Emerald Hills Block

Emerald Hills Block is a beautiful addition to the prestigious real estate project Citi Housing Jhelum. This block offers mesmerizing options for peaceful living. Thanks to its prime location at the top of hills behind the Dancing Fountain Block. The location of the housing society is a significant consideration for potential investors. It impacts accessibility, surroundings, and proximity to the central city. This area boasts large, lush green spaces and is conveniently connected to the best shopping places and commercial areas, making it even more desirable.

Location of Emerald Hills Block

The location of Emerald Hill Block is stunning, situated at the top hills behind the Dancing Fountain Block. You will be impressed by the map of Emerald Hills Citi Housing. When considering investing in a housing society, location is a crucial factor. It affects the ease of access to the central city, proximity to other places, and the town. This area boasts ample green space and proximity to the best shopping and business areas, making it an even more attractive location.

Payment Plan Of Emerald Hills Block

The map of Emerald Hills Citi Housing is now available. Based on the past payment plans for Citi Housing projects, they tend to be practical, straightforward, and affordable. Both investors and the general public can benefit from these opportunities, as their payment plans are manageable.

3D Map of Emerald Block

Amenities and Facilities

The Emerald Hills Block is designed with the following amenities:

Gated Community: This community has boundary walls on all sides.
24/7 Security: 24/7 security is provided to its residents. The safety of residents is the first priority of this society.
Green Belts: This block is designed with all green belts. Intensive horticulture is added to this block.
Jamia Mosque: Jamia Mosque is designed to international standards.
Sports Complex: A high-standard sports complex is part of this block. Sports stadiums like Hockey, Football, and cricket are part of the sports complex.
Fitness Center: A fitness center with all essential fitness equipment will be made in this block. Both ladies and gentlemen can get a membership in the fitness center.
Mini Golf Course: A mini golf course is also designed in this block. Residents can enjoy high-level golf activities.
Movie theaters: 3D cinemas are also a part of this block. Residents will have entertainment facilities at their doorstep.
Health Care Activities: Health centers with modern equipment and qualified staff will be provided to residents.
Parks: There are different parks in this block. This includes Glow Park and Eiffel Tower Park.
Power backup system: a power backup system will be installed in this block so that residents can enjoy the interrupted power supply.


The Emerald Hills block is designed in the hills behind the dancing fountain block. It has a scenic view, a serene environment, and an eco-friendly nature. Residents will enjoy all modern facilities and amenities. It is the best option for investment. Management will reveal the payment plan for the housing scheme very soon.


Emerald Hills block is designed in Hills behind dancing fountain block. It has scenic view with serene environment and Eco-friendly nature. Residents will enjoy all modern facilities and amenities. It is best option for investment. Payment plan will be revealed very soon.

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