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Qurtaba City is a famous newly emerged residential society project by Madinatul-Ilm. The name Qurtaba brings up love, peace, authority, devotion, and balance. This housing society is so named because it aims to bring peace, equality, and harmony among the country’s citizens.

This project is a strong and clean inspiration of the genuine and well-built lifestyle and culture of the famous city of Spain that is Qurtaba. This society is built purely on the concept of Islamic values and morals. It is built to establish brotherhood, harmony, and peace.

It is a unique housing society in Pakistan that promotes Islamic values and teaching, located in a decent and peaceful place. It has several beautifully constructed mosques, a marvelous and great Islamic university, and other big and small Islamic schools and colleges that work with honesty to make a difference in society.

Source of Inspiration

The Qurtaba city is purely an inspiration of Spain’s truthful and clean cultured city, Qurtaba, whose name has now been changed to Cordoba. The idea of indoor lavatories, street lights, and footpath came from the city of Qurtaba. This city is famous for its strong culture, which later became the reason for the birth of this housing society, Qurtaba city.


The housing society with the idea of building a perfectly designed and independent city is a no-profit and no-loss company, Madinatul-Ilm. This company is linked with the safety and Exchange Commission of our country. Different scholars, leaders, and entrepreneurs are the founding administrators of this company.

Madinatul-Ilm was initiated to explain and promote the moral and societal values of Islam. To achieve its objective, they have built a fully independent residential society according to the principles of Islam.


Qurtaba city is positioned in the prime region far away from the rush of Islamabad’s main city and close to the New Islamabad International Airport with a drive of 30 minutes. It is one of the few residential projects that the government accepts near to Chakri exchange.

The residents are blessed with a non-violent, peaceful, and clean vicinity here between the rivers of Sawan and close to the Khairi Moorat hills. The location is perfect not only because it is on a peaceful side but because of its accessibility. It can be accessed through Dhamial Avenue from Rawalpindi.

Qurtaba city is judiciously placed to attach you to every monetary, business, and social hub within the location. With the help of contemporary-day security equipment and facilities in the production, the owners make certain that their customers enjoy privacy and interaction with social companies at the same time.

No Object Certificate

The scheme of building this housing society based on the true concept of Islamic values; brotherhood, peace, and harmony was authorized by TMA Potohar town, and the area of about 7000 Kanal of this residential society also falls under the authority of this town.

The TMA Potohar town also issued the No Objection Certificate under the NOC No. 105/TMO. Other NOC’s and all the required approvals have also been received by all the authorities that are involved in its building

Division of Land

The whole area of Qurtuba city is divided into two parts following the master plan. Each sector has all the present-day facilities and modern engineering techniques for the citizens. Also, each of the zones has its mosque to facilitate the people who pray regularly, so they don’t have to cover long distances.

Developers are also planning to build one of the greatest mosques in there to assist a large no of Muslims and bring them together in one place

Master Plan

The owners of the Qurtuba city have made one of the most heart-touching and luxurious master plans for society, which fulfills the needs of its customers and the desires. It includes the Islamic university, one of the country’s largest mosques, Water resource reserves, 24- hour security, community clubs, zoo and theme parks, underground electricity and eco-friendly environment, etc.

Sizes of the residential and plots

Residential Plots of diverse sizes are available in the market for sale in the Qurtuba city at low charges, with the luxuries being furnished. Qurtuba city has provided numerous types of plots size as follows:

  • 138 Square Yards
  • 500 Square Yards
  • 272 Square Yards

Payment Plan of Qurtaba City

Based on the final judgment made by the team of developers, a bendy and affordable plan for the price of land is generated for the people who are interested in investing for their higher. One may additionally choose out any plot of their choice, both residential and commercial. If we keep in mind all the facilities that are provided by the owners of the society and check the prices of the plots, it would not be wrong to say that it is a gold package


  • For the plot size of 138 square yards, the total price is 990000. The down payment is 250,000. We can buy it within an easy installment of 36 months with an average of 20,500 per month
  • For the plot size of 272 square Yards, the total price is 1,950,000. The down payment is 500000. We can buy it within an easy installment of 36 months with 40,200 per month or with
  • For the plot size of 500 square yards, the total price is 3,600,000. The down payment is 900000. We can buy it within an easy installment of 36 months with 75000 per month

Additional Charges

Following are some additional prices that also observe as in line with the category plots:

  • 10 percent extra charges for the plots at the corner points
  • 15 percent extra charges for the plots located on above 60ft road
  • 15 percent extra charges for the plots near the parks

The basic features of the housing society – Qurtaba city

The Qurtaba City offers its clients all the centres that one may also need for a satisfied and glad life. All the centres, which include the ones related to economy, food, clothes, and, safety are there. In addition to that, they have a supply of income for the personnel. Your youngsters can do something or play at any time in a comfy sector. The lovely Society is presenting open and smooth surroundings to its citizens. Broader streets with stunning and appealing greenery surrounding them and parks make society even more alluring. Such luxuries are furnished in every nook of society at very low costs. A full gated network at the side of a group of skilled security guards is all ready to welcome their shoppers. The basic and the prominent features of the housing society are:

  • Commercial and Residential Plots

If you are in search of a commercial or residential property, then surely you need to visit Qurtuba city. They provide commercial plots at very affordable rates even though it has a prime location

  • Gated Society

Qurtuba town ensures the security of its customers by forming a gated community. A group of security officials and security cameras are always present at the gate to make sure that no suspected person enters the society

  • Woman-only Commercial Area

When living in Qurtuba City, the women of your family need not worry about the grocery and shopping as they provide you with a woman-only commercial area where they can shop easily without any hesitation and do whatever they want.

  • Special Themed Park and Zoos

The Qurtuba society has special theme parks and zoos which are specially arranged for the children. Beautiful and unique animals and birds are a part of the Qurtuba City zoo. One may get amazed to peer at the colors of plants and the joy land. The management of the Qurtuba city is fully skilled and is working hard and constantly running for the maintenance and keeping the high-quality of the overall environment of society.

  • Filtered Water

Pure and filtered water availability is one of the most important and compulsory factors one should consider before buying any commercial and residential property. The Qurtuba city developers have chosen an area that comes up with the facility of pure water. One can use the same water for drinking and the other purpose, e.g. cleaning, washing, etc.

  • Clean and Well-Managed Sewerage System

Sewerage problems are one the primary difficulty which forms different sort’s environmental troubles. But the Qurtuba city has managed to install an underground system of sewerage by using high great pipe strains.

  • The Islamic University

The city of Qurtuba in Spain was famous for its knowledge about Islam and sciences. Taking inspiration from it, Qurtuba city has planned to construct a well-developed and fully furnished Islamic university to promote the teachings of Islam. It is located in a wide area of 872 Kanals (365,000 sq. meters.).

The university building would be a great piece of art that would later be called the centre of religious and present-day studies. Each block of the university will serve for the teaching of different subjects i.e. Islamic studies, medicine, etc.

This university aims to polish the raw talents of students and make them perfect in their skills. Not only students within the country, but from foreign countries too will be proud to be a part of this university

  • The Great Jamiah Mosque

To achieve the objective of spreading the teachings of Islam and promote brotherhood, harmony, peace, and love among the people of the society, the developers of Qurtuba city have developed a nicely integrated system of mosques in the area.

There are different mosques built in all sectors of society, but the Great Jamiah mosque is built with beautiful architecture and lavish artwork. It is a well-constructed mosque comprising an area of 195,000 Kanals. The mosque is surrounded by greenery and splendid gardens, which adds more beauty to the mosque.

It is considered one of the largest mosques in Pakistan to settle down 1 lac 65 thousand people at a time.


Other than that, it has 300 Ft. Wide Main Boulevard & 200 Ft. Wide Roads that schools, Parks & Hospitals, River-side Development,138, 272, and 500 Sq. Yard Plots, A 70-Kanal Commercial Area, 200 Kanal Grand Jamiah Mosque, Hotels, Offices, and Vertical, Markets in every Sector.

Advantages of buying plots at Qurtaba city

It has Affordable Prices, Easy Installment Plan, RDA-approved with all requisite NOCs, a Woman-only Commercial Area, Speedy Development work, Good Return on Investment, Construction of its Access Road completed. In addition to that, this society is situated near Islamabad International Airport. O the other hand, many plots are still not utilized, the main gate of the society is still under construction, and the commercial activity here is slow.

Book a plot at Qurtaba town

The customers who are inquisitive about investing should reach out to the developers of Qurtuba city without a doubt and sign up for the plots online or one may pay at the admin office after checking out the condition of the plot. In the existing times, the plots are available at inexpensive charges, and primary, the one who comes first, gets first. Interested customers can book residential and commercial plots online easily. The manner is straightforward and would be easily performed by a layman as well.

  • First, visit the main website of Qurtuba city and download the booking form there
  • Fill in all of the critical information given in the form.
  • Deposit a pay order, coins, or call for the draft in favor of the administration
  • Attach required documents.
  • Lastly, publish your post you’re booking form and all of the required documents alongside a facet pay order within the workplace of Qurtuba city.
  • Required Documents include 2 Copies of CNIC of Applicant, 2 Photos of Applicant and, 2 Copies of CNIC of Nominee.

How it is better than Other Societies:

The society is higher in rank than other residential societies due to its location and how it can easily be accessed from Rawalpindi. Also, it is near Islamabad International Airport in a very peaceful and decent area. By being close to the motorway, it provides the comfort of traveling to its customers. There is a special Woman-only commercial area where men are not allowed to enter. In addition to that, the grand Jamiah mosque, Qurtuba international university, and riverside development play a huge role in placing it at a higher rank.

Why Should One Choose This Society?

This society is conceptualized based on Islamic teachings and moral values, i.e. harmony, peace, and brotherhood. Its main objective is to spread positivity and love amongst the citizens of the country through Islamic teaching. They provide residential as well commercial properties to their customers for living as well as investing.


Qurtaba city is a newly emerged housing society that offers plots at a reasonable price with all the comforts and luxuries. People can buy plots on an easy installment plan of 2 years or a 36 months plan. This society is a mixture of modern art and Islamic values. Its objective is to implement the Islamic teachings and provide a modern and decent lifestyle to its citizens, thus creating an ideal housing society.






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