7 Wonders City Islamabad

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7 Wonders City Islamabad is yet another brilliant project of GFS Builders & Developers. It is located near Hakla D.I. Khan Motorway (M-14). This housing society spreads over almost 200 Acres and also lies near the CPEC Route.

Inspired by the infrastructure of the Taj Mahal, this housing project will be a luxurious place for all its residents. The GFS Builders and Developers are striving hard to make this residential society one of its own kind.

7 wonders city housing society



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7 Wonders City Islamabad

    7 Wonders City Islamabad Location

    The location of Seven Wonders City is in the prime area. It is next to the Islamabad to Dera Ismail Khan Motorway (M-14). It lies in the proximity of the CPEC-Ring Road Interchange and Faten Jung Road.

    seven wonders city, ;located next to the m-14

    7 Wonders City Accessible Routes

    You can access 7 Wonders City via the following routes:

    • Located at M-14 Hakla D.I. Khan Motorway
    • Nearly 25 min drive from N-80
    • Nearly 25 min drive from Srinagar Highway
    • Nearly 20 min drive from Rawalpindi-Kohat Road
    • Nearly 10 min drive from Talagang-Fateh Jhang Road
    • Nearly 35 min drive from Islamabad International Airport
    7 wonders city nearby location ,ap showing its surroundings

    Seven Wonders City Nearby Landmarks & Other Places

    The nearby landmarks and places of 7 Wonders City are as follows:

    7 Wonders City Islamabad NOC

    The Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA) of Fateh Jang has yet to approve the No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Seven Wonders City.Although the developers are well-reputed, Wirasat highly suggests you research the legality and authenticity of a project before investing in it. Such information can be obtained from the concerned development authorities.

    7 wonders city noc in process

    7 Wonders City Islamabad Payment Plan

    The payment plans of Seven Wonders City Islamabad come with easy installments. They are also quite affordable as compared to other housing societies. The plots are available for sale, and you may contact Wirasat for details.

    Below is the payment plan for the residential society:

    7 Wonders City Pre-Launch Payment Plan

    7 Wonders City Pre-Launch Payment Plan

    Executive Block 7 Wonders City Payment Plan

    Executive Block 7 Wonders City Payment Plan

    General Block 7 Wonders City Payment Plan

    General Block 7 Wonders City Payment Plan

    General Block 7 Wonders City Revised Payment Plan

    General Block 7 Wonders City Revised Payment Plan

    7 Wonders City Commercial Plots Payment Plan

    7 Wonders City Commercial Plots Payment Plan

    Seven Wonders City Villas Payment Plan

    7 Wonders City Villas Payment Plan

    7 Wonders City Cottages Payment Plan

    7 Wonders City Cottages Payment Plan

    7 Wonders City Islamabad Developers & Owners

    The owners and developers of 7 Wonders City are Global Financial Solutions (GFS) Builders & Developers

    The developers and owners of Seven Wonders City in Islamabad are quite famous in Pakistan, known as Global Financial Solutions (GFS) Builders & Developers. Mr Irfan Wahid is the acting CEO of the company.

    The GFS has been working for the past 15 years in Pakistan. Mr Irfan himself is a diversified constructor who has also worked in New York and London.

    Projects by GFS Builders and Developers

    The featured projects by GFS are as follows:

    • 7 Wonders City Multan
    • Corner View Apartments
    • GFS Saddar Bazaar
    • New Jackson Market
    • Seven Wonders Enclave
    • North Town Residency
    GFS Builders and Developers projects

    Other than these, these reputable developers have hundreds of remarkable ongoing projects. This shows their dedication, hard work, and passion for their work. Seven Wonders City in Islamabad is also a significant accomplishment for the developers.

    7 Wonders City Islamabad Master Plan

    The master plan for the Seven Wonders City is in the process of development. It will be disclosed once the NOC of the project is approved. However, a highly skilled team of designers and planners is designing the master plan of the housing society.

    As the name suggests, the Seven Wonders City aims to recreate all seven wonders of the world in the housing project. This unique feature makes it a one-of-a-kind housing project.

    The Seven Wonders of World replicas include:

    • The Taj Mahal
    • The Eiffel Tower
    • The Stonehenge
    • The Egyptian Pyramid
    • The Statue of Liberty
    • The Roman Colosseum
    • The Great Wall of China

    Seven Wonders City Residential Plots

    The residential plots in 7 Wonders City will provide luxurious living to the residents. The residential plot sizes available here are as follows:

    • 3.5 Marla
    • 5 Marla
    • 8 Marla
    • 10 Marla
    • 1 Kanal

    Furthermore, the residential sector will feature a family-friendly environment. It will also have modern facilities and top-notch amenities. Moreover, there will be different variations of plot sizes. As a result, this housing society will be a perfect place to reside.

    7 Wonders City Overseas Executive Block

    The society will also feature an Overseas Executive Block. It is especially beneficial for the overseas Pakistanis. It offers residential plots of the following sizes:

    • 8 Marla
    • 12 Marla
    • 16 Marla

    7 Wonders City Commercial Plots

    A housing society is incomplete without commercial plots. The commercial area or business center caters to providing business opportunities to residents. These plots are excellent for entertainment purposes, shopping, and meeting daily needs. But commercial plots are also a good opportunity for investors.

    The commercial plot sizes are as follows:

    • 2 Marla
    • 4 Marla
    • 8 Marla

    As soon as the NOC of the project is approved, the value of all plots, especially commercial properties along Main Boulevard, will increase.

    7 Wonders City Farmhouses

    The farmhouses are not only the best option for people who want to get leisure time in a peaceful place, but they are also a good option for investors.

    The farmhouses are available for sale in the following sizes:

    • 2 Kanal
    • 4 Kanal
    • 8 Kanal

    These farmhouses in 7 Wonder City are the best investment option.

    7 Wonders Villas

    The 7 Wonders Villas are carefully created to provide residents with a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. These villas will also feature libraries, theme parks, community centers, and large mosques.

    The villas are available in the following sizes:

    • 3.5 Marla
    • 5 Marla

    These villas are best for those who want a ready-to-move-in-house with all necessary modern amenities.

    Seven Wonders City Islamabad Gold Community

    This is a newly launched block of the housing society, offering the following plot sizes:

    • 5 Marla
    • 7 Marla
    • 1 Kanal

    7 Wonders City Islamabad Development Status

    The roads, lanes, and main boulevard are almost completed in 7 Wonders City. Moreover, the construction of houses is also taking place at a quick pace.

    Replicas of famous landmarks of the world and even Pakistan, including the Minar-e-Pakistan, will be built in the middle of the sectors. They will create a glamorous spot for taking and sharing pictures on social media without the need to travel to those places.

    7 Wonders City Facts and Figures

    Some of the facts and figures about 7 Wonders City in Islamabad are:

    • 7 Wonders City is an upcoming residential community in Islamabad offering a majestic lifestyle to its residents
    • Mr. Shahid Afridi is the Brand Ambassador of the project
    • The housing society covers a land area of around 200 Acres
    • It is located close to International Airport Islamabad, Fateh Jang Road, and Nova City Islamabad
    • It is a project of GFS Builders & Developers
    • The unique feature of this society is that they plan to build replicas of Seven Wonders of the World in a single-gated community
    • The housing society has applied for the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA) Fateh Jhang, Attock. Punjab Housing & Town Planning Agency (PHATA) is the primary approving authority. The land area for which NOC has been applied for is almost 209.75 Kanal(s)         
    • It has a theme park, luxury shopping malls, swimming pools, an 18-hole golf course, and other luxurious amenities
    • GFS held the last balloting on 12th June 2023 for 7 Wonders City

    Seven Wonders City Salient Features

    The following are some salient features of the housing scheme:

    • Some of its salient features are as follows:
    • Basic Utilities: water, electricity, and gas
    • Boundary Wall
    • CCTV Cameras
    • Commercial Areas
    • Community Center
    • Early Possession
    • Eco Friendly
    • Educational Institutes
    • Gardens
    • Grand Jamia Mosque
    • Green Belts
    • Gym
    • International Standard Infrastructure
    • Mosques
    • Playgrounds and Parks
    • Prime Location
    • Underground Wiring
    • Water Treatment Plant
    • Wide and Carpeted Roads
    7 wonders city salient features

    7 Wonders City Islamabad Facilities & Amenities

    All modern amenities are available to 7 Wonders City residents. Here are some of the exclusive amenities that this residential project offers:

    Urban Design

    Urban life is increasingly popular and important in our age. The urban environment of today offers all the modern amenities. Unsurprisingly, urban dwellers want to live in this project, offering an urban environment.

    Eco-Friendly Environment

    GFS Developers plan their communities so that natural resources are protected. They ensure that the environment is not disturbed by development and construction will not harm the natural environment. You can find tranquillity and peace here.

    Grand Mosque

    Developers are creating a modern and beautiful Jamia Mosque that will meet the religious needs of the housing society. They are working to ensure that the mosque will accommodate as many people as possible to meet spiritual needs.

    Water Reservoir

    7 Wonders City plans to build a large water reservoir for its residents. They have also installed filter plants to provide clean drinking water to ensure everyone can access this resource.

    Community Center

    Community centers are a beacon for residents to keep them socially active. The housing project’s residents can interact, enjoy, and participate in various community-based activities.

    Health Facilities

    The 7 Wonders City health facilities are a particular focus for the developers. They will build state-of-the-art international hospitals and clinics, which will be open 24 hours a day with emergency staff.

    Education Complex

    The developers of the housing society plan to offer residents the best educational opportunities. The management has invited various renowned educational institutes to open their branches within the housing project.

    Sports Complex

    Residents of the city will be able to enjoy world-class sports facilities. A sports complex will provide the residents with various sports options, including tennis and badminton courts, volleyball courts, and training centers.

    Business and Commercial Hub

    Developers have considered every aspect of residents’ commercial and economic needs. The housing society will have a commercial hub that will provide its residents with several job and business opportunities.

    Secure Community

    Living in a gated community is a luxurious experience. The residents of 7 Wonder City can experience a secure and peaceful lifestyle.

    Guidelines to Follow Before Booking a Plot

    Here are the guidelines to help you buy properties in 7 Wonders City:

    7 Wonders City Islamabad File Verification

    To avoid any confusion, ensure that you verify all documentation before signing anything. Before you make any purchase, ask about the 7 Wonders City NOC.

    Financial Security

    Ensure your funds align with the property you intend to purchase. This will ensure that you are able to complete your purchase without any problems.

    Property Visits

    To ensure that all written documents conform to the plot specifications, you should visit the property’s location before purchasing it.

    Documentation Required for Booking

    Residents must provide certain documents to book a plot in the housing project. Here are the requirements of management:

    • Two passport-size pictures
    • Two copies of your National Identity Card
    • Two ID copies of your next-to-kin
    • NICOP for clients overseas

    How to Book a Plot in 7 Wonders City Islamabad?

    Wirasat will assist you if you have any questions or concerns. Follow the steps below to get started:

    1. Complete the booking application
    2. Attach your CNIC copies with your application
    3. Make the payment by Cheque or Order in favour of “7 Wonders City Islamabad”, but confirm with the management if there are any changes
    4. After confirmation by the management, cash payments are accepted
    5. Send all required documents and pay the appropriate amount to receive the receipt

     Booking Procedure

    Real Estate Investment Benefits

    Real estate investment is considered the best and most profitable business. It offers excellent potential for investment returns, but it is essential to do it correctly to make it worthwhile. Here are the major benefits of real estate investment:

    1. Financial Security

    Investing in the real estate sector with extra money or assets helps maintain the value of your savings.

    2. Stable Income

    Through real estate investment, you can generate a stable source of income. You can buy a property, develop it, and either sell or rent it out. Rent income can increase monthly or yearly.

    3. Manageable

    Once you invest, real estate does not require constant care like living things. Periodic visits to ensure its proper management are enough.

    4. Passive Income

    Real estate investment provides a way to generate passive income, mainly through rental properties.

    5. Non-Depreciable Asset

    Real estate investment retains its value and tends to appreciate over time. Additionally, nearby private or government projects can increase its value further.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Below are the answers to frequently asked questions about Seven Wonders City Islamabad:

    Q1. What is Seven Wonders City Islamabad, and what makes it different from other housing societies?

    Ans: Seven Wonders City Islamabad is a top housing society designed to offer a unique living experience at affordable prices. It is different from other societies because it also features replicas of the seven wonders of the world.

    Q2. Is Seven Wonders City an approved and legal housing society?

    Ans: The NOC of the housing project is under the process of approval. We advise you to confirm its official status from the concerned development authority.

    Q3. Is Seven Wonders City Islamabad an affordable housing society?

    Ans: It offers affordable plots by providing easy and convenient installment plans.

    Q4. Does 7 Wonders City have a potential high-yield investment return?

    Ans: Due to its affordable payment plans, it has the potential for a high-yield investment return.

    Q5. What is the location of Seven Wonders City Islamabad?

    Ans: Seven Wonders City is located near the CPEC Route and M-14.

    Q6. Who are the developers of Seven Wonders City Islamabad?

    Ans: The housing project is another remarkable project of highly experienced GFS Builders and Developers.


    7 Wonders City Islamabad is a top-notch housing society that will be approved soon. It provides investors with a world-class luxurious lifestyle. Located at an ideal location, it is a project of a highly experienced and successful development and construction company, GFS Builders and Developers. To book a plot in this housing project, please visit Wirasat.