Kingdom Valley Islamabad is an innovative housing development. It is part of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme (NPHP). The residential project is a luxurious yet economical investment option available in the market. It lies near the M-2 Motorway and the Islamabad International Airport. There are many compelling reasons to choose this revolutionary residential project for your investment. This blog will give readers 7 Reasons to Invest in Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom Valley is a prestigious housing scheme developed by leading urban developers. Below we have thoroughly discussed all the 7 most convincing reasons to invest in the housing scheme: 

1. Prime Location

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is at the prime location on Chakri Road, adjacent to Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2). It is one of the busiest routes that connects twin cities to many other regions and districts of Punjab. Kingdom Valley is also situated next to the Islamabad International Airport.

The easy connectivity of the residential project makes it more appealing to investors. The location of the housing scheme has attracted many national and international investors towards it. The prime location, smart connectivity, and high accessibility of the residential project are a treat for investors. Undoubtedly, its location is one of the most convincing reasons to invest in Kingdom Valley Islamabad for clients.

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Kingdom Valley Islamabad Location Map

Below we have provided a convenient location map of the residential project:

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Location Map

Below, we have provided another convenient location map of the residential project:

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Location

 Nearby Landmarks and Places

Kingdom Valley has many prestigious landmarks and housing societies in its vicinity, which include:

  • Qurtaba City
  • Blue World City
  • Cadet Academy Rawalpindi
  • Capital Smart City
  • Top City-1
  • Mumtaz City
  • Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • Srinagar Highway

2. Reliable Developers and Owners

Another reason to invest in Kingdom Valley Islamabad is its reputed developers. Kingdom Group of Companies has designed and established the state-of-the-art housing project. The developers are one of the most renowned names in the real estate sector of Pakistan. Mr Ghulam Hussain Shahid is the respected CEO of Kingdom Group.

The development firm aims to introduce contemporary-themed housing projects in the country. The purpose is to stand out among all other renowned developers in the country. His focus stays on providing the best projects within the estimated time limit. This strengthens investors’ trust level in both the developing firm and the housing scheme.

Reliable Developers and Owners

3. Well-designed Master Plan

Its master plan is one of the other reasons to invest in Kingdom Valley Islamabad. The layout plan suggests that the housing scheme spreads over 15,000 Kanal of the capital city’s most premium land. It aims to provide world-class amenities to its residents. The housing project consists of different blocks, sectors, and districts offering various residential and commercial property options.

Well-designed Master Plan

Kingdom Valley Blocks

The following are the blocks available in Kingdom Valley Islamabad:

  • Residential Block
  • Commercial Block
  • Executive/Overseas Block
  • Farmhouse Block
  • Heroes Block

These blocks are specifically designed to cater different needs of investors from different financial backgrounds.

Kingdom Valley Residential and Commercial Blocks

The residential block of the housing scheme gives investors vast choices at affordable rates. The commercial block intends to cater to the needs of investors and businessmen.

Kingdom Valley Executive Block

This block intends to provide a luxurious living experience to international clients. The specific amenities in this block cater to the elite needs they have developed in their life abroad.

Kingdom Valley Farmhouse Block

This block offers you a natural lifestyle. It comprises farmhouses in different sizes and styles. These farmhouses are tailor-made for those who wish to escape the city’s busy life.

Kingdom Valley Heroes Block

This block has been dedicated to the martyrs of the nations. Heroes Block offers plots at economical rates for the families of martyrs.

4. Approved NOC Status

Another prominent reason to invest in Kingdom Valley is its NOC approval status. Kingdom Valley Islamabad has secured its NOC from PHATA (Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency). It is a government body that handles the following duties:

  • Offers affordable homes for people with low incomes
  • Locates government land for creating budget-friendly housing projects
  • Supports District Governments and TMAs with technical expertise
  • Gives approval and technical aid to different public sector organizations and departments
Approved NOC Status

5. Affordable Payment Plan

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is an affordable housing option. It offers an easy instalment plan as well. The society provides properties at reasonable prices that attract potential investors. Their convenient price plan is one of the most convincing among the 7 reasons to invest in Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Currently, the plots in this housing venture are available for booking.

Below is the payment plan offered for the Executive Block of Kingdom Valley:

Affordable Payment Plan

6. World-Class Amenities

Kingdom Valley offers its residents and investors an array of basic and luxury amenities. Below is a concise list of these facilities:

World-Class Amenities
  • Grand Entrance
  • Jamia Masjid
  • Water Reservoir
  • Schools
  • Medical Centers
  • Water Filtration Plants
  • Community Center
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Security and Surveillance
  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Power Grid Station
  • Sewerage System
  • Waste Management system
  • Sports Complex

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7. High Return on Investment

Anyone looking for the best housing project in Islamabad must consider choosing Kingdom Valley. The housing scheme gives you a chance to make good money by selling or renting your property for more than you paid.

Many real estate gurus predict that Kingdom Valley has the potential to grow by leaps and bounds soon. The reasons behind this prediction include:

  • Prime Location
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Master Plan
  • NOC Approval Status
  • World-class Amenities
High Return on Investment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Following are some of the FAQs about the Kingdom Valley Islamabad:

Q1. What is Kingdom Valley Islamabad?

Ans: Kingdom Valley Islamabad is an affordable and luxurious housing project.

Q3. Where is Kingdom Valley Islamabad located?

Ans: It is located on Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2).

Q4. Who is the developer of Kingdom Valley?

Ans: Kingdom Group is the developing firm of Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

Q4. Who is the owner of Kingdom Valley Islamabad?

Ans: Mr Ghulam Hussain Shahid is the CEO of Kingdom Group and owner of Kingdom Valley.

Q5. Is Kingdom Valley Islamabad an approved society?

Ans: Kingdom Valley is a PHATA-approved housing project.


Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a prestigious housing society that offers many advantages. It has many attractions to draw the attention of potential investors and residents. This blog highlighted 7 reasons to invest in Kingdom Valley Islamabad. The housing society is a complete investment package with many extraordinary qualities, like an ideal location, trustworthy developers, world-class amenities, and a flexible payment plan.  

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