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Islamabad has always been a city in making; since its foundations were laid down in the early-to-mid 1960s, it has seen massive and exponential growth in terms of population and urban expansion. The capital territory, right now, expands on an estimated area of 220km2, while sheltering a population of 1.01g million.

Harboring such a large population needs massive urban development, and that is where the modern gated societies have come to the rescue. Islamabad currently has 63 CDA approved and NOC-holding housing schemes that cater to the sheltering needs of its residents.


Luxury yet Affordable, and Best on the map, even better on the ground; these are the slogans with which Nova city is entering a big market of real-estate. Nova City is the latest addition to these gated societies and is currently in a pre-launch phase and is going through a process of re-shaping, land leveling, and infrastructure development.

Known more commonly as Nova City Islamabad, it sits at the brink of CPEC route, the newly proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road, and FatehJang Road and serves as the main junction to all of these important points. Keeping in mind all of these locations, Nova city is seen as a center point for all these and would become an important hub of communication in the coming years.

Nova City can easily be accessed through GT Road, Motorway, and proposed ring roads.

Another benefit in the pocket of Nova City is being in the vicinity of Islamabad International Airport, which makes it a more sought after destination, as you don’t have to worry about missed, delayed, or late flights.
As is laid in its master plan, Nova City has a main gate that heads towards nearby villages of Bongo and Kanial, while a 2nd gate is planned in front of the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road. The exact date of the launching of Nova City is unknown, but it is expected to launch towards the mid of this year.


The Nova City is being launched by Nova City Developers, a group that already has a presence in the educational sector and runs the famous chain of Nova City Schools. In their profile, the group states the society as a place where one can enjoy an upgraded lifestyle; a


Of all other aspects that make up a modern housing society stand on its feet, NOC is the most important of all these. Nova City is committed to adopting a legal process and has already applied for a NOC. The reason the Nova City hasn’t launched officially is this NOC, which, once granted will give a go-green signal to Nova to launch at full throttle.


Due to the on-going process of NOC, the management of Nova City hasn’t made public the master plan of this housing society. Sources have however predicted that the society will adopt divison plan based on sectors, phases, and blocks. A very few details about the plots offered are available with the real estate market. The details that have poured out, indicate the following plans for Residential category:

 5 Marla (125 Square Yards)
 10 Marla (250 Square Yards)
 1 Kanal (500 Square Yards)
 2 Kanal (1000 Square Yards)


The location of Nova City is such that has a distinct persona attached to it. Nova City is located just a few kilometers away from Kheri Moorat National Park, which spreads across about 8700 acres of land and acts as a hub of distinctive flora and fauna. Besides that, Nova City has 3 Dams, namely Rama Dam, Sapiala Dam, and Kasana Dam located near it. The atmosphere, thus becomes an amalgam of serenity that beholds one with its gentle and soft touches. The Nova City will feature world-class landscaped parks that will provide its residents moments of recreation and joy and will encourage an eco-friendly social hub.


As the master plan of Nova City is yet to be unveiled, the payment plan is yet to be confirmed. There are however reports that the estimated prices of different plot sizes have been decided. Bear in mind that all of the details mentioned below are pre-launch prices and will drastically change once the society launches officially.

5 Marla:

The reserve price of 5 Marla plot is 1,995,000 PKR and the minimum downpayment for this plot size is 199,500. A convenient 40-monthly installment plan is also available, with a monthly installment of 19,500 PKR, 8 half-yearly installment of 45,000 PKR and finally 456,000 to acquire the possession of the property.

10 Marla:

The reserve price of 10 Marla plot is 3,750,000 PKR and the minimum downpayment for this plot size is 375,000. A convenient 40-monthly installment plan is also available, with a monthly installment of 36,000 PKR, 8 half-yearly installment of 99,000 PKR and finally 768,000 to acquire the possession of the property.

1 Kanal:

The reserve price of 1 Kanal plot is 7,250,000 PKR and the minimum downpayment for this plot size is 725,000. A convenient 40-monthly installment plan is also available, with a monthly installment of 68,000 PKR, 8 half-yearly installment of 185,000 PKR and finally 16,00,000 to acquire the possession of the property.

2 Kanal:

The reserve price of 2 Kanal plot is 14,200,000 PKR and the minimum downpayment for this plot size is 1,420,000. A convenient 40-monthly installment plan is also available, with a monthly installment of 130,000 PKR, 8 half-yearly installment of 350,000 PKR and finally 3,360,000 to acquire the possession of the property.



Nova City is being launched with a big vision, and that vision is to provide optimum and premium lifestyle in affordable prices. To come up to the mark, Nova has following facilities and amenities in its treasure chest. The Nova will feature 120 feet wide main boulevards that will connect all of the society to one another through service roads.

Besides that all of the electric system of Nova would be underground, and a dedicated grid station is in the planning to provide backup in case of power outages. Garbage management system is yet another facility that will ensure a safe and healthy community without having to worry about sanitary issues.



To fulfill the religious rites, obligations and rituals, Nova City will have a grand mosque which, most probably will be built on ancient form of architecture.


To provide the facility of shopping nearby, Nova will have shopping districts where the residents will be able to buy for themselves the necessary stuff for themselves.

Medical Facility

Another striking feature of Nova City is that it will feature medical and health care facilities to its residents.

Besides that Nova City will feature Birds aviary, Zoo, Multiple family picnic points, Amphitheatre, Multi-Screen Cinepax, Food street, Kids fun zone and much more!


This is the question that matters the most. Why invest or is our investment safe; this is the question everyone asks. But there are some very promising answers to that.

Nova City is a project of well-reputed real-estate developers with an established track record, the Nova City Developers, and is located near the CPEC route, which is going to revolutionize the economical future of Pakistan.

The developers have stated this city to be a place of enhanced and upgraded lifestyle, so when they say, make the best move, now, it resonates with the fact that its current price is very low, affordable, and in the range of a common man, and which is expected to rapidly increase once the city launches officially. This is the promising nature of Nova City which makes it one of the most diversified investment opportunity.
These two are the biggest factors why one should invest in Nova City.


Nova City rests right besides some of the most exciting locations including Islamabad International Airport, CPEC Route, and the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road. The most important of these is the RRR (Rawalpindi Ring Road) project, which will connect all of the suburban areas to Islamabad and Rawalpindi and will cut-off the travel time to nearly half.


Nova City, is the city of tomorrow, with its striking and amazing features. It serves as a hub of building your future to come, and will save you hard earned money in a more efficient way. The final decision, thus lies with your conscience and leaves it up to you to decided what future would you like for yourself.

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