Metropole Arcade Rawalpindi


Metropole Arcade Rawalpindi is a perfect piece of revolution in the era of modern infrastructure. It combines commercial and residential properties to provide investors with all the possible investment opportunities under one roof.

Furthermore, the commercial and residential project has an immense reputation because of its developers. The project’s developers, Mountain Vista Private Limited (MVPL), plan to turn the project into a benchmark for others.

Metropole Arcade is located in Saddar, Rawalpindi. It has access to numerous popular places. Many access points enable visitors to reach it easily.

The project is featured as the biggest shopping mall and arcade, occupying an area of 42 Kanal.

Metropole  Rawalpindi

Moreover, the prices of the shops, offices, and residential apartments are very affordable and reasonable. Investors can easily book the properties with only a 20% down payment for apartments and a 25% down payment for commercial properties. The client can easily pay the remaining amount through 36 monthly installments.

Metropole Arcade Rawalpindi Owners and Developers

The owner and CEO of the Metropole Arcade is Mr. Shehryar Riaz. However, the developers of the project are Mountain Vista Private Limited.

Metropole Rawalpindi

Other members of the management board are:

  • Maj Gen Asghar Nawaz (R) (Advisor, B.O.D)
  • Mr Raja Gulzarin (Director)
  • Mr. Kashif Riaz (Director)
  • Brig Dr. Nadeem Ehsan (R) (Director)
  • Brig Shahid Manzoor (R)​ (Project Director)
Metropole  Rawalpindi
Metropole Rawalpindi
Metropole Rawalpindi
Metropole Rawalpindi
Metropole Rawalpindi

The owners, board members, and developers of Metropole Arcade are effortlessly working to facilitate the investors with every kind of investment opportunity. The developers aim to form a structure that would exceed the client’s expectations.

Furthermore, there is no compromise on quality. A dedicated team of professional designers, architects, and developers is working enthusiastically to reshape the concept of shopping malls. Due to their hard work, they have achieved excellence in real estate by completing many other real estate projects.

Their experience is enough to determine the excellence and dedication of the developers, Mountain Vista Private Limited. They have been providing exceptional services in the real estate industry for almost 4 decades. In the duration, Mountain Vista Private Limited also joined hands with other firms to get the best results from their collective efforts.

Here are the names of the firm with which Mountain Vista Private Limited have joined hands.

  • Ali Naqvi and Marcus (Concept Consultants)
  • Pixarch (Animation and 3D Visualization)
  • Shehzad Gul Architects (Architecture)
  • Sheikh Mehboob and Company (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing)
  • Comrades (Structural Consultants)
  • SYC (Office Architects and Interior Design)

Metropole Arcade Latest Development in 2023

Investors always tend to invest in projects with a greater development-work ratio. The Metropole Arcade in Rawalpindi is one of the projects having successfully attracted investors due to their speedy development progress.

The hardworking workers are working efficiently to complete the project as soon as possible. However, the developers claim to accomplish the project’s milestone before its deadline.

Furthermore, early project completion will make it more compatible for investors as they are readily waiting for it.

Metropole Arcade Rawalpindi Location

The location of Metropole Arcade is very prominent and easily accessible. It is located in Saddar, Rawalpindi, near Saddar Railway Station and Metro Station. It is also close to Military Hospital Rawalpindi.

Metropole Rawalpindi Location

The Metropole’s developers chose the location wisely, as the area in which the Metropole Mall is located is one of the central commercial areas in Rawalpindi. Therefore, after investment in the project, the investors can expect a high ROI (Return on Investment).

In addition to the importance of the location of the Metropole Arcade, it is easy to visit. You can follow the Metropole Arcade location map to visit it.

Metropole Arcade Accessible Routes

For your convenience, here are some of the access points:

Metropole Accessible Routes
  • Located on Bank Road
  • About 1 minute away from Rawalpindi Railway Station
  • About 1 minute away from Mall Road
  • About 5 minutes drive away from Murree Road
  • About 30 minutes drive from Islamabad International Airport

Apart from these access points, many famous places and landmarks are nearby.

Metropole Arcade Nearby Landmarks and Other Places

Some of the nearby landmarks and other sites are as follows:

  • Railway Station Rawalpindi
  • Saddar Metro Station
  • Military Hospital Rawalpindi
Metropole Nearby Landmarks and Other Places
  • DHA, Rawalpindi
  • Bahria Town
  • Westridge

Metropole Arcade Rawalpindi NOC

Before investing in any project, the investor needs to verify the project’s legal status. However, the Metropole Arcade is a NOC-approved project. The multi-purpose project has received approval from RCB (Rawalpindi Cantonment Board). It is registered with FBR (Federal Board of Revenue). After updating its legal status, it became the only shopping mall in Rawalpindi that had a NOC even before the completion of the project.

Investors can clear their doubts by checking the legal status on the official website of RCB. Furthermore, it is always recommended to invest in legal projects to avoid any fraudulent activity.

Metropole Arcade Rawalpindi Master Plan

The 42 Kanal area will become a skyscraper infrastructure containing shops, shopping malls, offices, and three residential towers offering apartments.

Furthermore, all the floors are planned for particular purposes. Some are for malls, some are for offices, and some are for residential purposes.

Metropole Arcade Floor Plans

The following are the details regarding the floor planning of this commercial and residential project:

  • There are a total of 14 stories in the building: 3 basements, ground+ 11 floors
  • A wide area is reserved for car parking having a capacity of 1400 plus cars
  • A wide area of 4,00,400 sq. ft. for a shopping mall on the ground+ 2 Floors. There will be 300 plus national and international brands available for customers
  • There is a complete floor for a food court where food lovers can try food from 150+ famous food outlets
  • A floor of 150,000 sq. ft. is reserved for corporate offices
  • There will be three residential apartment towers. One is reserved for servant apartments, while the other is for the general public
  • The apartments will be 1-bed, 2-bed, and 3-bed
  • There will be a total of almost 291 residential apartments in the Metropole Arcade
  • Furthermore, there will be a 6-Level Arcade for small shops ranging from 150 sq. ft. to 350 sq. ft.
  • It is planned that there will be a total of 600 shops in the Arcade
Metropole Plans
Metropole Floor Plans
Metropole Floor Plans
Metropole Arcade Floor Plans Arcade 4
Metropole Floor Plans
Metropole Floor Plans

You can learn more about the Arcade Floor Plan in the following pictures.

Lower Ground Floor

Metropole  Lower

Ground Floor

Metropole Arcade Ground Floor

First Floor

Metropole  First Floor

Second Floor

Metropole Second Floor

Third Floor

Metropole Third Floor

Fourth Floor

Metropole Fourth Floor

Metropole Arcade Rawalpindi Payment Plan

The prices of the shops, offices, and residential apartments in Metropole Arcade are based on pre-launch rates. However, the prices vary depending on the category and location of the property within the Metropole Arcade.

For example, prices of properties on lower floors are higher than those on higher floors. However, the lower ground prices are also low compared to the prices of the ground floor properties.

The management of the multi-purpose project allows their clients to effortlessly book their dream property by paying a small booking fee. The down payment for commercial properties is 25%, and a 20% down payment is required for apartments. Furthermore, the installments are payable over three years via 36 monthly installments. However, there will be a 10% payment at the time of possession and 10% additional charges for front and corner shops.

Note: Do not transfer the booking amount to any dealer account that is not an authentic sales partner of Metropole Arcade. The company will not bear any responsibility for such transactions. So, before transferring amounts, confirm it from the head office of Wirasat Real Estate.

Furthermore, the easy payment plan allows you to pay the amount in easy installments after booking a shop or office with only a down payment.

Here you can see the complete payment plan of the Metropole Arcade. You can notice that the price of the lower ground is PKR 121,000 per sq. ft. Similarly, on the ground floor, the rate is PKR 137,500 per sq. ft. As discussed above, the price per sq. ft. is PKR 104,500 on the first floor.The price of residential apartments will decrease per sq. ft for the upper floors.

Apartments Payment Plan

Metropole Payment Plan Apartments

Shops Payment Plan

Metropole  Payment Plan Shops

Corporate Office and Food Court Payment Plan

Metropole Payment Plan Corporate Office

Metropole Arcade Rawalpindi Facilities and Amenities

These residential apartments are equipped with all modern facilities and amenities. Every facility will be readily available in the Metropole Arcade.

24/7 Security

Metropole Arcade provides the residents and investors with 24/7 safety and security. In both cases, if you reside in the apartments or have shops in the Metropole Arcade, you can have 100% assurance of being safe and secure.

To add more to the security, the developers installed CCTV cameras for perfect monitoring.

Health Clubs

Health clubs in the Arcade will allow you to keep your body fit and healthy. You can also get the services of expert trainers in the gyms available in the Metropole Arcade.

Recreational Centers

Recreational Centers in the Metropole are to allow the residents to improve their mental health.

The Biggest Shopping Mall

The Mall in the Metropole Arcade will be the biggest in Rawalpindi, with 300 plus local and international brands available for customers.

Standard Residence

The residential apartments in the Metropole Arcade are equipped with every modern facility. You can experience a luxurious life in these apartments.


A spacious area is reserved for the mosque. Where the residents, shopkeepers, and office workers can offer their prayers.

Secured Parking

In the Metropole Arcade, spacious car parking will have a capacity of 1400 plus cars.

Restaurants and Food Court

Metropole Arcade has a dedicated floor for its food court, featuring various cafes, restaurants, and 150 international food brand outlets.

Electricity Backup

Huge generators will be installed for electricity backup. So, electricity will be available 24/7.

Business Centers

Business and commercial centers in the Metropole Arcade will help newcomers learn about business strategies and upcoming renovations. So, they can meet and discuss techniques for maximizing profits while expanding the businesses.

Metropole Arcade Salient Features

Apart from all these facilities and amenities, the Metropole Arcade is known for its salient features.

Metropole Salient Features
  • Escalator System
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure
  • Water, Gas, and Electricity
  • Tiled Flooring
  • Secured Premises
  • Food Court
  • 300+ Brand Outlets
  • Spacious Halls
  • Kids Play Area
  • Power Backup
  • Access Control
  • IT Room
  • Ideal Location
  • All Weather Swimming Pools
  • Reasonable Prices

Why Invest in Metropole Arcade Rawalpindi?

Metropole Arcade has almost all the qualities of an ideal project. Easily accessible locations, reasonable prices, residential apartments, shops, corporate offices, and renowned developers all testify to the perfection of Metropole Arcade.

The facilities and amenities in the Metropole Arcade are hard to find elsewhere at such prices.

Furthermore, the developers have structured the payment plan as investor-friendly, allowing them to book properties with a down payment and pay the rest of the amount in easy installments.

Also, the prices vary depending on shops and offices on different floors. So, they can invest according to their budgets.

How to Book a Shop or Office in Metropole Arcade?

After knowing all about Metropole Arcade, you may be interested in owning a property in the project. Booking a shop or office in Metropole Arcade Rawalpindi is very easy. Visit their site office. However, for your convenience, Wirasat can help you join this iconic project.

Contact Wirasat and get your property booked instantly. However, you must submit particular documents along with your booking application.


The frequently asked questions about this project are as follows:

Q1. Who is the Owner of Metropole Arcade Rawalpindi?

Ans: The owner and CEO of the Metropole Arcade is Mr. Shehryar Riaz.

Q2. Who are the developers of Metropole Arcade?

Ans: The developers of Metropole Arcade are Mountain Vista Private Limited MVPL.

Q3. Where is Metropole Arcade located?

Ans: The Metropole Arcade is located in Saddar, Rawalpindi, near Rawalpindi Railway Station and Saddar Metro Station.

Q4. How many floors are there in Metropole Arcade?

Ans: There are three basements, the lower ground floor, the ground floor, and 11 floors. So, it is a 14-story building.

Q5. What are the prices of shops and offices in Metropole Arcade?

Ans: The prices of the shops and offices vary depending on their location on specific floors. Read further from the payment plan given above.

Ans: Yes, the Metropole Arcade Rawalpindi is NOC approved project.  

Q7. Is there any residence in Metropole Arcade Rawalpindi?

Ans: Yes, there are three residential towers in the Metropole Arcade.

Q8. Is there any car parking in Metropole Arcade?

Ans: A spacious car parking in Metropole Arcade has space for 1400+ cars.

Q9. What are the facilities and amenities that will be available in Metropole Arcade?

Ans: Various facilities and amenities will be available in Metropole Arcade. The facilities are:

  • 24/7 Security
  • Health Clubs
  • Recreational Centers
  • The Biggest Shopping Mall
  • Standard Residence
  • Mosque
  • Secured Parking
  • Restaurants and Food Court
  • Business Centers

Q10. How much is the total area of the Metropole Arcade Project?

Ans: The total area of the Metropole Arcade project is 42 Kanal.


Metropole Arcade Rawalpindi is a one-stop commercial and residential project. It has all the qualities of a perfect project. It is a Mountain Vista Private Limited project, so investors can fearlessly invest in Metropole Arcade.

Furthermore, the 42 Kanal commercial and residential project is hard to find in Rawalpindi. So, this is an ideal opportunity for you to invest.

The housing project is perfect in all aspects, most notably its location. It is located in Saddar, Rawalpindi, near Railway Station and Saddar Metro Station.