Capital Smart City Aviation District: Where Aviation Excellence Meets Hospitality Splendor. Capital Smart City is an RDA-approved society consisting of 14 districts. This housing society is strategically located in close proximity to the new Islamabad International Airport.

Capital Smart City (CSC) offers a range of modern and smart facilities at the most affordable prices. Conveniently located near Rawalpindi and Islamabad, it is easily accessible via the Lahore to Islamabad Motorway.

Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City Aviation District

Capital Smart City Islamabad Aviation District: Where Visionary Excellence Meets Aviation Innovation

The Aviation District within Capital Smart City Islamabad is a visionary masterpiece meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of the aviation industry. It boasts a prime location and offers world-class facilities and amenities.

This multidisciplinary zone sets new standards for logistics and hospitality, and here’s what you can expect to find inside the Aviation District:

Capital Smart City Aviation District

Expo Centre

Located at the heart of the Aviation District, the Expo Centre serves as a hub for aviation-related events, conferences, and exhibitions. It fosters collaboration among innovators, stakeholders, industry leaders, and experts, featuring cutting-edge technologies to advance the aviation sector.

Capital Smart City Aviation District | expo center

Aviation Academy

The Aviation District houses the Aviation Academy, dedicated to nurturing future aviation professionals. Equipped with modern simulators, classrooms, and experienced instructors, it offers courses in various aviation disciplines to produce highly competent professionals.

Capital Smart City Aviation District | aviation academy

Flight Kitchen

To meet the essential needs of in-flight catering services, the Aviation District features a dedicated flight kitchen, ensuring passengers are treated to delicious meals during their journeys.

Capital Smart City Aviation District | kitchen

Airline Services

The Aviation District offers comprehensive one-stop solution airline services, including maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) facilities, aviation logistics support, and a platform for airline headquarters, ensuring seamless and efficient operations.

Capital Smart City Aviation District | airline services

Outlet Mall

Beyond aviation, the Aviation District includes an outlet mall, providing a diverse selection of products and brands. It caters to the needs of the aviation community and visitors, offering a convenient shopping destination.


In accordance with Islamic values, the developers have included a grand and magnificent mosque in the Aviation District, providing a serene space for prayer and meditation.

Business District

Recognizing the importance of business, the Aviation District includes a business district that attracts aviation-related companies, startups, and entrepreneurs, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration.


A premium hotel within the Aviation District ensures comfortable and luxurious stays for aviation professionals and visitors, offering world-class amenities.

Technology Park

Aligned with the goal of making Pakistan a Smart Country, the Aviation District features a Technology Park that focuses on modern aviation advancements. It serves as a research hub and learning space for developers, innovators, startups, and learners in aviation technology.

Aeroplane Restaurant

In line with the aviation theme, the Aeroplane Restaurant in the Aviation District offers a unique dining experience with aviation memorabilia and a breathtaking view of aircraft.

Recreational Park and Green Areas

Similar to The Gate Precinct, the Aviation District includes green areas and a recreational park, providing relaxation and recreational opportunities for visitors and residents amidst nature.


Capital Smart City Aviation District is designed to raise awareness about aviation and the significance of aviation technology. It promotes smart thinking and fosters learning of essential concepts. For free consultations and more information about Capital Smart City, please contact the trusted dealers at  Wirasat.

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