Kohistan Enclave Wah


Kohistan Enclave Wah is an ideal commercial and residential project. It is located on Main GT Road in Wah City. It is a prominent location easily accessible from many routes. Furthermore, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA)has approved the NOC of Kohistan Enclave.

The project developer, Kohistan Builders & Developers, has purposely taken the step to shape matchless infrastructure. The developers plan to develop and design a project that will provide a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle.

Kohistan Enclave beautiful and attractive gate

In addition, Kohistan Enclave is the only real estate project in the area that offers both a perfect residence and a productive commercial investment.


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Kohistan Enclave Wah

    Kohistan Enclave Wah Location

    The location of Kohistan Enclave is very ideal as it is located on the main GT Road in Wah City. You can easily access the housing society using Brahma Jhang Bahtar Interchange on M-1 (Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway). From there, you can reach the housing society in only 12 minutes.

    Kohistan Enclave located in the prime location on the main GT road

    Kohistan Enclave Wah Location Map

    The location map of Kohistan Enclave helps you understand the exact location of the project.

    Kohistan Enclave location map showing easy accesses to the housing society

    Kohistan Enclave Accessible Routes

    The housing society has many accessible routes, enabling visitors to reach it easily.

    • Located on Main GT Road, Wah
    • Nearly 37 minutes drive from Burhan Interchange
    • Nearly 15 minutes drive from GT Road
    • Nearly 33 minutes drive from M-1 (Peshawar Islamabad Motorway)
    • Nearly 17 minutes drive from Quaid Avenue
    • Nearly 49 minutes drive from New City Paradise
    • Nearly 36 minutes drive from Taxila Road
    kohistan enclave access points including GT road wah, M-1,  Taxila road

    Kohistan Enclave Nearby Landmarks and Other Places

    Apart from these access points, many popular places are near the Kohistan Enclave.

    • Wah Cantt
    • Taxila
    • Rawalpindi
    • Islamabad
    • New City Wah
    • New City Paradise
    • Burhan Interchange
    • Brahma Interchange
    • M-1 (Peshawar Islamabad Motorway)
    • Eighteen Islamabad
    • Multi Garden B-17
    • Wah Model Town
    • POF Guest House
    • Ghazi Pur Colony
    • Hasan Abdal

    Kohistan Enclave Wah NOC

    Kohistan Enclave in Wah is a legal project. It has received its NOC from the RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority). You can visit the official website of RDA and verify the legal status of the housing society.

    There, you can also find the layout plan of the housing society, which shows the actual number of plots, the total area of the housing society, the dimensions of plots available in the housing society, and the category of the plots (commercial and residential).

    Recently, Kohistan Enclave announced an extension in the housing society. However, the RDA has not approved it yet and declared it illegal. It would be best if you kept visiting the official website for confirmation.

    You should beware of fake news and rumors about the legal status of any housing society. If you want to confirm the NOC status of a project, you can find the data on the relevant authorities’ website.

    Furthermore, there are many benefits of investing in legal housing societies. NOC-approved housing societies have greater chances of development. In addition, you can also secure your investment by booking plots in legal housing societies.

    Kohistan Enclave Wah Payment Plan 2023

    The payment plan of Kohistan Enclave is straightforward and affordable. It allows investors to book plots at low prices in easy installments. Furthermore, the management has made it very easy for low-income people to become property owners in a renowned housing society.

    The details of the prices of the plots are mentioned in the payment plan.

    Kohistan Enclave Wah Latest Payment Plan

    Kohistan Enclave Wah Latest Payment Plan offering plots in 5 year installments

    Kohistan Enclave General Block Payment Plan

    Kohistan Enclave General Block Payment Plan offering various sizes of plots om easy installments

    Overseas Block Payment Plan of Kohistan Enclave

    Kohistan Enclave Overseas Block Payment Plan of 9.8 marla and 18 marla

    Kohistan Enclave Primum Executive Block Payment Plan

    Kohistan Enclave Primum Executive Block Payment Plan

    Kohistan Enclave Commercial Plots Payment Plan

    Kohistan Enclave Commercial Plots Payment Plan

    Kohistan Enclave Smart Block Payment Plan

    Kohistan Enclave Smart Block Payment Plan

    Kohistan Enclave Wah Owners and Developers

    The owners and developers of Kohistan Enclave Wah are Kohistan Builders & Developers.

    The Owner and chairman of the Kohistan Enclave is Mr. Malik Adeel. However, the official developer of the housing venture is Kohistan Builders & Developers. They have a team of highly experienced designers and architects developing marvelous structures using modern technologies.

    Kohistan Builders & Developers

    Moreover, Kohistan Builders & Developers has a wide range of experience in shaping structures according to the modern needs of clients. In addition, they have many years of experience, having completed more than 50 projects.

    Projects by Kohistan Builders & Developers

    Here is the list of the projects of Kohistan Builders & Developers:

    • Eighteen Islamabad
    • Zarkon Heights
    • Kohistan Tower
    • K.B.D Tower
    • Hamza Tower
    • City Center
    • Kohistan Enclave
    • Midway Centrum

    Kohistan Enclave is their signature project, aiming to shape it into a well-structured infrastructure that can meet the needs of the investors.

    Kohistan Enclave Wah Master Plan

    The master plan of the Kohistan Enclave is the complete picture of excellence. Furthermore, the housing society’s developers have wisely chosen the designers and planners to structure the master plan that can facilitate every investor. The housing society features both commercial and residential properties.

    Recently, the management of Kohistan Enclave added Smart Block to the housing society in which the investor can book 3.2 Marla residential plots at very affordable prices.

    Besides this block, the housing project consists of various other blocks. In these blocks, you can invest in various sizes of plots available for sale at very affordable prices.

    Kohistan Enclave Blocks

    The blocks in the housing society host various sizes of residential and commercial plots. You can book the plot according to your budget and preferences. This is the excellence of the housing society to divide the plots into categories so that everyone can easily book a plot.

    The following are the blocks in the housing society.

    • Kohistan Enclave General Block
    • Kohistan Enclave Overseas Block
    • Kohistan Enclave Premium Executive Block
    • Kohistan Enclave Smart Block

    Kohistan Enclave Residential Plots

    The blocks offer residential plots of variable sizes at relatively reasonable rates.

    General Block

    Residential plots of various sizes are available for sale in Kohistan Enclave General Block. Investors can invest in the following plot sizes.

    • 5 Marla (25×50) Residential Plots
    • 7 Marla (35×50) Residential Plots
    • 10 Marla (35×70) Residential Plots

    Overseas Block

    The housing society has launched the block especially for overseas Pakistanis to facilitate a luxurious life. Now, investors from Overseas can have the best opportunities to invest in real estate in Pakistan. There are various sizes of residential plots available for Kohistan Enclave Overseas Block.

    • 10 Marla (35×70) Residential Plots
    • 1 Kanal (50×90) Residential Plots

    Premium Executive Block

    Another residential block is Kohistan Enclave Premium Executive Block. The block offers bigger sizes of residential plots. Investors can book the following size of plots.

    • 2 Kanal (75×120) Residential Plots

    Smart Block

    The Smart Block is a recently launched block of the housing society. Now, investors with low incomes can easily invest in Kohistan Enclave. The price of the plots in the Smart Block is highly affordable. Currently, there is only one size of plot available for sale.

    • 3.2 Marla (20×40) Residential Plots

    Kohistan Enclave Commercial Plots

    Apart from these residential plots in Kohistan Enclave, the housing society is also the best option for commercial investment. There are many commercial plots in the housing society, but some are not launched yet. However, the housing society will soon announce good news to the investors.

    The investors can get a higher return on their investment in commercial properties in Kohistan Enclave. The commercial plots in Kohistan Enclave are:

    • 2 Marla (20×25) Commercial Plots
    • 4 Marla (30×40) Commercial Plots

    Kohistan Enclave Latest Development 2023

    The development work in Kohistan Enclave is in progress rapidly. Kohistan Builders & Developers have speeded up their efforts to complete the project as soon as possible. You can see glimpses of the latest development work in the housing society.

    The grey structure of the head office in the housing society is completed. Furthermore, the development work of the mosque is 100% completed. You can also see the development progress on I-Block.

    In addition, you can also see the development updates for Brahma Bahtar Gate. The work on the gate is in full swing. The rapid speed of the work shows that the project will be completed even before its estimated time.

    Furthermore, heavy machinery can be seen working on Brahma Extension. After completion of the project, it will be one of the best ventures for investment in commercial and residential properties.

    Kohistan Enclave Salient Features

    The housing project is unique because of its one-of-a-kind unique features, such as:

    • Gated and Secure Community
    • Security and CCTV Surveillance 24/7
    • Parks
    • Commercial Areas
    • Sports Complex
    • Schools
    • Hospitals
    • Carpeted Roads
    • Underground Electricity Lines
    • Sewerage System
    • Water Supply
    • Jamia Mosque
    • Playgrounds
    kohistan enclave salient features

    Kohistan Enclave Facilities and Amenities

    Kohistan Enclave is the priority of investors because it offers its residents and investors multiple facilities. The housing project, after completion, will be a hub for all kinds of modern amenities. Here are some of the facilities that will be available in the housing society:


    Education is a primary need of any society. People usually never opt for housing societies that do not offer educational facilities. However, the Kohistan Enclave stands unique by providing the residents with high-standard schools.

    While living in the housing society, your children will be able to receive a quality education in internationally recognized institutions, such as Roots International School and Headstart School.


    The developers of the housing society will provide the residents with the best health facilities. They have always put the residents and their health as a priority.

    Commercial Districts

    Kohistan Enclave provides investors with business areas where they can get high investment returns. These places are designed to cater to all the facilities, including spacious offices, car parking, 24/7 electricity, multiple entry points, etc.


    A housing society will be considered perfect if it can provide all the necessary facilities. Banks are also an essential part of necessities. Currently, Kohistan Enclave provides the residents with the services of two major banks, Allied Bank and Bank Alfalah.

    Entertainment Zones

    While living in the Kohistan Enclave, you can experience an ideal living. There are many entertainment zones where you can spend your leisure moments. The gyms, parks, playgrounds, zoo, and practice nets add more to the perfection of the housing society.

    Mini Golf

    Very few housing societies offer golf facilities to their residents. However, the Kohistan Enclave is one of them. It provides the residents with the best experience of playing golf.

    Why Invest in Kohistan Enclave?

    There are many reasons for investment in Kohistan Enclave. You cannot find any other housing society in the location with the facilities and amenities that Kohistan Enclave offers.

    First of all, the housing society is located on the main GT Road in Wah City. It can be accessed from many routes easily.

    Secondly, the prices of commercial and residential plots in the housing society are affordable and reasonable.

    The third reason for investment is its legal status. It has received its NOC from RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority). So, it can be the best option for investment due to its legal status.

    The fourth reason is its master plan. You can book several sizes of commercial and residential plots in the housing society. Last but not the least are the facilities and amenities the housing society provides.

    So, after knowing all the reasons, we can say that Kohistan Enclave is one of the best housing societies for investment.

    How to Book a Plot in Kohistan Enclave?

    It is effortless to book a plot in Kohistan Enclave. For booking, you can visit their head office. However, you can also contact Wirasat to make your booking process easier.

    Documents Required for Booking a Plot in Kohistan Enclave

    For the booking process, you will need to submit the following documents:

    • Passport-size pictures of the applicant
    • Copies of the CNIC of the applicant
    • Copies of CNIC of the next of kin of the applicant
    • NICOP for overseas Pakistanis
    • Payment Proof (screenshot or receipt)
    Booking Procedure

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The following are the FAQs about Kohistan Enclave:

    Q1. Who are the developers of Kohistan Enclave?

    Ans: The developers of the housing society are Kohistan Builders & Developers.

    Q2. Who is the owner of the Kohistan Enclave?

    Ans: The owner and chairman of the Kohistan Enclave is Mr. Malik Adeel.

    Q3. Is Kohistan Enclave NOC approved?

    Ans: Yes, the housing society is NOC-approved. It received its NOC from RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority).

    Q4. Where is Kohistan Enclave located?

    Ans: Kohistan Enclave is located on the main GT Road in Wah City. You can easily access it using Brahma Jhang Bahtar Interchange on M-1 (Peshawar Islamabad Motorway).

    Q5. How many residential blocks are there in Kohistan Enclave?

    Ans: There are four residential blocks in Kohistan Enclave. They are as follows:

    • General Block
    • Overseas Block
    • Premium Executive Block
    • Smart Block

    Q6. What sizes of residential plots are available for sale in Kohistan Enclave?

    Ans: The following residential plots are available for sale in Kohistan Enclave:

    • 3.2 Marla (20×40)
    • 5 Marla (25×50)
    • 7 Marla (35×50)
    • 10 Marla (35×70)
    • 1 Kanal (50×90)
    • 2 Kanal (75×120)

    Q7. What sizes of commercial plots are available in Kohistan Enclave?

    Ans: 2 Marla and 4 Marla commercial plots are available for sale in the housing society.


    Kohistan Enclave Wah is an ideal housing society located on Main GT Road near Brahma Interchange. It can easily be accessed from significant routes of Wah City. It is a project of Kohistan Builders & Developers, who are reputed developers known for their development services. The housing project offers plots at very low and reasonable rates.

    It is a suitable investment option for those looking to buy plots in a safe and affordable project. For booking and additional details, please visit the Wirasat website.