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Multi Gardens Phase 2 is located near Thalian Interchange, Chakri Road. It is a project of the Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS). The project is a reputable and old housing society and will soon launch Phase 2. The NOC for the housing society is approved. The total land area for the project is 4,480 Kanal.

The plot prices have been announced. So, you can easily book your plot in Multi Gardens Phase II. Wirasat is here to help you get a better place to live.

multi gardens phase 2 a project of multi professional cooperative housing society MPCHS

The best thing about this housing society is that development charges, land cost and utility charges are already added to the payment plan. So, there is no need to pay an extra amount.

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Multi Gardens Phase 2

    Multi Gardens Phase 2 Location

    The location of Phase 2 of the Multi Gardens housing scheme is in Sector B-18. It is an area “Outside Capital Limits”. The exact location of the project has not been disclosed yet. However, it is confirmed that it will be located on Chakri Road, opposite Faisal Town Phase 2. It would easily be accessible from the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road.

    multi gardens phase 2 location located on main chakri interchange 10 km away from islamabad international airport

    Multi Gardens Phase 2 Map

    The site map of the housing society is as follows:

    Multi Gardens Phase 2 location map and site location plan

    MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2 Accessible Routes

    You may access Multi Gardens, Phase 2 via several ways:

    • Located on Chari Road
    • 7 mins drive from Girja Road
    • 7 minutes drive from Thalian Road
    • 5 minutes drive away from Main Chakri Road
    Multi Gardens Phase 2 accessible routes    allowing easy access from M-2, Airport avenue, girja road, chakri road, srinagar highway

    Multi Gardens Phase II Nearby Landmarks and Other Places

    The housing society is surrounded by several landmarks and other places, such as:

    Multi Gardens Phase 2 nearby places

    Multi Gardens Phase 2 NOC

    The legality of a housing project is important for its success and popularity. For every project, be it commercial or residential, it is vital to have an approved No Objection Certificate (NOC). The management of the housing project has good news for the clients. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has approved the NOC of Multi Gardens Phase 2.

    Multi Gardens Phase 2 NOC approved by CDA capital development authority

    This is one of the striking features of the housing scheme. It is also one of the main reasons people have shown great interest in investing in the project. According to NOC, the approved land area for Multi Gardens Phase II is 4,480 Kanals. It comprises 5,472 Residential plots, and the approved location is in Sector B-18.

    Multi Gardens Phase 2 NOC approval details

    Wirasat always suggests you invest in legal real estate residential societies to avoid scams.

    Multi Gardens Phase 2 Pre-Launch Payment Plans

    The Pre-launch payment plan of MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2 has been announced. The plots are available with easy and affordable installment plans. Below are the details:

    • The 5 Marla in Multi Gardens, Phase 2 is offered at Rs. 3,080,000
    • The 8 Marla in Multi Gardens, Phase 2 is offered at Rs. 4,180,000
    • The 10 Marla in Multi Gardens, Phase 2 is offered at Rs. 5,480,000
    • The 14 Marla in Multi Gardens, Phase 2 is offered at Rs. 6,780,000
    • The 1 Kanal in Multi Gardens, Phase 2 is offered at Rs. 8,980,000
    • The 2 Kanal in Multi Gardens, Phase 2 is offered at Rs. 16,980,000

    MPCHS MG Phase 2 payment plan 2023 is as follows:

    Multi Gardens Phase II Limited Plots Payment Plan

    Multi Gardens Phase II Limited Plots Payment Plan

    Multi Gardens Phase II Installment Plan

    Multi Gardens Phase II Installment Plan

    The membership fee for all plots is almost Rs. 20,000. If you cannot pay the lump sum, you must pay 20 quarterly installments for five years.

    Multi Gardens Phase 2 Developers and Owners

    Multi Gardens, Phase 2 is a project of the Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS).

    MPCHS Phase 2 is an exclusive project of urban planners, Multi Professionals Cooperative Housing Society. Mr Choudhary Abdul Majeed is the owner of the housing society. He is one of the famous property developers and dealers of Pakistan.

    Mr Choudhary Abdul Majeed owner of multi gardens phase 2

    To make this housing society a perfect place to live, the developers have considered things like:

    • Underground Electricity
    • Best Road Infrastructure
    • Availability of Rescue Services
    • 24/7 Utility Services and Mobilization

    MPCHA has a broader portfolio as they have already developed many remarkable projects. MPCHA’s most prominent project is CDA Sector B-17, which covers over 30,000 Kanal.

    Multi Gardens Phase 2 Owner – Chaudhary Abdul Majeed

    The owner of the housing society is Chaudhary Abdul Majeed. He has a detailed history in the real estate sector and has been delivering prominent projects since 1990. This project has become more reliable due to his involvement, as his reputation in real estate precedes him. He is also the CEO of ZEDEM International and Faisal Town Pvt. Ltd., a famous housing society in Pakistan.

    How does MPCHS Work?

    The MPCHS group works as a body operated by heads of elected managing committees.  The elections for the head and members are held after every 3 years. Right now, the president of MPCHS is Mr Muhammad Aslam Rao. Mr Engr. Zafar Ali holds the position of vice president.

    MPCHS was developed and established under the “Cooperative Societies Act of 1925”. The development of MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2 will be monitored under the Multi Professionals Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS).

    Thus, this makes Multi Gardens, Phase 2, worth investing in and a trusted real estate project in Pakistan. MPCHS is one of the top corporations that are also famous for developing projects like:

    • E-11/2
    • Silver Oaks
    • Sector E-11/1
    • F-17 Tele Gardens
    • Islamabad Gardens
    • Multi Residencia & Orchards

    The official office of MPCHS is at Multi Mansion, G-8 Markaz Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory.

    MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2 Launch Date

    Multi Gardens was announced back in the year 2004. The CDA approved its layout plan (LOP) on March 7, 2008.Owners of MPCHS Phase 2 were going to launch it in October 2022, but they did not because they found it very late.

    The officials have yet to properly announce the launch date of Phase 2. The management is expected to launch the housing project within a few months.

    Multi Gardens Phase 2 Master Plan

    The CDA approved the layout plan of Multi Gardens Ph 2 in 2008. The total land area of the housing society is 4,480 Kanals. The CDA approved the LOP and the NOC because the housing project ensures it fulfills all the requirements to be a perfect living place.

    Multi Gardens Phase 2 Master Plan

    After its official launch, management will reveal the masterplan for Phase 2 of Multi Gardens.

    Land Use Distribution

    The land area is reserved for the following purposes:

    • Residential Plots
    • Commercial Plots
    • Roads
    • Public Buildings
    • Park and open spaces
    • Graveyard

    MPCHS MG Phase 2 Blocks

    The housing project has 2 blocks:

    • MG Phase 2 Block D
    • MG Phase 2 Block E
    MPCHS MG Phase 2 Blocks

    Multi Gardens Phase 2 Plot for Sale

    The housing society offers residential and commercial plots of different sizes:

    Residential Plot in MG Phase 2

    MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2 approved residential plot sizes are of:

    • ·         5.56 Marla
    • 8 Marla
    • 10.89 Marla
    • 14.22 Marla
    • 1 Kanal
    • 2 Kanal

    Commercial Plot in MG Phase 2

    MG Phase 2 will announce their commercial projects soon.

    Multi Gardens, Phase 2 Salient Features

    The following are some of the features of the housing society:

    MPCHS salient features including health facilities, education complex, gated community, security
    • Retail Area
    • 24/7 Security
    • Accessibility
    • Grand Mosque
    • Sports Complex
    • Health Facilities
    • Water Resources
    • Gated Community
    • Education Complex
    • Wide Boundary Wall
    • Quality and Fast Development
    • Availability of Basic Utilities 24/7
    • Waste and Sewerage Disposal System

    Multi Gardens, Phase 2 Facilities & Amenities

    You will get all the modern facilities in the Multi Gardens II at the most affordable rates and budget-friendly options. The better the facilities are in a society, the more chances of enjoying a peaceful life.

    There is a large area reserved for green spaces like parks and gardens. MGP II Islamabad is one of the best eco-friendly societies in Pakistan. You can get the best facilities in this high-end housing society. Nova City Islamabad and Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi also provide their residents with the best amenities.

    Below are a few facilities and great amenities that this residential society will provide:

    Eco-Friendly Environment

    An eco-friendly housing society means that it is developed in a way that it does not harm the natural environment.

    Grand Mosque

    It also provides the facility of mosques. The architects of this housing society have kept the values of Muslims in mind, which is why they are providing the best grand mosque for all the residents.

    Water Resources

    Providing the best water facilities to residents is one of the crucial things that every society makes sure to deliver. MGP II will develop huge water reservoirs to meet the residents’ water needs. This housing society will have filter plants to provide safe and clean water.


    Only getting into a society where you can get a home is not essential. But a person also needs a housing society where he may have an elementary facility like a cemetery. MGP II is one of the top societies providing a dedicated graveyard space. There will be a big graveyard for burying your loved ones.

    Community Center

    There is an extensive community center where all the people of the society will be able to socialize. The community center in this housing society will have all that you want. From gossip to entertainment, you will get everything inside this community center.

    Health Facilities

    You will get basic and advanced health facilities within society. There will be a dedicated hospital with experienced staff that will tend to the residents’ health needs. Moreover, the full-time availability of medical facilities will also made possible.

    Educational Complex

    The students can get the top education facilities in Multi Gardens Phase II. There are different schools near this housing society. The colleges, universities, and schools are also in the vicinity.

    Business and a Commercial Hub

    Providing basic needs to people is the first primary goal of the owners and developers of the housing society. There is a huge business center and a significant commercial hub where residents will get everything they need.

    Secure and Safe Community

    This residential society is picture-perfect if you are looking for a safe society. It will be a gated community as CCTV cameras will provide strict security to the residents.

    High-quality Road Infrastructure

    The housing project will have an extensive network of roads. The roads will be wide and carpeted. It will be easier for the residents to commute within the housing society.

    Multi Gardens, Phase 2 Facts and Figures

    • Multi Gardens Phase II has shared a pre-launch payment plan with easy instalments
    • Chaudhry Abdul Majeed is the owner of this visionary residential society
    • Cooperative housing societies are typically semi-government bodies. Local government machinery and offices handle such projects
    • Multi Gardens, Phase 2 Islamabad awards Allotment Certificates/Letters for plots are announced every now and then
    • Multi Gardens, Phase 2 regularly releases circulars of specific messages to members
    • Possession policies for the plots in Multi Gardens, Phase 2 will be updated and shared soon
    • The locations approved by CDA for Multi Gardens, Phase 2 is Sector B-18
    • The Layout Plan (LOP) of Multi Gardens, Phase 2 was approved on 07-03-2008
    • Multi Gardens Phase II is located in a Specified Area (Outside Capital Confines)
    • The balloting of Multi Gardens, Phase 2 will be conducted in different phases from time to time
    • Multi Gardens, Phase 2 Registration Form can be downloaded from the official website

    Multi Gardens Phase II Transfer Procedure

    You can transfer files of Multi Gardens Phase II via a simple procedure. For the transfer procedure, the transfer request will be submitted with the following documents:

    • CNIC Copies
    • CNIC Copies of Next of kin
    • Passport-size Photographs
    • Original Membership Letter
    • Undertaking by the Purchaser
    • No Demand Certificate (NDC)
    • Affidavit of the Purchaser & Seller
    • General Power of Attorney (GPA)
    • Membership/Associate Form of the Purchaser

    You may contact Wirasat for further details. So,you can inquire about further procedures and details through the official website of MPCHS.

    You can easily download and submit the Multi Gardens Phase 2 application form from the official website.

    Multi Gardens Phase 2 Development Charges

    We advise you to first make sure to inquire about the development charges of any housing society you want to buy a house or plot. You can ask about the development charges of Multi Gardens Phase II from the official site. Right now, the development charges and other miscellaneous charges are mentioned on the payment plan of Multi Garden 2.

    Guidelines to Follow while Purchasing Plots in MGP II Islamabad

    The following are the guidelines that you must follow if you want to buy plots in MGP II:

    Document Verification

    You must also ensure that you verify the documents and then, after verifying, fill in the required information. Before making any deal to buy or sell the property, verify the documents thoroughly. Another critical point to keep in mind is that you must know that the society is legal.

    Financial Security

    Before concluding any sale or purchase of the property, ensure that all your funds are aligned according to the purchase plan. As a result, there will be no issue at the time of purchase.

    Property Visits

    Property visits are essential for personal satisfaction. Anyone who wants to purchase property must also make sure that all of the documents are authentic. Then, it would help if you visited the residential society to ensure that the plot is how it is supposed to be.

    How to Book a Plot in Multi Gardens Phase II

    Please make sure to attach the following documents with your application form for booking purposes:

    • Screenshot of Online Payment Slip
    • Passport-size Photographs
    • Copy of CNIC or Passport
    • Copy of Payment Receipt
    • Copy of NICOP (for Overseas Pakistanis)

    Note: Do not transfer any amount to the personal account of a salesperson. In that case, the company will not be responsible for your transactions.

    Booking Procedure

    Benefits of Pakistan’s Real Estate Investment

    Real estate is an industry in which you will never face any loss if you invest in suitable projects, such as The Grenoken Farms and Kingdom Valley Islamabad. You will get more profit than you expected.

    The following are the benefits that you will get by investing in real estate:

    Financial Security

    If you have an additional amount or have any asset, you can get value from it by investing in real estate. It will help you have financial security.

    Stable Income

    The real estate business is considered a source of stable income. For example, you can rent the property and get a month or year-based income. Similarly, you can buy an affordable plot, develop a property over it, and sell or rent it. You will get more than what you invested.


    Property is a manageable asset. You will not have to worry about taking care of the property. The only thing you need to take care of is handing the property in the right hands.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Below are the answers to frequently asked questions about Multi Gardens II:

    1. Where is Multi Gardens Phase 2 located?

    Ans: Multi Gardens, Phase 2 is located near Thalian Interchange, Chakri Road, in Sector B-18, Islamabad.

    2. Who is the developer of Multi Gardens Phase 2?

    Ans: Multi Gardens Phase II is a project of the Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS). Chaudhary Abdul Majeed is the owner of the project.

    3. Is the NOC approved for Multi Gardens, Phase 2?

    Ans: The CDA has already approved the NOC for MG Phase 2. It is a trusted project for investors.

    4. What plot sizes are available in Multi Gardens, Phase II?

    Ans: MG Phase 2 offers various plot sizes, such as 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 14 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal.

    5. What facilities and amenities are provided in Multi Gardens Phase II?

    Ans: MG Phase 2 offers a range of modern facilities, including underground electricity, 24/7 utility services, a grand mosque, water resources, a community center, health facilities, and a secure community with CCTV surveillance.

    6. What is the booking procedure for Multi Gardens Phase II?

    Ans: To book a plot in MG Phase 2, you need to fill out the application form, attach CNIC copies of the applicant, and make the down payment through a pay order or check.

    7. Who is the owner of Multi Gardens Phase II?

    Ans: Chaudhary Abdul Majeed is the owner of MG Phase 2 and is a renowned figure in the real estate sector.

    8. What is the launch date for Multi Gardens Phase II launched?

    Ans: The MPCHHS officials have not announced a launch date for MG Phase 2. The housing society is expected to be launched within a few months.

    9. How can I contact MPCHS for inquiries?

    Ans: You can contact MPCHS at their official office, which is located at Multi Mansion, G-8 Markaz Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory.

    10. Are there any landmarks near Multi Gardens Phase II?

    Ans: Yes, MG Phase 2 surrounds several landmarks, including Nova City, Top City-1, Silver City, M-2 Motorway, M-1 Motorway, and more.


    Multi Gardens Phase 2 emerges as a promising and trustworthy residential project. It is a remarkable project of the Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS). Chaudhary Abdul Majeed is the owner of this prestigious housing society.

    The approval of the NOC by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) adds to its credibility and ensures a secure investment opportunity for potential buyers. Moreover, the diverse range of plot sizes and the availability of pre-launch payment plans make it accessible for all.

    MG Phase 2 stands out as a promising venture in the competitive real estate market. It offers a blend of quality living, financial security, and growth potential. Thus, Wirasat is suggesting you invest in this incredible residential project.