The Grenoken Farms

The Grenoken is a brand-new and promising farmhouse project that is based on the concept of passive income.The term passive income means the earning which a person generates through investing in a project and does not require complete efforts instead of working with an employer to earn or generate. Rather it brings you profit-based earnings with little or no effort. You can call it passive income because you do not have to put much efforts or complete input into earning it.

The Grenoken provides a good investment option for those who are looking to earn passive income securely. There are various options where you can invest your money to earn profits. However, these options involve several financial risks as they offer no guarantee or security for your investment. The Grenoken ensures that you will not only get high returns on your investment, but it will also be secure. The Grenoken Farms project is a one-stop solution for your passive income needs.

Wirasat is the owner company of the project. They look forward to gaining the same recognition and success with this project as they have gotten from their real estate consultancy services.

The agriculture project is located at Thanil Kamal Mangwal Road, only 12 km away from Neelah Dullah Interchange. It is offering plots of different sizes for agricultural purposes. These plot sizes include 2 Kanal, 4 Kanal, 8 Kanal, 16 Kanal, and 25 Kanal.

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The Grenoken Farms

    What is Passive Income?

    Passive income is the money that you can earn by putting in less or zero effort. Simply, passive income is the money you can make while you rest or sleep. You can generate passive income in various ways, such as developing then renting property or investing.

    grenoken offering passive income

    Importance of Passive Income Generation

    Passive income can help increase the wealth of people who want to secure their future financially. It is the best way to earn money without any active participation. Passive income is like having a part-time job along with your regular job. The difference is that you can give your time to your regular job, but the part-time job does not require you to do a job but still pays you.

    Passive income generation can help you build a better future or give you financial security in case of any emergencies or accidents. You can take early retirement, or go on vacation, knowing that you have the means to afford all of it. Similarly, passive income can help you in case you lose your regular job or hit an unexpected financial bump.

    How Much Passive Income can you Earn?

    Passive income cannot make you rich overnight. It takes a little time in the beginning. However, eventually, it starts giving you steady profits for a long time period. The right way to make the most passive income is to opt for secure passive income-generating opportunities, like the Grenoken.

    The Grenoken and Passive Income

    The Greoken provides a safer way for you to earn passive income. It is an agriculture project that would plant various crops in different seasons. The developers will equally divide the profit among all the clients who have plots in this project. The clients can choose the plot size out of 5 options. The plots of 2 Kanal, 4 Kanal, 8 Kanal, 16 Kanal, and 25 Kanal are available at pre-launch prices.

    How would it Work?

    After the selling out of all the plots, the project owners will perform all the agriculture-related tasks. From sowing to harvesting, storing to selling, the project owner will take care of all the responsibilities. All the members will have equal shar in the earning from farming according to their plots. If a client has 2 plots, he will get double profit.

    The Grenoken Models

    The Grenoken is based on two models that mainly showcase the overall workings of the farmhouse project. These two models are as follows:

    Money Making Model (MMM)

    The management of The Grenoken has started working on the Money Making Model, which will run for 1- 2 years.

    Money Making Model (MMM)

    Wealth Maximization Model (WMM)

    This model will be launched after the success of the Money Making Model (MMM). The product reach via the Wealth Maximation Model will be bigger than the MMM.

    Wealth Maximization Model (WMM)

    The Grenoken Location

    The Grenoken map will give an exact idea about its location, which is ideal. The project is located on Thanil Kamal Mangwal Road, only 12 km away from Neelah Dullah. It will be accessible from different routes of the city. Moreover, several significant places lie in the vicinity of this agriculture project. The farmhouse project location is away from the city’s busy life. However, it will have access to all the basic and latest facilities and amenities.

    The Grenoken Accessible Routes

    Visitors can access the farmhouses project via different routes, including:

    • Located at Thanil Kamal Mangwal Road
    • Nearly 2 minutes drive from Narang Mangwal Road
    • Nearly 12 minutes drive from Chak Koka Road
    • Nearly 20 minutes drive from Mandra Road
    • Nearly 22 minutes drive from Neelah Dullah Road
    • Nearly 25 minutes drive from Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2)
    • Nearly 12 km away from Neelah Dullah Interchange
    • Nearly 18 km away from Chakri Interchange
    • Nearly 45 km away from Islamabad

    The Grenoken Nearby Landmarks and Other Places

    Some of the landmarks and other places that are located nearby are as follows:

    • CPEC Route
    • Model Village Agro Farms
    • Behkhari
    • Olives Ridge Farmhouses
    • Qurtaba City
    • Dullah
    • Thanil Kamal
    • Pind Mughalan
    • Dhok Naka
    • Dhok Mureed
    • Narwal
    • Narag
    • Mangwal
    • Sarkal Kasar
    • Haraj
    • Gujar Khan
    • Sawan River

    The Grenoken Location Map

    The Grenoken map is as follows:

    The Grenoken Location Map showing easy access to the housing society

    The Grenoken NOC

    Approval of a No Objection Certificate (NOC) is a deciding factor in determining whether a project will be successful or not. The approval procedure of the NOC can be slow most of the time.

    The owners’ priority is to get approval for the Grenoken project as soon as possible. For this purpose, they are trying their best to check all the boxes on the requirements list of the concerned development authority.

    The management of the agriculture project is positive that getting a NOC will not be an issue, as it ensures to do everything by the book. Wirasat will keep you posted regarding the legal status of The Grenoken.

    The Grenoken Payment Plan

    The payment plan of The Grenoken is quite easy to understand. The plots are available at pre-launching rates, so they are highly affordable. The owners have also announced that these plots are also available for sale in 8 quarterly installments. It will be feasible for those clients who cannot pay the total payment all at once. You can book these plots by paying a 20% down payment. The rate of the plot per Kanal is PKR 1,600,000. The Grenoken payment schedule is as follows:

    The Grenoken Payment Plan

    The Grenoken Owners and Developers

    The Grenoken is a project of Wirasat.

    Wirasat brings you The Grenoken, a unique project that is completely based on the concept of passive income. The Prime Time Developers are responsible for the development of The Grenoken.

    Mr Choudhary Irfan Amjad is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Mr Malik Mujahid Zafar is the Managing Director (MD) of Wirasat. They both founded the company in 2017. Ever since its launch, the company has gained a huge clientele.

    irfan amjad ceo wirasat real estate
    malik mujahid md wirasat real estate

    Wirasat is one of the leading marketing companies in the country, which provides remarkable and thorough real estate services to its customers to increase the significance of their projects. The owners of the project and the investors trust Wirasat and rely on its honest sales and marketing services. The cooperative staff of the company has helped closed thousands of property deals over the years.

    Since the company’s inception, it has marketed more than 50 projects and served over 4,000 customers. Moreover, it has almost 40 marketing partners and generates over 90 million monthly revenue.

    Wirasat has 100+ employees and more than 8 offices in various cities of Pakistan. The address of their head office is Office No. 33, Third Floor, Al-Ghaffar Mall, G-11 Markaz, Islamabad, 44000. You can reach them at +92 304 1111 618 or email them at [email protected].

    After providing real estate consultancy for more than 6 years, the company is now embarking on a journey to provide passive income generation opportunities. There are a significant number of investors in Pakistan who are always looking for safe investment opportunities. Wirasat has brought them a unique yet secure option for investment in the shape of the Grenoken. Wirasat aims to help investors earn passive income that will also help the economy of the country.

    The concept of passive income generation is not new, however, people are leaning more toward it due to the financial uncertainty caused by various factors, including the financial and political crisis in Pakistan. Real estate is a good way to earn high returns on investment, but it is not as safe as relying on a passive income generation option, like The Grenoken.

    Ongoing Projects

    As a businessman, Mr Irfan Amjad has a vast portfolio. Some of his ongoing projects include the following:

    Prime Time Developers (Pvt.) Limited

    It is a construction and development company that is responsible for delivering durable infrastructure by using the latest development techniques and machinery.

    BoostUp Dose Technologies

    It provides innovative technological services like:

    • Web Development
    • Digital Campaigns
    • E-commerce
    • Social Media
    • SEO
    • PPC
    • Email marketing
    • Analytics
    • App Development
    • Content Marketing

    Mr Beanx

    As the name suggests, Mr Beanx deals with providing the supply of beans and pulses. This service is for numerous cities in Pakistan. The beans are grown on organic farms, hence they are filled with healthy nutrients. 

    Green Power (Pvt.) Limited

    The company provides renewable energy sources in the form of solar plates or panels.

    Multan Excel School

    It is a middle school located at an ideal location on Gulshan Market Road and offers quality education to the youth.

    River Vista

    It is a promising residential and commercial project located in Bahria Town Phase VII. It offers luxurious apartments and retail shops at reasonable rates. 

    ongoing projects of wirasat

    The Grenoken Master Plan

    A highly expert team is working on designing the master plan of The Grenoken. The master plan will be revealed to the public in not so far future. The project has 3,000 Kanal fertile land. It will feature agriculture as well as animal farm.

    The Grenoken Plots for Sale

    The plots are available in the following sizes:

    • 2 Kanal
    • 4 Kanal
    • 8 Kanal
    • 16 Kanal
    • 25 Kanal

    The Grenoken Salient Features

    This unique project comes with several unique features, such as:

    • Environment Friendly
    • Education and Training Center
    • Agriculture University
    • Healthy Lifestyle
    • Organic Food
    • Modern Agriculture Technology
    • Affordable
    • Ideal Location
    • Early Possession
    • Guaranteed Profits
    • High Returns on Investment
    • Employment Opportunities
    • Portfolio Diversification
    • Agrotourism/Agritourism
    • Healthy Environment
    • Smart Water Management
    • Smart Energy Management
    • Record Keeping
    • Waste Management
    • Livestock
    Grenoken Salient Features

    The Grenoken Facilities and Amenities

    The one-of-a-kind agriculture project promises to offer unique facilities and amenities to its clients. Some of the facilities that will be provided in The Grenoken are as follows:

    Passive Income

    One of the major benefits of investing in this project is that you get to earn passive income.

    It will require your minimum or no effort at all.

    All you have to do is buy the plot, and the management will take care of your crops and give a fair share of the profit to you.

    passive income grenoken farms


    Another major perk of buying The Grenoken plot is that it is a 100% eco-friendly project. It will help in decreasing the effects caused by pollution. Various crops and trees will be planted that will help produce more oxygen and reduce the production of carbon dioxide.

    Environmental Sustainability

    Particular practices will be adopted to increase environmental sustainability. The management intends to plant a variety of crops in order to keep the soil healthy and fertile. The developers of the project will plant various crops and tress that will help produce more oxygen and reduce the production of carbon dioxide.

    The management will use strategies like integrated pest management (IPM) to reduce the use of chemical pesticides. Similarly, they will also introduce livestock farms which will aid in the profitable and efficient production of crops.

    Organic Food

    In the case of The Grenoken, the production of organic food is a given. One of the convincing reasons to invest in this project is that it promises to provide a 100% organic harvest. To achieve this goal, the management plans to use organic fertilizers that will be good for the crops and for the overall environment where they will grow. The promise of producing healthy and organic crops will increase the profit probability of the crops.

    Latest Agriculture Technology

    In this fast and digital age, agriculture practices have been modified to increase the quantity of the harvest in less time. The Grenoken will use the latest agrotechnology to increase the efficiency and productivity of the yield.

    For instance, sensors and drones will be used to observe the health and overall growth of the crops. Similarly, machinery will be used for harvesting instead of manual harvesting, which requires a lot of manpower and time.

    latest farms technology in pakistan


    The management of The Grenoken project envisions that integrating livestock with crop farming will also help in diversifying the farm and increase the chances of gaining huge profits. The livestock will be raised using organic feed so that the product is healthy and profitable.

    Additionally, their waste will be used as a fertilizer, which will help in producing healthy crops and maintain the fertility of the soil.

    Training and Education

    Necessarily, not everyone has complete knowledge of agriculture practices. But, the investors need not worry about it as the management has taken care of this problem for you. The investors will be given proper training and education on the subject. Professional and experienced farmers and technicians will help you understand all the whats and hows of farming.

    Moreover, the management has also planned to open an agriculture university within the premises of the project. The institute will play a significant role in increasing agriculture awareness among the youth.

    Employment Opportunities

    Another perk of this project is that it will offer employment opportunities. The local farmers will be employed whose agriculture knowledge and experience will help in the production of healthy crops. Similarly, the locals will be able to get training and education in the field that will help them earn a stable income.


    The Grenoken will also help in promoting agritourism. There are several perks of agrotourism, including additional income, cultural heritage preservation, rural development, and education for tourists.

    Smart Water Management

    The water will be used efficiently so that it is efficient yet sustainable for the crops. The management has promised to adopt practices that will help in water preservation. Techniques like dripping will be used for irrigation. An artificial dripping system and rainwater will be used for drip irrigation.

    Smart Water Management grenoken farms

    Smart Energy Management

    The owners plan to apply energy-efficient practices. Renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and wind turbines, will be used to meet the energy needs of farming. It will also help in maintaining the environment clean as these practices will help reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

    Waste Management

    Animal waste from the animal farm and compost crop residue will be used as fertilizers for the harvest. This is good for the production of organic food and is economical. Similarly, farm equipment will be reused in order to save money and reduce waste production. 

    Record Keeping

    A proper record will be kept in the form of hard and soft copies. This record will keep track of all agricultural practices and also serve as evidence of fair division of the profits.

    grenoken farmhouse record keeping

    The Grenoken Development Status

    The development work will begin soon. The owners are waiting for the approval of the NOC, which is expected to be granted soon. The project will carry out its operation as per the rules and regulations set by the concerned development authority.

    The owners have already bought the land and are working hard day and night to jump-start the development within.

    The Grenoken Balloting

    The balloting will be done in various phases. Those who would have paid 50% of the total payment will be included in the balloting. The balloting date will be announced once the project is launched officially. Stay tuned to Wirasat for more updates.

    The Grenoken Plot Possession

    The possession of the plots will be given after one year to those who would have cleared 90% of the total amount. For further details, please get in touch with the Wirasat representative.

    The Grenoken Latest News

    This unique agriculture project is offering plots of 2 Kanal, 4 Kanal, 8 Kanal, 16 Kanal, and 25 Kanal at prelaunch rates. Once the project is launched, its prices are bound to increase.

    The Grenoken Booking Procedure

    The booking procedure for the farmhouse project is quite simple. All you have to do is bring the following documents with you, along with The Grenoken application form:

    • Applicant’s CNIC Copies
    • Applicant’s Passport-size Pictures
    • Applicant’s Next-of-kin CNIC Copies
    • NICOP Copies (if applicable)
    • Proof of payment (a receipt or screenshot in case of online payment)

    Why Invest in The Grenoken?

    The Grenoken is a one-of-a-kind project that provides unique yet promising investment opportunities. There are several reasons that will convince you to invest in this project. Some of such reasons are as follows:

    • Passive Income Generation
    • Profitable
    • Prime Location
    • Soon-to-be-approved NOC
    • Early Possession
    • Eco-friendly
    • Organic Food Production
    • Environmental Sustainability
    • Agritourism
    • Record Keeping
    • Reliable Owners
    • Experienced Developers

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Some of the expected FAQs are as follows:

    Q1. Who is the owner of The Grenoken?

    Ans: Wirasat is the mastermind behind this unique and brilliant project. Mr Choudhary Irfan Amjad is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Mr Malik Mujahid Zafar is the Managing Director (MD) of Wirasat. Together, they established the company in 2017. 

    Q2. Who is the developer of The Grenoken?

    Ans: The Prime Time Developers will be responsible for the development of this project. They are quite able and experienced in the real estate business. Further details will be shared with the public soon. For more details, please contact

    Q3. What is the exact location of The Grenoken?

    Ans: The project is located on Thanil Kamal Mangwal Road, only 12 km away from Neelah Dullah. It will be accessible from different routes in the city, such as Chak Koka Road, Narang Mangwal Road, and Mandra Road.

    Q4. What is the total land area of The Grenoken?

    Ans: The developers did announce the master plan yet. However, they have shared total land area of the project; it will cover almost 3000 Kanal land. They will use most of the land for agriculture purposes. Also, they will include animal farming in the plan.

    Q5. What types of plots are available for sale in Grenoken?

    Ans: The plots of the following sizes are available for agricultural purposes:

    • 2 Kanal
    • 4 Kanal
    • 8 Kanal
    • 16 Kanal
    • 25 Kanal

    Q6. What is the legal status of the Grenoken?

    Ans: The development authority has yet to approve the NOC of the project. The owners of the project are doing everything by the book in order to get the NOC. Once the NOC is approved, the importance and popularity of Grenoken will skyrocket.

    Q7. What are the other projects of Grenoken’s owners?

    Ans: The owners are working on several ongoing projects, such as:

    • Prime Time Developers (Pvt.) Limited
    • BoostUp Dose
    • Mr Beanx
    • Green Power
    • Multan Excel School
    • River Vista


    The Grenoken is undoubtedly a unique and promising agricultural project. Based on the concept of passive income, it is offering profitable investment opportunities. This exciting project is brought to you by Wirasat, one of the leading estate marketing companies in Pakistan. Moreover, the Prime Time Developers are the developers of Grenoken.

    It is located only 12 km away from Neelah Dullah, on Thanil Kamal Mangwal Road. The management is certain that its NOC will be approved soon. Investing in this project would be a smart choice if you want to make money without really working for it. Now is always the right time to invest in Grenoken as the plots are available at prelaunch rates. Once the project is launched, the plot rates will be increased. Please visit the Wirasat website for more updates.