llegal Housing Societies

CDA Shares New List of 185 Illegal Housing Societies

Islamabad: According to a new report issued by the CDA (Capital Development Authority), the number of illegal housing societies has climbed to 185.

The Capital Development Authority started its Anti-encroachment operations on July 28, 2022, in different sectors of Islamabad.

Since then, they have demolished over 850 illegally constructed residential and commercial projects.

They continue their operations against encroachers, sending notices and destroying illicit architecture developed on government land.

As per sources, the CDA’s officials stated that the real estate mafias usually target individuals from middle-class backgrounds. These investors saved their budgets for years to invest in their desired housing societies.

However, unfortunately, the list of victims who are affected by these fraudulent activities is growing daily.

The capital development authority is aware of the investment fraud and is ready to deal with this situation.

The Chairman CDA, Mr Noor-u-Amin Mengal, took notice of the ongoing encroachment and investment fraud issues of Islamabad citizens.

After observing a notable upsurge in these activities, the CDA issued a new list of 185 illegal residential projects in Islamabad.

The updated report shows that in Zone I, there are 24 illegal residential projects; in Zone II, the number climbed to 7; in Zone III, there are more than 12 illegal residential projects.

Furthermore, the number of illegal housing societies in Zone IV is 110, while there are 29 illegal residential projects in Zone V.

Furthermore, the CDA alerted the public about illegal land in six sectors: F-15, D-16, D-15, D-14, E-14, and E-16.

In addition, the Capital Development Authority promoted Faisal Town, Grace Land Housing, Muhafiz Gardens, Rawat Enclave, and Air Line Avenue in Islamabad.

The officials have warned investors to avoid these illegal housing societies. They have also asked citizens to stop booking plots in other unauthorized residential or commercial projects.

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