Officials have recommended the installation of an electric power plant in society to make it a load-shedding-free zone. The availability of electricity in society would enable a more efficient and productive community with society's own power plant.

Sports & Culture Complex

In Blue World City, multifunctional sports and cultural complexes will be built to entertain and promote the diversity of cultures as well as extracurricular activities in society.

Sewerage Plants

Modern sewerage treatment plants will be erected across the society to ensure a sanitary and environmentally friendly waste disposal system.

Filtration facility for water

Blue global city will be a self-sufficient and sustainable civilization, and one of the most important characteristics of such a society is the ability to provide clean water to its citizens. The establishment of an advanced water filtration plant will ensure that everyone in society has access to clean water and will improve the region's living standards.

Recreational park and lake

The Oxygen Park and lakes in the society will enhance the society's attractiveness and attraction. These urban green spaces are critical for improving health, fostering social relationships, and assisting the environment.

Cinema in I-Max

In the lives of individuals in any community, cinemas have become a significant source of entertainment and relaxation. Blue World City will feature 3D I-max cinemas to provide its residents with the most cutting-edge technology and enjoyment.

Adventure Club

To bring the community together and foster social bonds, the society will feature an adventure club. For the enjoyment of its members, this club will organize a variety of adventurous activities such as horseback riding, dirt bike riding, paragliding, parachuting, trekking, and so on.

Zoo Safari

Another notable aspect of the society will be its Safari Zoo, which will provide guests with a memorable experience by providing a safe drive down a trail through the society with wild animals wandering freely. The zoo will house a wide range of animal and bird species brought from all around the world.

Water pools and spa clubs

Residents of this society will also have access to heated and freshwater pools as well as a spa club. Members will be able to enjoy a choice of peaceful and therapeutic treatments at these magnificent spas and pools.

In-Society Police Station

In the vicinity of Blue World, there will be a fully operational and responsive police station to assist with any criminal encounters or unlawful activities in society.

40-Bed Hospital

Because health is the most important concern in any community, Blue World City's master plan includes a fully working 40-bed hospital. This sophisticated new health facility will be outfitted with cutting-edge equipment and machines to aid patients and respond to any societal emergency.

OIC Monument

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Islamabad's Blue World City is a fantasy housing society for Pakistanis. This society's most appealing aspect is that it is both inexpensive and equipped with every modern convenience.
Because society is still in its early phases, prices are still low. When society has fully grown in one to two years, prices may rise, and this inexpensive pricing will no longer be available. The biggest selling factors of BWC are the installment payment plans, affordability, and exquisite amenities.
As a result, strongly advises you to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in our society. You may also contact us to inquire about the pricing of a blue world city file or any other blue world city price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Blue World City is a massive home development project in Pakistan that is being planned and built by a Chinese development body. Blue World City can be found on Chakri Road in Rawalpindi.

Blue World City is a project of Mr. Saad Nazir's Blue Group of Companies. Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Business, a Chinese construction company, is developing the project.

The housing society is on the border of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, hence the name Blue World City Islamabad, and it is managed by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

As soon as the main entrance is finished, the development and construction may begin. The leveling and cleaning of the plots have also begun, and it is believed that it will all be completed in 3 to 4 years. However, there is a good risk of delays due to the aforementioned factors.

Blue World City provides easy-to-follow and pays monthly payment installment programs that are intended to aid customers in making simple investments. The payment plans are offered in three and four years.

Because the work is ongoing, possession is not attainable at this time. Possession is scheduled to be granted in 3 to 4 years after the completion of the project.

Because the work is ongoing, possession is not attainable at this time. Possession is scheduled to be granted in 3 to 4 years after the completion of the project.

Yes, in addition to residential plots, Blue World City offers 5 marla and 8 marla commercial properties.

Yes, Blue World City intends to supply all fundamental and luxurious amenities such as water, gas, and electricity, as well as high-end parks and upscale commercial and entertainment avenues.

Yes, there is a separate block for abroad Pakistani nationals, just as there is a dedicated block for Chinese citizens. Please contact us for more information.

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