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Lahore, the city of Iqbal, and the Mughals is undoubtedly the heart of Pakistan. It has a unique aura that attracts everyone towards it with its undaunting . It’s unmatched beauty has a distinctive spice that leaves an everlasting effect on its visitors.

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That is why it is often said on a lighter note, “Jinnay Lahore Nahin Wekhya, Oh Jamya ee Naen”. From its food to its places, and from the people to the masoulems, everything about Lahore is exquisite.

The current population of Lahore is above 11.3 million, yet it seems to encompass more populous without any trouble. The economical and residential opportunities available to its residents are surprising, as it grows at a very rapid speed.

After the Partition Lahore was the first city that welcomed migrants from India and gave them the equal opportunities and space to live and thrive. These qualities of Lahore make it a best residential destination of Pakistan. 


The Park View City is a dream project of the Vision Group. It had a very humble beginning but with very high ambitions. Not only those who walked the path of fame with the group but major real estate developers of Pakistan also praised the determination, creativity and honesty that the group has maintained with its clients from 2002. 

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Today Vision Group Lahore is known not only for its mega real estate projects of Lahore but different other educational and welfare projects as well that the group has conceived through these years. It has become a big umbrella under which several other companies and projects are successfully up and running. 


Lahore has more than 250 LDA approved housing schemes at its heart and all of them are known for different value added features they offer. Yet there is a unique housing scheme in Lahore that is known as an all-in-one package, and that is Park View City Lahore.

Spanned over an area of 3.5 Square KM, Park View not only offers all features that a modern housing society should extend, but offers much more than that.

From very basic amenities, include, but are not limited to the necessary infrastructure, wide roads and service lanes, Parks and playing areas for children, to premium facilities like shopping malls and cinemas, Park View City is all about comfort with a touch of elegance and brilliance.

Looking at these features, it is very just to be called a gateway to Lahore, a slogan the Vision Group proudly owns. 

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The Vision Group has envisioned this housing scheme to be an epitome of accessibility and comfort. It offers the necessary infrastructure including roads, sewerage, street lights, Children Park, Schools and a Zoo. To add to its beauty, several marvellously designed sculptures could be seen adding beauty at different roundabouts of the city. 

The society has a community center to cater to the social needs of the housing community, commercial areas to quest the thirst of house-hold needs, while a Mosque based on the Moorish architecture to fulfil the religious duties and obligations. 

Besides all of that, the society has a well guarded security system and is not only protected by the security staff but moreover a network of surveillance and security cameras that operate 24×7.

Unlike other housing schemes that lack well-built up boundary walls, the Park View City has a very carefully designed and built boundary wall to ensure that the residents are well protected from any external obstruction. 


Park City Lahore, a mega project of Vision Group, and an emblem of modernity and architectural  advancement is located right in the middle of Lahore. It is located at 3 KM, Thokar Niaz Baig on Multan Road, an extremely busy locality that has developed on a mega scale in the recent past. 

Although Park View City can be accessed according to the personal needs of the residents from anywhere, three main locations to reach the society area are either Azadi Chowk, Batti Chowk or the Mall Road.

From Azadi Chowk Park View City lies at a distance of 15 KM that could be covered in approximately under 30 minutes, while the other location is Batti Chowk Lahore, that is at a distance of 20 KM from Park View which could be covered in about 45 minutes. 

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The third and the widely used route is from the Mall Road to Park View City. This distance is around 16 KM and can be easily covered in under 40 minutes at maximum. 


Park View City currently offers three types of residential and commercial plots in over 11 residential blocks i.e., 3.5 Marla, 5 Marla, and 10 Marlas. This distribution of the plotting area is wisely designed to cater to the needs of different segments of the society. 

3.5 Marla Plots

Nearly all of the plots in 3.5 Marla category have been sold out except the Orchard Block. There are a limited number of plots in this category which are being sold on first come first serve basis.

The plots could be booked with a down payment of only 20% of the whole amount while rest of the payment could be done in 30 easy monthly installments. 

5 Marla Plots

5 Marla plots are being offered in the Executive Block and Diamond Block. The total price of ready-for-possession 5 Marla plots in the Executive Block is 6 Million on cash only while in the Diamond Block it could be booked with a 25% downpayment while the remaining amount could be paidoff in different payment plans.

10 Marla Plots

10 Marla category is a premium category and is available in Diamond Block for possession now. This category is not only spacious but includes premium facilities like a cinema and a shopping mall.

The plots in this category could be booked with a 25% downpayment while the rest of the amount could be paid-off in 2.5 years in easy and equal monthly or quarterly installments. 


Present Payment Plan


Upcoming Payment Plan

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Park View City lies at the very center of Lahore and has all of the necessities one can look for in a single locality. Investing can be very risky when it comes to buying property in housing societies that offer dubious and ambiguous deals.

That is not the case of Park View City, as it has an optimal presence in the real estate sector of the country and is running several other projects under its parent company.

Furthermore the society has an already acquired and developed area that is readily available for possession. All of the basic and luxury amenities are offered at very attractive price and are unmatchable at this price. All of these qualities make investment in Park View City a safe and protected investment. 

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