Multan Central

Multan Central is an exclusively launched housing scheme that has become a sensation in the real estate market. The luxurious residential society is a signature project of the reputed urban planners, the 57 Developments. The housing scheme is an avant-garde architecture established in the heart of Multan city that offers the most affordable and versatile range of properties.

The luxurious residential project is proficiently developed by the most skillful team of real estate professionals following the global standards of infrastructure. The housing scheme offers modern facilities with opulent amenities to live a luxurious lifestyle

Multan Central

Housing societies has become a major trend in real estate in the last few years because of their versatile property option and the ability to generate maximum profits. Multan Central is a grand opportunity available in the most premium location of South Punjab. The residential project is highly beneficial for investors looking forward to earning maximum Returns on Investment (ROIs).

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Multan Central

    Multan Central Location

    The location of Multan Central is very attractive as it is available in the most prestigious neighborhood in the City of Saints. The residential project is at a premium location near Southern Bypass, Multan. The location of the housing scheme is one the most critical features that have been attracting many potential buyers towards it nationwide and internationally.

    The owners of the residential society selected the fastest-growing urban hub for their project that can be easily accessed through all the major and minor routes of North and South Punjab. Multan Central site location is very desirable for investors as it is just a 10-minute drive away from the City Center.

    Multan Central Location Map

    Below is a convenient location map of the residential society:

    Multan Central Location Map showing all the surroundings of the housing society

    Importance of Multan Central Location

    The location of Multan Central is very important as it is in the socioeconomic hub of Multan City. The residential project is only 5 mins away from the South Punjab Secretariat and the Multan Judicial Complex. In addition, the M-4 Motorway is also a 15-minute drive away from the housing project.

    The land around the Multan Southern bypass is ideal for investors of Punjab as it surrounds many international-standard educational institutes, health facilities, and an active commercial center for business activities. The residential society also has many prestigious real estate projects in its vicinity, including DHA Multan, Citi Housing Multan, Model Town, and Mall of Multan. Moreover, the most important fact about the housing scheme location is that the plots are being offered at the most competitively affordable price range in the most premium neighborhood.

    Multan Central Accessible Routes

    The following are some of the accessible routes of the housing project:

    Multan Central access points including national highway, motorway multan, ring road

    Multan Central Nearby Landmarks and Other Places

    The following are some of the significant places surrounding the housing project:

    Multan Central NOC

    The Tehsil Municipal Authorities (TMA) Multan has not yet shared any details regarding the approval of the No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Multan Central. The legal status of any residential or commercial project is important, as it signifies that the owner has followed all the protocols to gain approval from concerned development authorities. Property experts of Wirasat highly suggest their clients choose projects with approved status for investment because of the low financial risk factor. Some of the NOC-approved housing societies include Saffron City Islamabad, Taj Residencia Islamabad, and New Metro City Gujar Khan.

    Multan Central Payment Plan

    The payment plan of Multan Centralis affordable and efficiently designed to provide the highest profit return to its investors. The developers of the housing scheme are offering a cost-efficient 3-yearly price plan. They are also offering a flexible installment plan starting from Rs.4,485/- per month.

    57 Development has also low mortgage rates so interested clients can easily book their property by paying a small down payment starting from Rs.117,000/-. The economic price plan of residential society is a great opportunity for investors that want to earn maximum benefits from small investments. Many real estate experts predict that the plot files Multan Central is an asset that will provide long-term benefits to its owners.

    Below is the payment plan for the residential society:

    Multan Central Payment Plan of 3 marla and 5 marla

    Multan Central Owners and Developers

    The 57 Developments is the official developer of Multan Central

    The owners and developers of Multan Central are very reputable names in the development sector of the country. The residential society is an exclusive project designed and developed by well-known urban planners, the 57 Developments. The development group has 30 years experience of working in different sectors of real estate.

    The construction company has managed to create a subtle image in the market by establishing and delivering cutting-edge housing projects in all the major cities of Pakistan. The development group hires the most skillful and proficient teams of real estate professionals that work around the clock to deliver state-of-the-art projects within the estimated time.

    57 Development Projects List

    The following is the list of all the completed and ongoing projects of the construction group:

    • Urban City Lahore
    • Luxurion Garden, Muridke
    • Allure Designer Wear
    • SK Farms & Seeds
    • British School System, Multan Campus
    • Pepsi Head Office MDA Multan
    • PSO Pump Main Canal Road Lahore
    • Al Hafeez Garden, Phase 6 Lahore

    Multan Central Master Plan

    The master plan of Multan Central is adeptly designed by the expert team of 57 Developments. The housing project is a contemporary-themed architecture developed in the heart of Multan and offered at unbelievably economical prices. The housing scheme possesses exceptional qualities of a luxurious living experience, such as a gated community, wide carpeted roads, 24/7 surveillance, and affordable prices.

    The newly-launched housing scheme is attracting a lot of investors towards it because of its prime location, unique features, and ultra-modern amenities. The master plan of the housing scheme offers a versatile range of properties that includes, residential and commercial plots, shops, and apartments. The plot sizes of 3 Marla, 5 Marla, and 10 Marla are initially available in the housing venture for residential purposes.

    Multan Central Property Type

    The housing scheme is offering a wide range of property options for the convenience of their clients.

    Multan Central Plots for Sale on easy installments

    The following are the property offered in the development project:

    Multan Central Residential Plot Sizes

    The following are the residential plot sizes available in the housing scheme:

    • 3 Marla Residential Plot for sale
    • 5 Marla Residential Plot for sale
    • 10 Marla Residential Plot for sale

    Multan Central Commercial Plot Sizes

    The owners of the housing scheme are expected to launch their commercial plot sizes. The expert team of Wirasat will update the commercial plot cuttings of Multan Central as soon as the developers announce them.

    Multan Central Salient Features

    The following are some salient features of the housing scheme:

    • Uninterrupted Power Supply
    • Gymnasia
    • Dispensary
    • Sports Complex
    • Golf Course
    • Restaurants and Cafes
    • Recreational Areas
    • Providence of Utilities Gas Electricity Water
    • Jamia Mosque and Dedicated prayer areas
    • Wide Carpeted Roads
    • 24/7 Surveillance
    • Swimming Pool
    • Market and community-center
    • Contemporary-themed Town Planning
    • International standard educational institutes
    • International standard health complexes
    • Gated Community
    • Efficient Sewerage System
    • Water Restoration Plants
    • Active Business and Commercial hubs
    Multan Central Salient Features including swimming pools, security, educations institutions

    Multan Central Facilities and Amenities

    The developers of Multan Central have envisioned an ultra-exclusive community equipped with top-notch amenities that will reshape the living standards in South Punjab. The following are some of the highlighted facilities and amenities of the residential society:

    Gated Community

    Multan Central is a modern gated community that is equipped with 24/7 surveillance. Secured main entrances, confined boundary walls, and boulevards have become some of the most essential features of all modern communities. Keeping that in mind the urban planning group has established a grand entrance ensuring the security of their future residents. A confined wall will also secure the premises of the housing scheme.

    Eco-friendly Environment

    The developers of the housing scheme are aiming to develop a green and eco-friendly community in the most progenitive land of Multan. The residential society master plan features larger reserved land that will be used to develop parks and green places for their residents. The serene and eco-friendly environment of residential projects is a major attraction for many investors.

    Jamia Mosque

    The prayer offering is one of the most important daily rituals in the Islamic world. Mosques and dedicated prayer areas are important for Muslim communities. The master plan of Multan Central includes the construction of a grand Jamia Mosque. The divine and aesthetic architecture of the residential society’s Jamia Mosque will play a vital role fulling the spiritual needs of their future residents.

    Health Facilities

    Healthcare is another significant amenity people look for before choosing a living place. The owners of the residential society have chosen the prime location of the Southern Bypass of Multan. The housing scheme will neighbor many international standards health facilities, like the Multan Institute of Kidney Diseases. Also, the master plan of the housing society features clinics, emergency centers, and dispensaries that will be open 24 hours.

    Educational Facilities

    Education is another basic amenity that is considered essential in modern communities. The residential society has some of the best educational complexes of South Punjab in its vicinity, including Bahauddin Zakariya University, and the Women’s University of Multan. The owners of the housing scheme are also planning to establish international-standard schools, colleges, and institutes within the premises of the housing project. These educational institutes will have a highly professional teaching staff that will provide quality education to the future residents of the housing scheme.

    Restaurants and Recreational Places

    International-themed restaurants, cafes, and recreational places are some other exclusive features of the housing society. These lavish amenities will provide global standard dining experiences to the residents of Multan Central. These recreational places will provide a stress-free environment where people can enjoy quality time with their friends and family.

    Multan Central Development Status

    The development pace of Multan Central is fast-swing. The owners of the housing scheme have achieved some of the important initial milestones, such as plot cutting and land leveling. The developers of the housing society have hired the most efficient team of architects, engineers, designers, and a workforce to complete the task. Also, heavy-duty machinery is perpetually working on the construction site to finish the construction work before the estimated time.

    Why Invest in Multan Central?

    Multan Central is a futuristic residential development aiming to provide a luxurious yet cordial way of life for the people of South Punjab. The 57 Development Group, the project’s owner and development company, is among the most reputed construction companies in the country. They have a subtle reputation for never compromising on any aspect of their project quality.

    The cutting-edge residential development possesses all the exclusive feature that makes it an attractive investment opportunity including prime location, economical payment plan, and world-class amenities. The allegedly TMA-approved project is a golden opportunity for investors looking for a stable investment option that can provide long-term profits.

    Multan Central Booking Procedure

    Wirasat has designed the most effortless and uncomplicated procedure for purchasing property for the convenience of its clients. Below is the step-by-step procedure to follow for booking your desired property in Multan Central:

    • Consult a Professional Agent of Wirasat
    • Describe your desired property option to them; Residential or Commercial
    • Carefully describe the required plot size or cutting
    • Attentively fill out your booking application
    • Provide the required documentation listed below:
    • 2 Password Size Pictures
    • 2 Copies of Clients CNIC
    • 2 Copies of next to Kin CNIC
    • Fresh Bank Statement
    •  Attach the above-mentioned documents to your booking form
    • Pay the Down Payment
    • Wait for 10 to 15 days for the housing society to prepare and send your plot file
    Booking Procedure

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The following are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the project:

    What is Multan Central and how it differs from other housing societies?

    Multan Central is a newly launched residential society introduced by the reputed 57 Developments. The futuristic residential society is developed according to the international standards of infrastructure. The housing scheme is offering the most affordable range of properties in the most prestigious neighborhood of Multan, which makes it different from other housing schemes.

    Is Multan Central an approved housing scheme?

    The NOC of the housing scheme is yet to be approved by the Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA) of Multan.

    Is Multan Central an affordable housing project

    The residential society offers a 3 yearly affordable payment plan that starts from Rs. 4,485.

    What is the location of Multan Central?

    The housing scheme is located at the prime location, near Multan Southern Bypass; only 5 minutes’ drive away from the South Punjab Secretariat.

    Who are the owners and developers of Multan Central?

    The 57 Development Group is the owner of the housing society.

    Is Multan Central a potential high-yielding investment opportunity?

    The residential society is an affordable investment opportunity that possesses all the features of a high-yielding investment opportunity, including a prime location, a well-designed master plan, and world-class amenities.

    What are the residential plot sizes available in Multan Central?

    The following are the residential plot sizes available in the housing scheme:

    • 3 Marla
    • 5 Marla
    • 10 Marla


    Multan Central is a grand housing venture that is expected to raise the living standards of South Punjab. The revolutionary residential project is proficiently designed by the respectable construction group, 57 Development. The housing project is located in the heart of Multan City, near the Southern Bypass.

    The real estate market is flooding with investment opportunities these days, but you should look for an investment opportunity that can benefit you in the long term. The residential society is an ultra-modern community equipped with all the essential features to live an opulent lifestyle. Many property experts state that Multan Central is a secure investment that is going to be fruitful in the future.

    For booking and other details, please visit Wirasat. Some of our highly recommended projects for investment are New City Paradise and Al Noor Orchard Lahore.