Blue World City

Blue World City-Rawalpindi

The Blue world city is located near Chakri Road, Rawalpindi. It is the initiative of the Blue Group of companies with offering the most affordable rates with installments. It is the first and unique housing project where Chinese are investing and helping in the development of the project. It is becoming popular day by day due to its facilities and features.

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Let us discuss some important aspects of this housing project in detail.

Blue Group Of Companies



The location of this city is away from the hustle and bustle of the main city. It is located near Chakri Interchange, main Chakri road. The location of this housing society is easy to access both Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is also situated near to the new Islamabad international airport.

Owner & Developers:

It is the latest housing project by the owner of the Blue Group of companies owned by Saad Nazir. They had previously worked in housing ventures such as P.I.A. co-operative Society. Blue Group of companies has signed an M.O.U. with the Chinese company for its development and construction.

The Master plan of Blue World City

The well structured/beautifully designed/architected and community oriented master plan of Blue World City has been developed by very expert/renowned /well reputed Urban Development experts according to the latest trends and principles of Urban Town planning and has been designed to cater all of the basic and advanced needs of the gated communities.

The master plan of Blue World City spreads over 6 blocks and features 2 overseas blocks, 2 general block extensions, a premium block for future expansion and a unique Awami block oriented on facilitating low-waged people and providing to them an opportunity to fulfil their dreams of owning a house.

Blue world city believes in producing an eco-friendly environment and a healthy society. To further this cause the master plan includes spacious spaces for parks; to serve the purpose of recreational places as well as entertainment.

Where is Blue World City located?

The Blue World City has its origin in the moza village called Sehal, a famous suburban locality known for its lush green and healthy environment.

Wider and Carpeted Roads

From the creativity and size to the facilitation and everything about Blue World City is big.
Living upto its reputation, Blue World City will feature 120 feet wide main Boulevards, 80 feet wide main roads and 40 feet wide streets; and all of them connecting to all areas of society to one another. Have the convenience of not being over-crowded in narrow and slim roads anymore.

Plot Sizes

Blue World City has already acquired a lucrative piece of land measuring around 5000 kanals. All of this land will be sub divided into blocks and then plotting will be done.

Bifurcation of plots
The sizes available for residential, commercial and farmhouses is as follows:

Residential Plots
05, 08, 10 Marlas and 1 and 2 Kanals

04 and 08 Kanals

Commercial Plots
05 and 07 Marla

Plots in Overseas block
07, 10 and 14 Marla and 1 and 2 Kanals


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Blue World City N.O.C.

Blue World City NOC is marked as illegal as per RDA.

Salient Features of Blue World City:

This blue world housing society is the most affordable housing society to meet the modern need for accommodation and living need of the people. To fulfil the requirement of the Chinese residents in Pakistan, this project is introducing according to international standards and infrastructure. The residents of this society will experience the amenities which have been never experience in any other housing society of the Pakistan.

  • Water, gas & electricity
  • Replica of Blue Mosque at Turkey
  • Commercial hubs, Schools & Colleges
  • Biggest water theme park in Pakistan
  • Gated Community
  • 24/7 Security
  • Sector and Jamia mosques
  • Wide network of carpeted roads
  • Public Transport
  • Electric Power plant
  • Underground Electricity
  • Sports and cultural complex
  • Sewerage Treatment Plant
  • Water filtration plant
  • Oxygen Park and lake
  • 3D I-max cinema
  • Adventure Club
  • Safari Zoo
  • Water pools and spa clubs
  • Police station
  • 40-Bed Hospital

Blue World City Payment Plan

Blue World City Islamabad society is offering 5, 8, 10, 20 & 40 Marla Residential Plots and 4 & 8 Kanal Farmhouse Land along with 5 & 8 Marla Commercial Plots on 4 years easy installment plan with 10 % down payment as booking and remaining 90 % on easy installment.

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Residential Plots

B.W.C. is present residential of different sizes for government servant, otherwise general public. It provides 2 kanal 1 kanal, 10 Marla, 8 Marla and 5 Marla, residential plots.

Residential Plots


Farm Houses

Blue world city farmhouses are one the top real estate icon in the city Booking a farmhouse plot means relax enjoyable wildlife with privacy and spectacular views. This property is hard to match with other locations and property offers.

 Farm Houses


Overseas Block

Blue World city is offering Overseas Block exclusive for overseas Pakistanis. The Overseas Block is planned exclusively for the overseas Pakistanis to enjoy the up to date luxuries of life with a sense of security.

Overseas Block

Overseas Block Master Plan

Blue world City has finally announced its much awaited overseas block. While paying attention to all of the basic necessities needed for a comfortable life, the overseas block features extravagant amenities that make it a perfect residential choice and destination. Catering to the specific needs of rejoice an entertainment area has been dedicated for or the residents so that they could make their evenings joyful.

Overseas block also features a mini golf club which attracts a lot of attention from golf lovers. Besides that a large area has been dedicated for the country club adjacent to blue lush lake presenting a serene and scenic landsape. Another marvelous feature is the museum and University, that has never been seen before in any housing society in Pakistan.

All of these features make the Blue world City overseas block a hot destination, that is meant to become the new face of real estate for expartite Pakistanis.






Facilities and unique features of overseas block

Premium is an acquired taste, and once you opt for it, you set the bar high. Blue World City Islamabad overseas block designed has been according to the modern standards to make sure that the investors experience the living standard they experience overseas.

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The unique features include:

  • -24 Hours CCTV Security
  • -E-Tag System
  • -Gated Community
  • -A short drive from M-2 Motorway
  • -Proximity to New Islamabad Airport
  • -Guest Waiting Area
  • -24-Hours Health Services with Ambulance
  • -Overseas Lagoon Club
  • -Mosques
  • -Parks & Jogging Tracks
  • -Play Area & Mini Golf Club
  • -Blue Mart Department Store Chain
  • -Green Service Area

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Yes, it is offering 3- and 4-years instalment plan.

The administration and society of Blue World City will be announced soon. The balloting and    possession of plots to the buyers and investors.

The legalities of society are submitted for clearness of its N.O.C., which is under process by R.D.A., which will be soon approved.

Yes, this society offers overseas block with international facilities and infrastructure.

It is called Pak china friendly city because of the fact that there are Chinese high-profile businessman bringing project and its major master plan and theme are design by Chines Company.

There will be an economic hub in the society which will be boosted because of CPEC routes next to the society that will encourage high economic growth.

Mr. Saad Nazir is the owner of blue world city and company, named as Blue Group of Companies B.G.S.

Its housing project on Chakri road offering residential and commercial plots on very reasonable price and will be completed in 4 years.

Yes, society is also offering farmhouses on affordable prices.

Blue World City Awami Apartments

The Blue world city is the first Pak-China housing society, initiative of the Blue group of Companies. This budget-friendly project is executed with the collaboration of the Chinese investment. It is becoming a popular project because of the proximity to the twin cities and a future commercial hub.
Blue world city Awami apartment is also a part of the Blue world city. It is one of the most affordable housing projects in the area right now and has become quite popular among the investors and people who are looking for a place within their budget with a good installment plan.


This housing scheme project being developed by the Chinese investment will provide a market for Pakistani and Chinese manufacturers with easy access to local and international buyers through the CPEC route; M-2 Motorway – located near New Islamabad International Airport.


The developers and owners of this project are Mr. Saad Nazir and Mr. Shah Jian. Who has signed the mutual agreement with clue world city for development and construction?
Why should you invest in Blue world city Awami apartments?

There are many good reasons to invest in Blue world city Awami apartments:

• Safe & secure environment
• International standards of living
• All amenities and latest facilities

Essential Features of the Awami apartments:

No doubt, there are a lot of amenities and features of awami apartments, among which few are:
• Neat & Clean Environment
• 24/7 Security
• CCTV Cameras Available
• Electricity, SUI Gas & Water
• Mosque
• Hospital
• Water Filtration Plant
• Zoo
• Gated Community

The payment plan of blue world city Awami apartment:

Blue World City is offering Awami apartments of differing sizes i.e., 2 Kanal 1 Kanal, 10 Marla, 8 Marla, and 5 Marla, Apartments.


Booking an apartment in an environment close to nature and a calm atmosphere with an easy installment plan will give you a secure future. This society is also offering amenities and features according to a standard of overseas Pakistani. If you want to fulfill your dream of a home, then these Awami apartments are best to live.

For booking or further details regarding Payment plan or installment procedure of Blue world City Islamabad, feel free to contact us via email at or call us at 03096660074 Our agents are available 24 hours to give you any assistance.

Blue World City Farm Houses

From the latest trends of farmhouses, Blue world city has come up with modern and luxury farmhouses named as “Blue Hills Country Farm”. The blue world city is located at an ideal location at Chakri road, which is a fertile area and famous for its agro and rich soil. Away from the overflow and noise of the transport and pollution, this is a fantastic place to spend quality time with your family and friends.

The Blue world city has exclusively launched these farmhouses to provide a luxurious life to the people of Pakistan. These farmhouses are a great source to escape from the daily routine and spend time in a tranquil area.  This housing project is very close to twin cities, which makes this place a great experience of life filled with peace, quiet and nature.

Booking a farmhouse in this housing society will give you the perks, which are not available to you while living in another housing society. Living in Blue world housing society means, enjoying elite class standards with amazing views. These farmhouses are much affordable and economical as compared to other housing societies.

Location of Blue Hills Farm Houses:

The blue hills farmhouse is ideally located in the place which is surrounding by the beautiful water stream. The peaceful, harmony, soothing and solace environment of the whole society is a perfect place to live in.

Why book a farm House in Blue World City?

Do you want to experience a life filled with serene environment, yet an affordable living? Then, book a farmhouse in Blue world city as soon as possible to avail the great opportunity. These farmhouses are the best investment for the future, both for buyers and investors.

Features of Blue Hills Country Farm Houses:

This housing project provides endless facilities to the investors and buyers, with all the necessities of life. A citizen of this society can enjoy a stress-free experience here. Some other amenities and features of the blue hills country farm houses includes:

  • International Standard Golf Course.
  • Polo Ground and Riding Club.
  • Horse Stable and Cattle farming.
  • Assistance for amateur farmers.
  • Uninterrupted provision of utilities to the community.
  • Provision of all amenities.

The payment plan of Blue Hills Farm Houses:

The project offers different sizes of farms houses at low prices with a flexible payment plan. The blue world city offers farms in available sizes of 2 Kanal, 4 Kanal, 8 Kanal and 16 Kanal with 4 years easy installment plan. Booking starts from 10% down payment while the remaining amount is payable through 40 monthly sections.


Above points, will help you to make the right investment decision. You can’t beat the best combo of modern facilities and natural living at such an affordable price rather than Blue world city.

If you want to know further details regarding farmhouses available in Blue world city or wish to make a booking, Call us at 03096660074. Our agents will response you asap.

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