Capital Smart City (CSC) is an RDA-approved housing society situated near Moza Chahan. It boasts a strategic location in proximity to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2). Capital Smart City NOC, location and details are shared over here.

Capital Smart City Islamabad is a smart housing project committed to offering an exemplary living standard with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness. It enjoys a prime location near the New Islamabad International Airport and the CPEC East route.

capital smart city noc approved housing society

Capital Smart City NOC Approval

Capital Smart City (CSC) is a prestigious housing project developed by Future Development Holdings and Habib Rafique Limited. It holds the distinction of being the 45th legal housing society approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

The current land area of CSC spans 7376 Kanal, with an extension on 17602 Kanal currently under the approval process. The original NOC was revised due to acquisitions, and the modified plan is now awaiting further approval.

The Land of Possession (LOP) map of the Approved Capital Smart City plan at Chahan is:

capital smart city plan

Capital Smart City offers an exceptional living standard that exceeds residents’ expectations. The project’s clarity and legality are evident through the approval of the No-Objection Certificate (NOC).

Capital Smart City NOC Update

Capital Smart City obtained its extended and revised NOC in July 2021, marking the approval of a vast 17,602 Kanals of land and solidifying its position as one of the largest NOC-approved societies in Pakistan.

noc updates capital smart city

Below is the detailed chart of NOC approval for CSC Islamabad/Rawalpindi:

This achievement of obtaining RDA approval underscores the project’s credibility and its unwavering commitment to meeting RDA’s requirements. The management ensures a seamless experience for investors, clients, and residents through efficient booking and plot allotment procedures.

capital smart city noc status

NOC Grant of CSC for a Dedicated Interchange

Capital Smart City has also received approval from the National Highway Authority (NHA) for a dedicated interchange connecting to the Lahore-Islamabad (M2) Motorway. This NOC approval by NHA will greatly enhance travel convenience.

The dedicated interchange for Capital Smart City (CSC) is strategically located approximately 10 km from the M-2 Interchange, offering additional accessibility options. This development underscores the commitment of Capital Smart City’s Owners and Developers to creating a well-connected and integrated Smart Community.

Importance of NOC for Societies

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) is among the most essential documents required for housing schemes. It serves as a legal assurance for the project’s legitimacy. If the NOC is not approved by the respective authority, it raises doubts about the legality of the residential and commercial society, which can result in disruptions for investors and clients.

The NOC serves as definitive proof that a project has met all the necessary requirements outlined by the authority. When investing in any society, it’s crucial to ensure that it has obtained legal approval, leaving no room for doubts or issues concerning the society’s status.

FAQs about Capital Smart City NOC Approval

Below is the detailed section of answers to frequently asked questions about Capital Smart City NOC Approval:

Q: What is Capital Smart City NOC?

A: Capital Smart City NOC refers to the No Objection Certificate obtained by this residential society from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), indicating that the project has met all essential requirements.

Q: Who are the Developers of Capital Smart City?

A: Capital Smart City is developed by Future Development Holdings and Habib Rafique Limited.

Q: Has Capital Smart City obtained NOC approval from RDA?

A: Yes, Capital Smart City has obtained NOC approval from the Rawalpindi Development Authority.

Q: When was the NOC of CSC last revised?

A: The last revised NOC of CSC was granted in July 2021, featuring approval for an extended land area of an additional 17,602 Kanals, making it the largest NOC-approved society in Pakistan.

Q: Are bookings for Capital Smart City open?

A: Yes, bookings for plots in Capital Smart City are currently open. To secure your plot, you should contact verified and authentic dealers of Capital Smart City. Wirasat Real Estate offers exceptional services and up-to-mark standards.


Capital Smart City’s NOC approval by RDA makes it an attractive investment option for those seeking a reputable project. When selecting a society, consider factors like prime location, futuristic amenities, and affordability.

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