Overseas Pakistanis are individuals who reside abroad to improve their livelihoods and living styles. They endure hard work and numerous sleepless nights to ensure a better life for their families back in Pakistan. After dedicating years of relentless effort, they eventually achieve the capability to invest in properties within the country. Consequently, they approach this decision with utmost concern, considering it is a significant investment of their lifetime savings. In this blog, we will address all the questions and uncertainties that arise in the minds of overseas Pakistanis when buying properties in Pakistan.

Overseas Pakistanis Buy Properties in Pakistan | instruction for investors

Is the Project Safe for Investment?

The very first question that arises in their minds is about the reliability of a particular project. They are constantly bombarded with doubts about the possibility of investing in disputed land or in areas with less potential for appreciation. They worry that these properties might not develop or hold value in the near future, which could risk their esteemed investment.

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If you have any concerns or doubts about the authenticity and legitimacy of a particular project, finding the answer is quite straightforward today. All you need to do is check for the relevant authority’s approval. For instance, if you plan to purchase property in a housing society in Islamabad, you should look for CDA (Capital Development Authority) or RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) approval.

When a society is approved by CDA or RDA, it indicates that your investment is in safe hands, and you can expect financial benefits in the coming years. Approved societies are bound to adhere to all the government’s rules and regulations, and their NOC (No Objection Certificate) ensures that these housing schemes are secure and reliable.

What Types of Properties Should You Invest in?

This is another question that can hinder in the way of making quick real estate decisions while residing in abroad. The thought might become worrisome if not addressed timely. So below is the answer for that

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Opposite to what you wanted to hear; it is you who should wholly decide your type. Before embarking on the quest for the best real estate investment opportunity in Pakistan, it is crucial for you, as an overseas Pakistani, to establish your preferences. Fortunately, the government of Pakistan has streamlined the process, making it easier for you to invest in real estate, which, in turn, contributes significantly to the country’s financial stability. You can access all the relevant information digitally, allowing you to choose the type of society that suits your investment goals. In Pakistan, numerous esteemed housing schemes offer an array of options, including residential and commercial plots, as well as luxury villas with abundant amenities at your disposal.

How to be Sure about the Right Investment?

As an addition to your safe investment search, you have the option to visit the builders/developers of the specific project you are considering for investment. It’s crucial to assess their credibility and reputation in the market. Conduct thorough research or, if you prefer, you can enlist our services for this purpose. We are more than willing to assist you in finding the finest housing scheme that offers excellent amenities and a strategic location. Making a wise decision in this regard will undoubtedly lead to your utmost satisfaction.

Perks Offered by Government for Overseas Pakistanis Buy Properties

Overseas investors play a crucial role in the Pakistani real estate sector, as their interest in this industry has led to a significant efflux in demand for housing societies. Furthermore, the government has introduced a decent real estate policy, offering tax pardons and financial assistance specifically tailored for Overseas Pakistanis. This initiative aims to encourage and support their involvement in the real estate market.

Best Housing Societies for Overseas in Islamabad

Currently, Islamabad has emerged as the center for the most alluring and lucrative housing ventures. The societies established there excel in every aspect and captivate potential investors. Notably, many of the finest housing societies in Islamabad have dedicated Overseas Blocks tailored to cater to the elite requirements and budgets of overseas investors and buyers.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad

For those seeking an affordable yet aesthetically pleasing and well-equipped housing society, Kingdom Valley stands out as the ideal choice. This exceptional development provides its residents with a comprehensive range of basic and luxury amenities, all while staying within their budget. Notably, the society includes an impressive Overseas Executive Block designed specifically for buyers from abroad.

Overseas Pakistanis Buy Properties in Pakistan | Kingdom Valley | the best investment choice

Capital Smart City: the Best Option for Overseas Pakistanis Buy Properties

Capital Smart City is Pakistan’s first-ever smart city project that comprises every elite feature of living coupled with world-class amenities. From its prime location to the accessibility to buy properties with easy payment options, it is the finest piece of art in every possible manner. Its overseas block features a variety of plot sizes, catering to the diverse needs and budgets of Overseas Pakistanis. Buyers have the flexibility to select the plot size that best aligns with their requirements and financial capabilities; it is all that makes it an investment-worthy scheme.

Overseas Pakistanis Buy Properties in Pakistan | capital smart city | the best investment choice

Necessary Documents for Overseas Pakistanis to Buy Properties

Once you make up your mind to invest in a particular property, it is essential to be aware of the documents you need to submit to finalize your real estate purchase. The required documents include…

  • A copy of your Departure stamp
  • A copy of your stay stamp
  • Passport Copy
  • Passport-size photographs
  • NICOP (National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis)
  • Details of your family

These documents are necessary to complete the real estate transaction successfully.


Pakistan boasts numerous fantastic housing projects that are sought after by potential overseas buyers seeking to maximize their investment benefits. In this guide, we aim to assist you by providing valuable insights into the real estate business in Pakistan and how to ensure you make the right investment choices. For any information you require regarding the real estate sector, Wirasat Real Estates is always available to offer their expert guidance and support.

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