CDA, or the Capital Development Authority, is the primary government body responsible for planning and coordinating development in Islamabad, Pakistan. When a housing society is CDA-approved, it means that the society has obtained all the required approvals and permissions from CDA. This approval serves as a green signal for buyers and investors, indicating that the society is legitimate and there is a reduced risk of associated fraud.

cda (capital development authority)

Some of the Peculiar Features for CDA Approved Housing Societies are

CDA approved housing societies are expected to adhere to several key regulations and requirements, including:


Compliance with CDA Ordinance, 1960, ICT (Zoning) Regulations, 1992, and the Revised Styles and Procedures for Private Housing Schemes.

Obtaining a Practical Consent of Layout Plan (LOP) and a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from CDA before commencing sales and construction activities.

Meeting specific standards set by CDA regarding land area, infrastructure, basic and luxury facilities, environmental considerations, and security measures.

Payment of fees, including service fees, bank certificates, and annual improvement fees to CDA.

Providing periodic progress reports to CDA, allowing the authority to monitor and assess their development activities.

These requirements ensure that CDA approved housing societies meet the necessary standards and regulations for legitimate and well-planned development in Islamabad.

Some of the Eminent Features of CDA Approved housing Societies are

Secure investment

They offer a secure and legally sound investment opportunity as they are approved by the CDA and adhere to all the rules and regulations set by it.

High Living Experience

These societies provide you with a lavish living experience accompanied by all the basic and luxury amenities and exceptional infrastructure.

Prime Location

All these societies are located in prime locations within the city, making it convenient for residents to access main city points and roads, as these projects are situated adjacent to them.

Flexible Payment Options

These societies offer a wide range of plot sizes, prices, and payment plans to accommodate the diverse needs and budgets of customers.

Below is the list of some of the best CDA Approved Housing societies

Park View City Islamabad

Park View City Islamabad is a CDA-approved housing society situated in the prime location of Islamabad. It is located in the enchanting Zone IV area near the Botanical Garden and is overseen by the Vision Group, a well-known name in Pakistan’s real estate market.

CDA Approved Housing Societies | park view city

Some of the notable features of Park View City Islamabad include:

Prime location with easy access to all major city points.

  • A gated community with 24/7 security and surveillance
  • Underground electricity, gas, and water supply
  • A 200 feet wide main boulevard and 80 feet wide streets
  • iMax Cinema.
  • Community Center
  • Mosques.
  • Shopping Mall
  • Downtown area
  • Hospital
  • School
  • Zoo

It also boasts an attractive layout with green spaces, parks, and recreational areas.

Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City Islamabad is a pioneering housing project, setting a precedent as Pakistan’s first smart city. Approved by CDA (Capital Development Authority), it has garnered the trust and admiration of many residents in its vicinity, owing to its exceptional amenities. This visionary project is a collaboration between two renowned names in the real estate market, Future Developments Holdings (FDH) and Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Ltd.

CDA Approved Housing Societies | capital smart city

Some of the main features of Capital Smart City Islamabad are

It is situated in a prime location within the city, as it is:

  • Near the Islamabad International Airport
  • Near the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2)
  • Adjacent to the Thalian Interchange
  • Close to the CPEC route

Moreover, it is a gated community with the best security system, which includes the use of smart technologies such as facial recognition, CCTV cameras, and drones.

Underground electricity is another primary feature of this society. Another outstanding feature of this society includes a load-shedding-free environment with backup generators.

It also boasts bridges, flyovers, underpasses, and an automatic traffic control system.

Blue World City

Blue World City is a well-known housing scheme that has been approved by CDA. The project was initiated in 2016, and construction work began some time ago. Blue World offers all the essential and luxury amenities that an ideal housing society would provide for a lavish lifestyle. The Blue Group of companies, renowned real estate developers in Pakistan, developed it.

Blue World City Islamabad is a modern housing society that is widely regarded as a future business hub in Pakistan. It is considered to be the first private housing venture in Pakistan launched in collaboration with a Chinese company.

CDA Approved Housing Societies | blue world city

Some of the unique features of Blue World City Islamabad are:

  • A prime location adjacent to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2), on the CPEC route, and just a 20-minute drive from the Islamabad International Airport.
  • Blue World City also boasts some unique attractions, including:
  • The Blue Mosque: A replica of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque located in Turkey.
  • The Water Theme Park: Pakistan’s largest water park.
  • The Night Safari & Zoo: Pakistan’s first-ever night safari and zoo.
  • The Corporate Office: Known as Pakistan’s tallest building to date.
  • The Horse Mascots: Pakistan’s first horse mascots.
  • Rumi’s Square: Inspired by Turkish architecture.

Capital Enclave

Capital Enclave, introduced in March 2016, is a housing scheme developed by the Services Cooperative Housing Society (SCHS). This CDA-approved housing society provides residential and commercial plots with convenient installment plans.

CDA Approved Housing Societies | capital enclave

Some of the characteristics of Capital Enclave are:

Capital Enclave offers a secure and serene environment amidst natural beauty. It is located in Zone 5 of Islamabad and boasts over 2 km of frontage along the major Islamabad Expressway. The society provides easy access to key areas like Blue Area, Zero Point, Faizabad Interchange, Rawalpindi District Courts, and Benazir International Airport. It is also adjacent to prominent city landmarks and well-known housing societies such as CBR Town and Soan Garden. With Airport Chowk and Islamabad Airport just a 5-minute drive away, Capital Enclave features a well-planned layout with spacious roads, parks, mosques, schools, and a range of essential and luxury amenities.

CBR Town

CBR Town is an innovative housing project situated in Islamabad, initiated by the Central Board of Revenue Employees Cooperative Housing Society (CBRECHS). This CDA-approved project offers a variety of residential and commercial plots in different sizes, with flexible payment options to suit various needs.

Strategically located along the Islamabad Expressway, it enjoys proximity to key landmarks like the Islamabad International Airport, the Thalian Interchange, and the CPEC route. CBR Town stands out as a well-organized and meticulously designed society, featuring an intelligent layout that incorporates green spaces, parks, lakes, hills, and ample opportunities for competitive investments.

CDA Approved Housing Societies | cbr town

Margalla View Housing Society

Margalla View Housing Society is a captivating project nestled amid the enchanting beauty of the Margalla Hills, as its name aptly suggests. This CDA-approved housing society presents a variety of residential and commercial plots available through convenient installment plans, making it an attractive investment option for those seeking a slice of this scenic paradise.

CDA Approved Housing Societies | margala view

Some of the salient features of Margalla View Housing Society are:

It enjoys a scenic location adjacent to Sandamar Dam, nestled near the Margalla Hills Terrain, with convenient access from the GT road. Additionally, it will have access from the under-construction Margalla Road, which is set to reduce the travel distance from D-17 to F-10 to approximately 15 minutes’ drive. Moreover, the society offers a comprehensive range of basic and luxury facilities to its residents.


In conclusion, all the aforementioned housing schemes have received approval from the CDA, making them appealing options for individuals seeking reliable places to settle down in the capital, Islamabad. At Wirasat, we extend our offerings to all inquisitive citizens of Pakistan, encouraging them to invest in these favorable yet affordable housing ventures, thereby enabling them to experience life in these remarkable societies.

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