• Spread over an area of 2.7 million square yards
  • About 22 kms from the heart of Islamabad downtown
  • At a distance of around 10 minutes from Islamabad International Airport
  • 18 hole golf course and club house
  • State of the art medical facility
  • Best in the class shopping centers
  • Secured gated community
  • Pre-fitted with high end fixtures
  • World class amenities
  • 4-year easy payment plan

As urban development has seen a phenomenal increase in recent decades, housing projects are investing in the best ideas of urban development to bring about the best options for general population or its specific groups. This gives rise to a diverse competition which ultimately benefits the society at large.

Islamabad, like all other cities, has seen a surge in number of regular and premium housing schemes. Eighteen Islamabad has come as the latest addition to these housing schemes of Islamabad.

Eighteen Islamabad is the first housing society that has been developed on international standards exclusively with a corporate approach of entertaining high-end customers, and transverses the concept of being just a society.

It is, rather, a city within a city, as has been called by its CEO Tarek Hamdy, all because of the lifestyle and amenities that are being provided at the doorsteps.

It is, basically, a high-end and state of the art society that puts forward the most luxurious offers of the time for a specific audience. It is true to its very core, when it is said that it is one of the most exclusive premium housing societies of Pakistan.

Adding to the wider arena of corporate housing schemes, Eighteen has been specifically designed for luxury, style, and class. It is a Futuristic housing scheme that whose main focus is to impart high end living experience on it residents.

Eighteen spreads over an area of 2.7 million square yards and lies at an extreme proximity to both the Islamabad International Airport and Islamabad/Rawalpindi cities. Situated at a very prime location, where nature thrives and flourishes at its full might, Eighteen is the most suitable and eco-friendly location to live in.

According to its master plan the Eighteen has been designed to incorporate around 2000 expansive residential units, 1,068 villas and 900 luxurious apartments that are built with exceptional architectural masterwork. Moreover, the project also comprises of commercial properties that are aimed for upper-middle class and upper class.


The Eighteen is a joint project of Ora Developers, Saif Group, Kohistan Builders and Developers. All of these are well reputed groups and already have a strong presence in the Pakistani and Egyptian real-estate sector.

Ora Developers, according to the CEO of Eighteen, Tarek Hamdy, has been in the luxury real estate sector since decades and has successfully completed projects in London, Grenada, Cyprus and Egypt. Ora Developers is owned by the Egyptian Billionaire Naguib Sawiris, the same billionaire who purchased Mobilink Pakistan about 20 years ago.

Saif Group, is a well known conglomerate group, owned by the famous Saifullah family, that already has its footsteps in textile, energy and real-estate, IT and healthcare. Saif Group joined the venture under the Elite Estates (Private) Limited.

Kohistan Builders and Developers started its journey in 1991 and soon became a leading builder and real-estate developer. To date Kohistan Builders and Developers (Known more commonly as KBD) have successfully delivered different projects including KBD Tower, Kohistan Enclave, Zarkon Heights, and Odeon Cinema.




Eighteen Islamabad is located right beside the New Airport Islamabad (Known more commonly as Benazir Bhutto International Airport) in the Eighteenth sector of Islamabad. That is why it has been given the name of Eighteen.

It lies at a distance of about 22 kms from the heart of Islamabad, the Zero Point, while 7 kms from Rawalpindi GT Road interchange, and 26 number bus stop, and 5 km from Golra Mor. Furthermore it lies at a distance of 3 km from the Lahore-Islamabad exit.


Accessing Eighteen is really easy; no traffic jams, no red signals and no blockages. From Islamabad, it could be reached from Kashmir Highway coming straight from Zero Point, Islamabad. On the other hand, from Rawalpindi, it can be accessed through Rawalpindi-Pehsawar GT Road.

Those coming from the other direction, i.e., Lahore, can access it through the Rawalpindi GT interchange that lies at a drive of about 5 minutes.


It is the most crucial factor, while investing in real-estate, to ascertain if the investment is being done in a safe market where optimum return of investment is guaranteed. It is therefore pertinent to mention that the Eighteen has already obtained an NOC from Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) for its project.

This is the main reason Eighteen has already created a sensation and a buzz in the real-estate market, and the current prices are expected to sky-rocket soon keeping in view its status and development pace.

The formal acceptance of the project was granted in November 2017, and that is when the project actually started. Later on the Management team, in an event that was held in Islamabad in December 2017, rolled-out the branding of Eighteen and announced 18th February, 2018 as the date of commercial launch of Eighteen. 


Eighteen has been designed to suit families of every/all size. From couples to larger families with children, it is the perfect living option available in the fast growing real-estate market. Eighteen is a walled and gated community that puts the two concepts of protection and luxury before anything.

CEO of Eighteen, Tarek Hamdy, has stated this scheme to be a revolutionary scheme that is totally different from other schemes due to the reason that “Unlike all the other societies, buying a home in Eighteen means that you own the land your home is built on. Buyers get a complete transfer of ownership along with the title deed. Not all the other societies do that, where no transfer of ownership takes place.

According to the management team of Eighteen, upon buying a property, you will not only the land but the house fitted with wardrobes, Kitchen cabinets and house appliances. It


Eighteen lies at an easily commutable distance from hearts of both the twin cities. It lies just across the Islamabad-Lahore Motorway.


The master plan of Eighteen was conceptualized by Calisson RTKL. Eighteen has partnered with world renowned design firms WATG, Wimberly Interiors along with engaging with nine local consultants to implement the strict design guidelines and make it look more elegant and emanating a more architectural energy.


Nothing is ordinary when it comes to the living standards in Eighteen. There is a sense of uniqueness and exquisiteness reflecting from its every nuke and corner.

Eighteen has been designed to cater different needs and requirements that is why the residential plans offer two types of properties, i.e., Villas and Apartments. All of these plans are lavishly designed spaces built specifically for comfort and luxury.

Spread across 700 acres, Eighteen has a sense of broadness in it that captivates at the very first sight. This openness also reflects from the designs of its villas and apartments as well.

As it official website describes, Eighteen not only delivers beautiful design and landscaping, but also benefits from smart architecture by utilizing the very latest technology to maximize the local climate,

The apartments are spread in 28 pavilion style buildings with an arrangement of four apartments per floor to maintain the concept of spaciousness and tranquility. The striking feature of the pavilion style buildings are:

  • 2, 3, and 4 bedroom apartments,
  • 7 story buildings, to maintain the gracious, low-rise apartment living style
  • Spacious kitchens,
  • Designated parking


Available sizes: 10 Marla, 1, 2, 4, and 8 Kanals

The extravagant villas of Eighteen are available in 10 Marla, 1, 2, 4 and 8 Kanals. As mentioned earlier all of the houses are pre-equipped with the necessary fixtures, cabinets and decorations. Besides that a special care has been taken to make every villa a special one by giving a panoramic view and surrounding it with the lavish green landscapes.  


Available arrangement: 1, 2, and 4 bedroom

Typically the housing societies follow a same dimension, same built, or one shoe fits all approach for their housing units. Although Eighteen loosely follows this strategy, but only to the extent that all the apartments are of the same size, while all of the other necessities have been tailored according to the specific needs of the residents.


The Heights are luxury residential units consisting of 2, 3, and 4 bedroom arrangements. These apartments are solely designed for couples and small families. Keeping the aesthetic approach, upon which Eighteen has been based, these apartments too share the same vision. These will face the lavish green scape of the golf course.



Doing business is not an easy task and needs full concentration and peace of mind. This is why Eighteen has taken extreme care in designing the Core, the most advance and high-tech center for commercial activities in the twin cities.

Design of The Core, which has been divided between 13 towering buildings, while it has been made to stand out from the contemporary architectures, has been aligned with the traditional architecture and local culture values to maintain a more exquisite look.

This spacious business hub targets bigger organizations and businesses who want to invest in a fast growing business space.


To facilitate the residents of Eighteen at their doorsteps, while having to leave their comfort zones. The Square is the shopping arena of the Eighteen where branded shopping and dine-out cold be done in a friendly environment.


Clinic serves as the on-site medical center for the Eighteen and can cater to the emergency and non-emergency needs of the residents. The Clinic comprises of patients wards, A&E units, and well-trained and professional medical staff to handle all sort of medical issues.

And most obviously for golf lovers, the iconic 18 hole golf course.


  • A high-alert security system in place,
  • Lush green landscapes,
  • Infrastructure of international standards,
  • Luxury shopping malls,
  • Theme Park
  • Swimming pools,
  • State of the art medical facility,
  • Racing track


Size Plot Area Villa Area Bedroom Bathroom Extra WC Parking Carporch
10 Marla 2,250 ft2 2,793 ft2 4 4 / 1 1 Powder Room 2 187 ft2
1 Kanal 4,499 ft2 4,983 ft2 5 5 / 1 1 Powder Room 2 240 ft2
2 Kanal 8,998 ft2 7,186 ft2 5 5 / 1 1 Powder Room 2 251 ft2
4 Kanal 17,997 ft2 9,687 ft2 6 6 / 2 1 Powder Room

1 Changing Room

3 490 ft2
8 Kanal 36,005 ft2 14,047 ft2 7 8 / 3 1 Powder Room

2 Changing Rooms

6 536 ft2





Studio 774 Sq Ft. 13,900,000/- 16,600,000/-
1 Bed 963 – 968 Sq Ft. 16,300,000/- 18,200,000/-
2 Bed 1643 – 1669 Sq Ft. 29,400,000/- 30,000,000/-
3 Bed 2184 – 2205 Sq Ft. 36,100,000/- 41,100,000/-
4 Bed 3615 – 3973 Sq Ft. POA POA




10 Marla 51,100,000/- 68,631,720/-
1 Kanal 91,100,000/- 110,000,000/-
2 Kanal 156,000,000/- 200,000,000/-
4 Kanal 276,000,000/- 340,000,000/-
8 Kanal 520,000,000/- 540,000,000/-



  • The plots can be booked by making a payment in the name of Elite Estates (Pvt) Ltd.
  • The plots can be booked with 15% initial installment or down payment. Rest of the amount can be paid in easy installment plan.
  • It is mandatory to submit pictures and CNIC at the time of booking.
  • Possession of the villas will be given after 3.5 years.


Eighteen lies at a very prime location and is the city of future. Obviously it is an expansive place to invest in, but considering the pace at which development is going on in the surrounding area, the prices are expected to sky-rocket very soon. Following are the reasons why investing in Eighteen is a best-at-the-time option:

  • Spread over a vast area of 2.7 million sq yards,
  • 2000 residential units, all with a spacious neighborhood,
  • 28 pavilion style apartment buildings,
  • 18 hole golf course spreading over 7,200 yards,
  • 40,000 sq ft club house with cricket ground, squash and tennis courts, sports club, swimming pool, and a yoga studio,
  • 5,60,000 sq ft luxury shopping mall encompassing 1200 parking lots,
  • 150 rooms hotel with halls and even spaces


As a high-end housing society, Eighteen is only meant for corporate class of society. Keeping in mind the lifestyle this segment of the society enjoys, Eighteen presents itself to be the only option in the city that can cater to their needs and requirements in a more elaborative manner.

Eighteen is the only housing scheme, in the twin cities, that has engaged not only the local architectural and construction industry, but has also ventured outside the country to meet the strict guidelines that it has set for itself.

Eighteen, from the very beginning, has been all about a luxury lifestyle, premium styled infrastructure, meant for those who want to embrace a unique lifestyle at the hottest location. It is therefore the most suitable location if you want to uplift your living style to a futuristic approach and redefine your existence.

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