J7 Signature Islamabad

J7 Signature is the first-ever five-star hotel project in Pakistan. The highly-acclaimed J7 Group of Companies brings this luxurious project to you. They have delivered several outstanding residential and commercial projects since the company’s establishment in 2018. The twin-tower project is located at a prime location in TopCity 1. The housing project is located on Srinagar Highway, adjacent to the Islamabad International Airport.

Allegedly, the Rawalpindi Development Authority has approved the NOC of this high-rise hotel project as it lies in an RDA-approved housing project.

J7 signature islamabad

J7 Signature Hotel and Residence has two towers and offers elegant suits, apartments, and retail shops at reasonable rates. Contact WIRASAT now for the best and most affordable deals.


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J7 Signature Islamabad

    J7 Signature Location

    The location of J7 Signature is ideal, as it is located within Top City 1, at the Srinagar Highway, adjacent to the Islamabad International Airport. It is highly accessible from several routes of the twin cities. Similarly, various residential and commercial areas lie in the vicinity of the project.

    J7 Signature Accessible Routes

    This all-purposed project is accessible via several routes, including:

    • Located at the Srinagar Highway
    • Nearly 4 minutes drive from Airport Avenue
    • Nearly 5 minutes drive from Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway (M-1)
    • Nearly 7 minutes drive from Thalian Road
    • Nearly 8 minutes drive from Rawalpindi-Kohat Road
    • Nearly 10 minutes drive from Girja Road
    • Nearly 12 minutes drive from Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2)
    • Nearly 15 minutes drive from Nun Road
    • Nearly 22 minutes drive from Margalla Expressway 

    Nearby Landmarks and Other Places

    Some of the places that are located near the project are as follows:

    • Mumtaz City
    • Haram City
    • University Town
    • Faisal Town
    • Capital Smart City
    • Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society
    • Paswal Sharif
    • Jhangi Syedan
    • Bajnial
    • Islamabad International Airport
    • CBR 
    • Thalian
    • Margalla View Housing Society
    • Metro Bus Station
    • Riphah International University
    • Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital

    J7 Signature Map

    The J7 Signature map is as follows:

    J7 signature islamabad location map showing its nearby places

    J7 Signature NOC

    For the success of every residential or commercial project, one of the key factors is an approved No Objection Certificate (NOC). This certificate is proof that the project is approved and legal. Every area has a government regulatory body that determines whether a project is legal or not. The relevant development authorities issue the NOC when the project meets the requirements.

    Fortunately, Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has allegedly approved the NOC of Signature Hotel. It lies in the RDA-approved housing project, Top City 1. All the development work for the twin towers is happening as per the requirements set by the concerned development authority. You can visit RDA official website to confirm the status of the project.

    J7 Signature Payment Plan

    The payment plan of J7 Hotel and Residences is quite affordable. It is offering apartments, suits, and retail shops at remarkably reasonable rates. The payment plan also comes with instalment details. It is for those who cannot pay the total amount at once. The plots can be bought with a 25% down payment. The J7 Signature payment schedule is as follows:

    Payment Plan

    J7 Signature Owners and Developers

    J7 Signature is a project of J7 Group of Companies.

    The popular development company, J7 Group of Companies, is the owner and developer of the commercial project. Mr Maqbool Hussain is the founder and chairman of the company. He founded the company in 2018 and has kept the streak of delivering the finest and most durable projects in various areas of Pakistan.

    Mr Maqbool Hussain founder and chairman of the company
    J7 signature islamabad

    Their significant characteristics keep them apart from the rest of the development companies. These attributes include high quality, elegant design, and their ability to deliver on time.

    Completed Projects

    Some of their delivered projects are as follows:

    • Palm Villas
    • Pine Villas
    • J7 Mall
    • J7 One Mall
    • Signature Hotel Murree
    • Emporium Mall Islamabad

    Ongoing Projects

    The following are the ongoing projects of the company:

    • J7 ICON – Royal Swiss
    • J7 Emporium
    • J7 Global
    • J7 Mall of Chakwal
    • Solitaire Hotel
    • J7 Signature Hotel and Residences

    J7 Signature Master Plan

    A very qualified and able team has designed the master plan for the J7 Signature Hotel and Residences. The master plan has not yet been revealed.

    J7 Signature Master Plan

    However, the management has shared a few details regarding its layout, which are as follows:

    • No. of Towers: 2
    • No. of Floors (Tower1): 19
    • No. of Floors (Tower2): 26
    • Building Height: 220 feet
    • Plot Size: 13 Kanals
    • Plot Position: Corner
    • No. of Parking Floors: 3 Basements
    • Covered Area of the Building: 8,75,000 sq. ft.
    • Building Purpose: 5-star Hotel

    J7 Signature Suits

    The building offers the following types of suits:

    1. Presidential Suit
    2. Presidential Plus Suit
    3. Executive Suit
    J7 signature islamabad executive suit
    J7 signature islamabad presidential plus suit
    J7 signature islamabad presidential suit

    J7 Signature Apartments

    The management has yet to confirm the plot sizes for the apartments.

    J7 Signature Shops

    The management has yet to confirm the plot sizes for the shops.

    J7 Signature Salient Features

    Some of the salient features of the project are as follows:

    • Car Parking
    • Electric Charging Station
    • Electricity
    • Entertainment
    • Fitness Club
    • High-quality finishes & fittings
    • McDonald’s (Ground Floor)
    • Sui Gas
    • Tiled Floors
    • Water
    • Wide Corridors
    • Dental Clinic
    • Gymnasium
    • Hair & Beauty Salon
    • Jacuzzi
    • Meditation & Yoga
    • Restaurant
    • Rooftop Golf
    • Shuttle Service
    • Spa & Sauna
    • Infinity Pool
    • 360 Degree Panoramic Views
    Salient Features district J7 Signature

    J7 Signature Facilities and Amenities

    The management of the project ensures to provide all the latest and basic needs to the residents and guests. They will be able to enjoy a serene and comfortable life in these towers. Some of the facilities and amenities offered in J7 Hotel and Residences are as follows:

    Basic Utilities

    The twin towers of J7 Signature will have access to clean water 24/7. Moreover, gas and electricity supply will also be continuous.


    Retail shops of different sizes are also available for sale. The residents of the building will be able to shop from these shops without needing to leave the building. 

    Apartments and Suits

    Luxurious apartments and suits are also introduced in J7 Hotel and Residences. They will have elegant designs and be provided with all the necessities. The residents will be able to enjoy a stardust and relaxed lifestyle.

    J7 signature features Apartments and Suits

    Power Backup

    Electricity supply will be consistent within the building. Industrial-sized generators are to be installed in order to make the building a load-shedding-free area.


    The security of the residents will be the first priority of the management. For this purpose, they intend to install cameras in every nook and corner of the building. A security monitoring room will be set up to maintain the security. Moreover, guards will be posted at the entrances as well as on every floor.

    High-Quality Infrastructure

    The developers have put considerable thought into the infrastructure of J7 Signature Islamabad.  They aim to create a visually appealing and well-designed building. The attention to detail in both the interior and exterior design will contribute to creating an elegant and eye-catching ambience for guests and visitors. It’s exciting to envision the final result once the development work is completed. There is no doubt that it will become a remarkable landmark in Islamabad.

    Gym and Spa

    As a luxurious hotel, J7 Signature Islamabad will offer gym and spa amenities to its guests. Having a well-equipped gym allows guests to maintain their fitness routines while travelling. Similarly, a spa provides relaxation and rejuvenation services, such as massages, facials, and body treatments. These amenities can enhance the overall guest experience and add to the hotel’s appeal.

    Shuttle Services

    As J7 Hotel and Residence will cater to residents and leisure travellers, they will provide shuttle services to and from airports or other designated locations. These services can offer convenience and ease of transportation for guests.

    Car Parking

    The project also offers car parking facilities to its guests and residents. These facilities may include valet parking services or dedicated parking areas for guests and residents’ vehicles.

    Swimming Pool

    Indoor swimming pools will be available to the residents and guests of the building. The pools will provide the guests with a recreational and relaxation option during their stay.

    Restaurants and Cafés

    The management will provide the options to cater to their guests’ culinary preferences. Several popular restaurants and cafés are to be open in the building.


    The hotel’s lobby will be designed using the latest techniques to give it an elegant look, as it will serve as a welcoming and functional space for guests and visitors. It will have a lasting impression and provide a comfortable and stylish atmosphere.


    Almost all high-rise buildings have multiple elevators to facilitate the movement of guests and staff within the building. Elevators are essential for providing convenient access to different floors and amenities, ensuring smooth vertical transportation. The management plans to design them with safety features and that will include features like touchscreen controls, spacious interiors, and smooth rides.

    Maintenance Service                                                         

    The management will ensure that the building is well-maintained and provides a comfortable and functional environment for residents and guests.

    Fire Alarm System

    A fire alarm system is a critical component of building safety, including residential apartments or hotels. The J7 hotel building will have a properly functioning and well-maintained fire alarm system to ensure the safety of guests and staff. It will consist of various components designed to detect and alert occupants in the event of a fire, such as smoke and heat detectors, manual pull stations, and alarm speakers.

    J7 Signature Development Status

    This residential project is relatively new, and the construction process is currently in its early stages. However, the pace of the work is fast and the workers and architects can be seen working at the site. The project management is confident that it will be finished within a few years.

    Stay in touch with Wirasat to know the latest updates regarding the construction and development of the project. The plots are available for sale at reasonable prices. You should book your plots now, as the prices are bound to inflate soon.

    J7 Signature Possession

    You can get the possession details of J7 Hotel and Residences from its management. You can also contact Wirasat for all your queries about possession.

    J7 Signature Latest News

    The housing society is offering apartments, suits, and retail offices at reasonable prices. These prices will be increased with the passage of time. Stay tuned to Wirasat for the latest updates regarding this commercial project.

    J7 Signature Booking Procedure

    The J7 Signature booking procedure is very easy to understand. To book a plot in this multi-purpose project, please bring the following documents/items with you, along with the J7 Signature application form:

    • Applicant’s CNIC Copies
    • Applicant’s Passport-size Pictures
    • Applicant’s Next-of-kin CNIC Copies
    • NICOP Copies (if applicable)
    • Proof of payment (a receipt or screenshot in case of online payment)
    J7 signature islamabad

    Why Invest in J7 Signature?

    J7 Signature will become one of the most luxurious projects once completed. There are several reasons why you should invest in this housing project, including:

    • Affordable Plots
    • Located in a NOC-approved Housing Project
    • Easy Possession
    • Modern Facilities
    • Instalment Plan Availability
    • Luxurious Lifestyle
    • Highly Secure
    • High-quality Infrastructure
    • Ideal Location

    Frequently Asked Question

    The following are the FAQs regarding the residential and commercial project:

    Q1. Is J7 Signature RDA approved?

    Ans: The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has allegedly approved the No Objection Certificate (NOC) of J7 Hotel and Residences. Please visit the RDA official website to confirm the housing project’s approval status.

    Q2. What is the location of J7 Signature Islamabad?

    Ans: It is located within Top City 1, at the Srinagar Highway, adjacent to the Islamabad International Airport. It can be accessed from several ley routes of the city, including Airport Avenue, Margalla Expressway, and Rawalpindi-Kohat Road.

    Q3. Who is the owner of J7 Signature?

    Ans: The renowned commercial project is owned and developed The popular J7 Group of Companies is the owner and development company of this high-rise building project. Mr Maqbool Hussain, the founder and chairman of the company, established it in 2018. Since then, the company has maintained a track record of delivering exceptional projects in different regions of Pakistan.

    Q4. What is the total land area of J7 Signature?

    Ans: The total area of the project is 13 Kanals and the building will be covered over 8,75,000 sq. ft. It will consist of 2 towers. Tower 1 will have 19 floors, whereas Tower 2 will have 26 floors. It will have 3 basement levels for the parking.

    Q5. What is the J7 Signature contact number?

    Ans: The address of the project’s head office is Plot No. 3, Main Srinagar Highway, Top City 1, Islamabad. You can reach them at their UAN,  (+92) 0332 111 22 33.

    Q6. How many projects have the owners of J7 Signature delivered?

    Ans: They have delivered several brilliant projects and are working on numerous promising projects, such as:

    Completed Projects

    Some of their delivered projects are as follows:

    • Palm Villas
    • Pine Villas
    • J7 Mall
    • J7 One Mall
    • Signature Hotel Murree
    • Emporium Mall Islamabad

    Ongoing Projects

    The following are the ongoing projects of the company:

    • J7 ICON – Royal Swiss
    • J7 Emporium
    • J7 Global
    • J7 Mall of Chakwal
    • Solitaire Hotel
    • J7 Signature Hotel and Residences


    J7 Signature is the very first 5-star hotel in Pakistan. This luxurious project offers a range of amenities and services for both business and leisure travelers. The popular and highly acclaimed J7 Group of Companies is bringing this amazing project to Islamabad. It is located within TopCity 1, adjacent to Islamabad International Airport. Its prime location is one of the many reasons why you should invest in this project.

    The rumor is that the RDA has approved its NOC. The multi-purpose project offers luxurious apartments, retail shops, and suits at reasonable rates. Some of the other convincing reasons to invest in this project include reliable owners and developers and the provision of modern facilities and amenities. Please contact Wirasat now for more details.