Marina Sports City Lahore


Marina Sports City Lahore (MSCL) is an exclusive addition to the prestigious housing scheme Al Noor Orchard Lahore. The LDA-approved project is available at the prime location of Sharaqpur-Jaranwala Road. The management of the residential society has received much appreciation from its investors for introducing high-value investment opportunities previously.

So, they decided to provide their investors with another state-of-the-art project, MSC. The famous Al Jalil Developers have established this residential society. The sports theme has grabbed the attention of many potential investors nationwide and overseas.

Marina Sports city overview

The residential block offers various property options that cater to all clients’ residential and commercial needs. The premium block provides all the necessities and top-notch amenities to live a luxurious lifestyle. The sports-themed block is a home ground for Pakistan Super League (PSL)’s Champions, Lahore Qalandars.

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Marina Sports City Lahore

    Location Marina Sports City Lahore

    Al Jalil Developers has chosen the most luxurious neighborhood for the location of Marina Sports City. The residential block is available at the prime location of the main Sharaqpur-Jaranwala Road near the Lahore-Abdul Hakeem Motorway (M-3). The management of the housing venture has planned their project in the growing urban hub of West Lahore.

    Importance of Marina Sports City Location

    The residential project is accessible from all the major and minor routes of the City of Gardens. Visitors can reach the residential block within ten minutes from Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2). Moreover, the main GT Road, Lahore Ring Road, and Lahore-Sialkot Motorway (M-11) are also near the housing venture.

    Marina Sports city location shows it is located on the main GT road

    The Lahore Orange Line Train Station is a few miles from the site, making the location more convenient for its future residents. The housing scheme is in the most prosperous metropolis, surrounded by many top-ranked educational and health facilities. Also, the residential society is adjacent to many prestigious housing schemes, including Al Raziq Gardens, Al Haram City, and Lake City Lahore.

    Marina Sports City Lahore Location Map

    Below, we have provided a convenient location map of the residential society:

    Marina Sports city location map shows its easy accessibility

    Accessibility Points

    Many critical local routes of Lahore surround Marina Sports City. Below, we have mentioned some of the accessibility points of the residential venture:

    Marina Sports city access points including M-2, M-3, lahore bypass, sialkot-lahore motorway
    • Located at main Sharaqpur-Jaranwala Road
    • Nearly 15 minutes drive away from Lahore Bypass
    • Nearly 28 minutes drive away from G.T Road Lahore
    • Nearly 12 minutes drive away from Sagian Wala Bypass
    • Nearly 30 minutes drive away from Lahore Ring Road
    • Nearly 18 minutes drive away from Thoker Niaz Baig, Lahore
    • Nearly 5 minutes drive from Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M-2)
    • Nearly 20 minutes drive away from Kala Shah Kaku Interchange
    • Nearly 25 minutes drive away from Sheikhupura – Sharaqpur Rd
    • Nearly 29 minutes drive away from Sialkot – Lahore Motorway (M-11)
    • Nearly 10 minutes drive away from Lahore-Abdul Hakeem Motorway (M-3)

    Nearby Landmarks and Places

    The following are some of the crucial landmarks and ventures surrounding the society:

    • Johar Town
    • DHA Phase 1
    • DHA Phase 2
    • DHA Phase 6
    • Al Haram City
    • Lake City Lahore
    • Lahore Museum
    • Al-Raziq Garden
    • Al Jalil Garden
    • Badshahi Mosque
    • The Lyceum School
    • Allama Iqbal Town
    • Lahore Motorway City
    • Al Rehman Garden Phase II
    • EFA School Ghulam Muhammad Campus

    NOC Marina Sports City Lahore

    Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has approved the No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Marina Sports City. The residential block is a new addition to Al Noor Orchard. The housing society has gained approval from concerned authorities under Letter No: LDA/DMP1/SKP/913.

    Marina Sports city noc approved from LDA under No: LDA/DMP1/SKP/913

    Marina Sports City’s legal status falls under the NOC of Al Noor Orchard, which concerned authorities realized in October 2019. The development projects with approved NOC status attract more investors because of the lower financial risk factor. The property experts from Wirasat suggest selecting projects with legal status for your investment. Another attractive NOC-approved investment option is Metropole Arcade Rawalpindi.

    Marina Sports City Lahore Payment Plan

    The management of Al Noor Orchard has designed an economical payment plan for their Marina Sports City Block. The planned five-year payment schedule for the residential block fits into the budget of every investor.

    Interested investors can book their plots in Marina Sports City by paying a small booking fee starting from Rs. 175,000/-. The clients can pay their remaining amount through 50-Monthly or 6-Half Yearly installments. A 5-year payment plan is also available for the residential plots of sports-themed block.

    Marina Sports City Lahore Payment Plan revealing 5 years installments of residential plots

    Some exclusive development charges are also included in the payment plan of MSC. The most attractive quality of Marina Sports City’s payment plan is that it offers its investors a guaranteed up to 20% profit return in six months.

    Marina Sports City Lahore Owners and Developers

    The developers of Marina Sports City Lahore are Al Jalil Developers.

    The developers of Marina Sports City Lahore are Al Jalil Developers. The owner of the company is Mr. Nasrullah. Urban planners provide the best services to investors. Furthermore, they have a team of expert and qualified professionals.

    They aim to bring innovation to real estate by providing the public with outstanding projects. The renowned Singapore-based company, Surbana Jurong, handles the urban planning of MSC.

    About Al Jalil Developers

    Al Jalil Developers is a renowned developing company providing its services since 1980. They started their journey as a transport company. The construction group is among the most respected names in the real estate sector of Punjab.  Mr. Chaudry Nasuruallah Khan Warraich founded the construction company in 2002.

    They had the vision to set up new standards in the real estate market by introducing cutting-edge development projects. They combined safety, luxury, and comfort with the economy to enhance the living conditions of Pakistan. The company expanded their business in almost all the country’s major cities.

    al jalil developers of marina sports city

    Al Jalil Developers Projects

    The well-known development group has urbanized and delivered many prominent projects. Some of them are below:

    • Al Jalil Garden
    • Al Baari Residencia
    • Al Aziz Residencia
    • Lahore Entertainment City

    Surbana Jurong

    Surbana Jurong is a Singapore-based urban planning group that has been working in Pakistan for the last few years. The development group provides the best real estate facilities, including home designing, structure planning, and engineering services.

    Surbana Jurong, planners of marina sports city

    The urban planning group has a global team of architectures that work on improved infrastructure for sustainable industrial development. The construction group handles the urban planning of many major-worth development projects in the country, including Capital Smart City.

    Surbana Jurong

    Marina Sports City Lahore Masterplan

    The international and national teams of urban planners have proficiently designed the master plan of MSC. The construction company has vast experience working in the real estate sector. Al Noor Orchard’s management aims to introduce Pakistan’s 1st ever sports-themed residential project.

    Marina Sports City’s well-planned master plan includes developing the best sports facilities in the country. The premium sports block is available at the prime location, offering economical prices. The unique residential block is being developed according to the most advanced standard of infrastructure, using high-tech technology.

    Marina Sports City Lahore Master plan

    Marina Sports City Project Details

    Marina Sports City is a gated community that will feature E-tag entry and 24/7 CCTV surveillance to ensure the highest level of security. A 210-foot-wide main boulevard is also developed to secure the premises of the housing scheme.  The residential block will become the housing society’s central attraction.

    The master plan of the premium block also features 35 carpeted roads, an underground electric supply, and healthcare facilities. It will also feature unique sports-themed attractions, including Qalandar Stadium and Grand Marina Sports Club.

    Qalandar Stadium and Grand Marina Sports Club

    The layout plans of the Marina Sports Block offer a versatile range of properties to its investors, including luxury apartments and residential/commercial plots.

    Marina Sports City Plot Sizes

    Below, we have mentioned all the plot sizes available in this block:

    • MSC 3 Marla residential plots for sale
    • MSC 5 Marla residential plots for sale
    • MSC 10 Marla residential plots for sale
    • MSC 1 Kanal residential plots for sale

    Facilities and Amenities

    The sports-themed block of Al Noor Orchard is home to many top-notch amenities that aim to promote healthier living standards in the country. Below, we have discussed in detail all the unmatched amenities of Marina Sports City:

    Marina Sports city facilities and amenities

    Eco-Friendly Environment

    Al Noor Orchard’s developers aim to generate an ecological environment in the most prolific land of West Lahore. The serenity and eco-friendly environment of Marina Sports City is a major attraction for investors nationwide and overseas.

    The residential block is being established by adopting safe construction practices, keeping environmental sustainability the primary goal.  The peaceful and green environment of Marina Sports City will play a significant role in promoting a healthy lifestyle among its residents. 

    Marina Sports city facilities and amenities, eco-friendly environment

    Nutritionist-Operated Café

    The concept of nutritionist-operated cafés is innovative and is getting hyped in many continents. Professional nutrition experts select the menus of these restaurants. Their goal is to provide healthier and tastier alternatives to everyday dining.

    Marina Sports City is reportedly the first to introduce the concept of a Nutritionist-Operated Café in Pakistan. These cafes will serve delicious, nutritious, and satisfying sets of meals to the residents of the sports block that will ensure the virtuous health of its residents.

    Marina Sports

    Gated Community

    The gated community is one of the most crucial aspects of advanced urban structure planning. Keeping that in mind, the developer has designed a gated community with 24/7 surveillance to ensure the security of their residents.

    It also features a 210-foot-wide main boulevard securing the premises of the residential society. Moreover, Security Mobile Teams will perform 24/7 patrols around the housing scheme to lower the probability of theft and unlawful activities.

    Qalandars Stadium

    Marina Sport City is the official home ground of Pakistan’s Super League Champions, Lahore Qalandar. The residential society’s management is developing the region’s largest cricket stadium, Qalandars Stadium.

    This cricket stadium is a large sports facility with a capacity of more than 15,000 individuals. The PSL defending champions will use the Qalandars Stadium for their regular field practices.

    Marina Sports

    Pakistan’s 1st Sports University

    The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is home to some of the most talented athletes in the region. These gifted athletes are usually raised in small towns, villages, and remote country areas that need solid sports facilities. The developers of Al Noor Orchard have a lucid vision to promote sports in the country and provide better sports facilities to the athletes of the country. They are developing Pakistan’s 1st Sports University at Marina Sports City to complete their goal.

    Marina Sports

    Health Facilities

    Healthcare is another vital aspect of modern urban planning to focus on for developers. The management of Marina Sports City has kept a significant thought for the healthcare needs of their residents.
    The master plan of the residential block includes the development of 24/7 healthcare centers and international standard hospitals to take care of residents’ health. These facilities will feature high-profile teams of doctors, nurses, and paramedics. Also, the emergency will stay open for 24 hours of the day.

    Marina Sports

    Educational Institutions

    Education is one of the most important necessities for modern living. The management of MSC has dedicated a large portion of the land to develop their international standard schools and education complex.
    They will hire the most skilled and professional staff to ensure the international standards of their educational institutes.

    Marina Sports

    Grand Marina Sports Club

    Al Jalil Developer has introduced Marina Sports City with a prosperous vision of providing international standard sporting facilities under one roof in Pakistan. They have decided to develop a 100-acre Grand Marina Sports Club facility in the heart of the residential block.

    Marina Sports

    The sports club of Marina City is a haven for sports enthusiasts that will offer international standard services to athletes.  The international-themed sports club will feature world-class amenities, including hotels, spas, saunas, yoga classes, and a nutritionist-operated cafe. 

    Marina Sports

    Marina Sports City Salient Features

    Following are some of the salient features of the sports block:

    • Gated Community
    • E-Tag Entry and CCTV Surveillance
    • 210 Feet Wide Main Boulevard
    • 35 Feet Wide Streets
    • 24/7 Security Mobile Patrols
    • Underground Electric Supply
    • Sports Centered Sector Parks
    • Emergency Healthcare Services
    • Eco-Friendly Environment
    • Door Step Maintenance Services
    • Premium Apartments
    • Indoor Sports
    • E-Sports
    • Hockey Club
    • Soccer Club
    • X Sports
    • Amphitheater
    • Pool
    • Cricket Club
    • Fitness Gym
    • Athletics
    • Basketballs
    • Volleyball
    • Tennis
    • Go Kart
    • Futsal
    • Paintball

    Marina Sports City Development Status

    The development of Marina Sports City is in fast-swing mode. The owners of the housing scheme have completed many development goals of phase one, including land leveling and plot cutting. In addition, the most skillful teams of engineers, developers, and labor forces are available at the site, working unceasingly to complete the project in an estimated time.
    Moreover, heavy-duty construction equipment is also available at the residential society’s location to execute construction more efficiently. Below is a pictorial presentation that portrays the development progress of MSC:

    Marina Sports
    Marina Sports
    Marina Sports
    Marina Sports
    Marina Sports

    Maria Sports City Lahore Balloting

    Balloting is a very crucial process for many housing scheme owners. The balloting process displays the transparency and fairness of a real estate project developer while allocating plots to buyers.

    Al Jalil Developers has executed the balloting task of some of their significant blocks. The management of MSC will announce the balloting date after 18 months of the booking date. The clients willing to participate in the ceremony must pay a balloting amount of Rs. 350,000/-.

    Marina Sports City Lahore Possession

    Possession of plots is another crucial matter for every residential project. The management of the housing scheme is offering possession to their clients after completing 90% of the payment of their plots. To complete the process, the investor must pay Rs.200,000/- possession fee.  For complete details, contact our property experts today and get the best deals on your desired property options.

    How to Book Property in Marina Sports City Lahore?

    Wirasat has designed the most effortless and uncomplicated procedure for purchasing property for the convenience of its clients. Below is the step-by-step process to follow for booking your desired property in Marina Sports City:

    • Consult a Professional Agent of Wirasat
    • Please describe your preferred property option to them: Residential or Commercial
    • Carefully define the required plot size or cutting
    • Attentively fill out your booking application
    • Provide the property agent with your legal documents
    • Attach the document to your booking form
    • Pay the Down Payment fee
    • Wait for 10 to 15 days for the housing society to prepare and send your plot file

    Note: To avoid scams, follow the guidelines and book your property with Wirasat

    • Consult a Professional Agent of Wirasat
    • Please describe your preferred property option to them: Residential or Commercial
    • Carefully define the required plot size or cutting
    • Attentively fill out your booking application
    • Provide the property agent with your legal documents
    • Attach the document to your booking form
    • Pay the Down Payment fee
    • Wait for 10 to 15 days for the housing society to prepare and send your plot file

    Note: To avoid scams, follow the guidelines and book your property with Wirasat

    Required Documents to Book Your Property in Marina Sports City

    Provide the following documentation listed below to book your desired property:
    • 2 Password Size Pictures
    • Two Copies of client CNIC
    • CNIC Next to Kin copies (2)
    • Fresh Bank Statement

    Why invest in Marina Sports City?

    MSC is an ultra-modern residential project with all the necessities for a luxurious yet cordial life. The well-known urban planner Al-Jalil Group of Companies is developing the sports block.

    The LDA-approved residential block is an excellent opportunity for the sports lovers of the country to experience the lifestyle of their heroes. The eco-friendly environment, economical payment plan, avant-garde infrastructure, and unmatched amenities are some primary reasons to invest in the sports city.

    Marina Sports

    Below, we have highlighted some solid reasons that will indeed convince the clients to invest in MSC:
    • Gated Community
    • Reliable Owners Name
    • Approved NOC
    • World-class Amenities
    • Economical Payment Plan
    • Highly Accessible Location
    • Economical Payment Plan
    • Well-Executed Master Plan
    • Eco-friendly Environment
    • Guarantee 20% Profit Return
    • Home Ground of Lahore Qalandar
    • International Standard Sports Facilities
    • Promoting Healthier Living Standards in Pakistan

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The following are some of the FAQs about Marina Sports City:

    Q1. What is Marina Sports City Lahore?

    Ans: Marina Sports City is a new residential block added to the prestigious housing Al Noor Orchard in Lahore.

    Q2. Is Marina Sports City Lahore an approved project?

    Ans: Yes, it is an LDA-approved residential project.

    Q3. Is Marina Sports City an affordable project?

    Ans: It is a budget-friendly residential option for clients that offers quick profits.

    Q4. Is Marina Sports City good for investment?

    Ans: Marina Sports City is one of the most attractive investment options available in the market

    Q5. Does Marina Sports City have a high investment return?

    Ans: Yes, because the Al Noor Orchard Marina Sports City Lahore payment schedule is affordable and offers high investment returns.

    Q6. Does Marina Sport City offer a guaranteed 20% Profit return on investment?

    Ans: The management of Marina Sports City has announced that it is offering a guaranteed 20% profit return on investment.

    Q7. What are the plot sizes available in the Marina Sports City?

    Ans: Below are the plot sizes available in the sports block:
    •Marina Sports City 3 Marla residential plots for sale
    • Marina Sports City 5 Marla residential plots
    •Marina Sports City10 Marla residential plots for sale
    • Marina Sports City 1 Kanal residential plots for sale

    Q8. What is the location of Marina Sports City Lahore?

    Ans: The residential block is available at Sharaqpur-Jaranwala Road near Abdul Hakeem M-3 Motorway.

    Q9. Who are the developers of Marina Sports City Lahore?

    Ans: Al Jalil Developers Pvt. Ltd is responsible for the development of this housing scheme.

    Q10. How do you book a property in MSC?

    Ans: Wirasat has made booking plots very effortless for their clients. Follow the process mentioned above to book your dream property.

    Q11. What is the contact number of Marina Sports City’s head office?

    Ans: The contact number of the housing venture’s head office is 0322-1474944.


    Marina Sports City Lahore is a gem embellished in the heart of Al Noor Orchards Lahore. The residential block is the development work of one of the most respected urbanists with a reliable background, Al Jalil Developers. The LDA-approved project is available at Sharaqpur-Jaranwala Road near Lahore-Abdul Hakeem Motorway (M-11).

    The payment plan of society is flexible and fits every client’s budget. A prime location, affordability, unmatched amenities, and a supreme healthy lifestyle are some benefits an investor would get by investing in this residential block. Many property gurus predict that it is a secure investment that will be fruitful for the investor in upcoming years.

    For more details, please visit Wirasat .