District One Faisalabad is one of the emerging yet promising housing schemes in Faisalabad. It is another brilliant project of the popular 101 Group. After successfully introducing District One in Lahore and Sheikhupura, the 101 Group has now decided to launch the same housing venture in Faisalabad.

District One is located on Faisalabad Canal Expressway, adjacent to the WAPDA City. The housing project’s location is ideal as it is located at the intersection point of various significant routes in the city. The Faisalabad Development Authority (FDA) has yet to approve the NOC of District One.

District One Housing Scheme in Faisalabad is offering residential and commercial plots of variable sizes. The housing venture is still in its initial stage: hence the rates are affordable. However, once it is launched, its prices are expected to increase.


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    District One Faisalabad Location

    The location of District One Faisalabad is quite ideal as it is located on Faisalabad Canal Expressway. Its location is also ideal because it lies adjacent to the intersection points of several important routes in Faisalabad. Similarly, several residential areas also lie in the vicinity of the housing project.

    District 1 Faisalabad Accessible Routes

    You can reach District 1 Faisalabad by different roads, such as:

    • Located at Faisalabad Canal Expressway
    • Nearly 3 minutes drive from Chak Jhumra Road
    • Nearly 4 minutes drive from Faisalabad Bypass Road
    • Nearly 4 minutes drive from Khurrianwala-Jhumrah Road Bypass
    • Nearly 8 minutes drive from Sahianwala Road
    • Nearly 10 minutes drive from Faisalabad Sangla Hill Road
    • Nearly 15 minutes drive from Pindi Bhattian-Faisalabad Motorway (M-4)
    • Nearly 18 minutes drive from Ghona Road
    • Nearly 25 minutes drive from Millat Road
    • Nearly 28 minutes drive from Jaranwala Road

    District 1 Faisalabad Nearby Places

    The housing society is surrounded by various popular areas, such as:

    • WAPDA City Faisalabad
    • Sitara Valley
    • Lawyers Housing Society
    • Chak 188 RB Lakkarwala
    • Chak 188 RB Nalaywala
    • Chak 192 RB Rasool Nagar
    • Chak 189 RB Kalwan
    • Civic Valley
    • Iqbal Town Housing Society
    • Canal Motorway Housing
    • Ahmad Town
    • Jinnah Colony
    • Clock Tower Faisalabad
    • Lyallpur Museum Faisalabad
    • Faisalabad International Airport

    District One Faisalabad Location Map

    District One Faisalabad Google map shows that the residential project is very easy to access.

    The following is the District One Faisalabad Map:

    map location district one faisalabad

    District One Faisalabad NOC

    For the success of a project, whether residential or commercial, it is important to have an approved No Objection Certificate (NOC). The approval process usually takes a lot of time. However, if a project follows all the rules and submits the required documents in time to the concerned development authority, NOC gets approved easily.

    Although, the process can take longer due to minor technical issues. The Faisalabad Development Authority (FDA) has yet to approve the NOC of District One Faisalabad. The housing project management is positive that they will get approval soon.

    District One Faisalabad Payment Plan

    The management has announced the payment plan of District One Faisalabad. The plots are available at pre-launch rates. The good news for the investors and future residents of District 1 Faisalabad is that the payment plan is also available with an easy installment plan. A plot can be booked by paying a 20% down payment.

    The payment plan for the commercial plots in District 1 Faisalabad will be made public soon. Stay tuned to Wirasat for the updated rates.

    Plot SizePer Marla RateTotal Price20% Down Payment10% On Balloting30 Monthly Installments6 Bi-Annual Payment10% On Possession
    5 Marla700,0003,500,000700,000350,00042,000140,000350,000
    10 Marla675,0006,750,0001,350,000675,00081,000270,000675,000
    20 Marla625,00012,500,0002,500,0001,250,000150,000500,0001,250,000
    4 Year Payment Plan Residential
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    Owner & Developers Of District One Faisalabad

    District One is Project of 101 Group

    District One Faisalabad is a project of 101 Group. They are quite popular in the real estate sector of Pakistan. The owners have not yet announced the official developers for the housing scheme, but the rumor is that Habib Rafique (Pvt.) Limited will be responsible for the development of District One in Faisalabad. They are considered one of the country’s best development and construction firms.

    This housing society is going to be a one-of-a-kind residential project in Lahore. People have shown great interest in the said project for several reasons, but mainly due to its ideal location and affordable prices.

    The 101 Group has been in the real estate development business for several years now. They started the company with the vision of reforming the real estate of Pakistan for good. They have been providing dream living to the people by introducing brilliant and luxurious housing projects one after the other. Among their auspicious visions, one is to launch 101 residential projects in the next 2 decades.

    They mainly operate in two industries:

    • Lifestyle & Entertainment
    • Real Estate

    101 Group Lifestyle & Entertainment Projects

    Their lifestyle and entertainment projects are as follows:

    • Kit and Kaboodle
    • Fun City
    • KK Kids

    101 Group Real Estate Projects

    Some of their real projects include:

    • The Qube, Airport Road, Lahore
    • Belvedere Gardens, Jail Road, Lahore
    • Forest V, Jail Road, Lahore
    • Grand Shikaar Resort, Fateh Jang, Near Islamabad
    • Capital 59, Blue Area, Islamabad
    • Thokar Project, Thokar Niaz Baig, Lahore
    • District One Sheikupura
    • District One Lahore
    • District One Faisalabad

    District One Faisalabad Master Plan

    A highly expert team of designers, planners, architects, and engineers is working together to develop the master plan of District One Faisalabad. The housing scheme is expected to be covered over a large land area. Most of the land area will be used for residential and commercial purposes.

    Various other infrastructures will also be included in the housing project, like roads and boulevards, markets, a community center, parks and playgrounds, educational institutes, and much more. The development work will start soon to install underground drainage and sewerage pipelines.

    The construction of the road network will initiate soon as well. The road and boulevards are going to be wide and carpeted. Moreover, they will be lined with a number of plants and street lights on either side.

    District One Faisalabad Blocks

    The management plans to divide the housing project into many blocks, which will be announced later.

    District One Faisalabad Plot for Sale

    District 1 Faisalabad offers residential and commercial plots of different sizes. Relatively, these plots are available for sale at affordable rates since the housing scheme has not yet been launched officially.

    District One Faisalabad Residential Plots

    The residential plots are available in the following size:

    • 3 Marla
    • 5 Marla
    • 10 Marla
    • 1 Kanal

    District One Faisalabad Commercial Plots

    The residential plots are available in the following size:

    • 4 Marla

    District One Faisalabad Salient Features

    The one-of-kind housing venture has several noticeable features, such as:

    • 24/7 Security
    • Basic Utilities; gas, water, and electricity
    • Carpeted and Wide Roads
    • Community Center
    • Eco-friendly
    • Educational Institutes
    • Gated Community
    • Green Belts
    • Gyms and Salons
    • Healthcare Facilities
    • Malls
    • Markets
    • Mosques
    • Restaurants and Cafés
    • Sports Complex
    • Underground Drainage System
    • Underground Sewerage System
    • Waste Management System
    • Water Tanks

    District 1 Faisalabad Facilities and Amenities

    The housing society offers the residents all the necessities of life at their doorsteps. All the basic and modern facilities would be easily accessible to them. Some of the facilities and amenities provided by the housing project are as follows:

    Basic Utilities

    The housing society is working on ensuring the continuous supply of water, electricity, and gas. The pipelines for the drainage and sewerage systems are to be installed initially. The management is positive that they will soon get the NOC for the installation of the basic utilities; gas, water, and electricity.

    Power Backup System

    The management plans to set up a power backup system to deal with the power shortage or load-shedding issues. Several huge generators will be installed in various parts of the housing project. Moreover, the residents will have the liberty to install UPS in their homes for their personal use.

    Roads and Boulevards

    The construction of roads and boulevards is among the priorities of the management. The developers will set up the road network in the initial phase of the development. The roads will be well-carpeted and quite wide. The main boulevard is expected to have two lanes, lined with several plants and light poles. Moreover, the streets will also be quite wide to avoid traffic jams. The speed breakers will also be built to reduce the chances of even minor accidents.

    Shopping Centers

    Several marts and a few malls are included in the master plan of District One. The management of the housing project ensures to give a comfortable and convenient lifestyle for its residents. They will be able to buy whatever they need on a regular basis.


    The housing society is highly secure as the management can never compromise the safety of its residents. The housing society will be well-walled with a gated entrance so that only authorized people can enter the premises of District One Housing Society in Faisalabad. Moreover, security personnel will keep patrolling the outskirts of the housing society to secure the residents further. A monitoring room will be set up for surveillance of the CCTV cameras installed in various parts of the housing project.

    Educational Institutes

    Several international standard schools and colleges are to be established in various sectors/blocks of District 1 Faisalabad to provide quality education to the young residents of the housing scheme. The management also intends to build university campuses so that the provision of higher education is also possible. Additionally, highly experienced and qualified staff will be hired to impart knowledge and wisdom to young minds.

    Healthcare Facilities

    Proper healthcare will be available to the residents through state-of-the-art hospitals. The latest medical equipment will be provided to the hospitals, and qualified and able doctors will be responsible to take care of the residents’ health. Similarly, several clinics, healthcare centers, and dispensaries will also be established in various parts of the housing society.

    Community Center

    A community center would also be a part of the housing society’s infrastructure. It will help promote a sense of community among the residents. The residents can get to know each other and experience the friendly environment of the housing society. Additionally, they can have quality time with their friends and family by organizing events in the center. The management will also organize several events for the entertainment of its inhabitants.

    Eco-friendly Environment

    District 1 Faisalabad promotes an eco-friendly environment. It has included several parks and green belts in the master plan of the housing project. Moreover, many nurseries and gardens will also be built. The management will ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of the natural environment.

    District One Faisalabad Development Status

    The development work is still in its early stages, as the housing project has not been officially launched yet. In the initial development phase, the developers plan to spread the road network, along with the installation of pipelines for sewerage, drainage, and gas. The underground wiring of electricity and internet would also be included in the initial part of the development.

    The machinery will be moved to the site soon for the leveling of the land and other developments. The plot cutting will also take place after the launching ceremony of the housing project. Stay tuned to Wirasat for the development updates in District 1 Faisalabad.

    District One Faisalabad File Verification

    The investors and future residents of District 1 Faisalabad will be able to verify the status of their profile in the near future. The process will be simple; you will enter your application or reference number and will be able to learn the status of your profile. Contact the official management for more details.

    District One Faisalabad Balloting

    The balloting ceremony of District One Faisalabad will be held after the official launching ceremony of the housing society. The latest news regarding the launching ceremony is that it is supposed to take place within a month. Once the housing society is launched, the plots will be balloted shortly. For the latest updates about balloting, visit the official website of District One or contact us at Wirasat.

    District One Faisalabad Balloting Result

    Once the balloting ceremony is held for the plots, the District One Faisalabad official website will share the balloting results within 24 hours.

    District One Faisalabad Latest News

    In the latest updates of District 1 Faisalabad, we have exciting news for you; the launching ceremony of District One Faisalabad is expected to take place in March. The news is not confirmed yet, but the management slipped a hint that they will be launching the project really soon.

    The pace of development work will increase once the society is officially launched. The housing scheme is offering residential plots of 3 Marla, 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal and commercial plots of 4 Marla at pre-launched rates. However, the prices are bound to increase once the housing project is officially launched. Stay tuned to Wirasat for the latest news of District 1 Faisalabad.

    District One Faisalabad Online Booking

    The people who want to buy or invest in District 1 can now easily book the plots online. Contact Wirasat for the online booking of a plot in District 1 Faisalabad. Our cooperative team will help you every step of the way.

    How to Book your Plot in District One Faisalabad?

    The booking procedure of District One Faisalabad is quite easy. The documents required for booking a plot in the said project are as follows:

    booking process for customers

    Documents Required For Booking

    > 2 Copies of your CNIC (ID card)
    > 2 CNIC copies of your next to kin (father/mother/brother/wife/sister)
    > 2 Passport size Pictures of an applicant
    > Fresh Bank Statements

    Once these documents are verified, you can proceed with the booking. Submitting the down payment is also mandatory for booking a plot.

    Why Invest in District One Faisalabad?

    District One Faisalabad is an affordable investment opportunity for the people of Faisalabad. It is a fair chance for people to earn high returns on investment. There are multiple reasons why you should invest in this project, such as:

    • High-quality Infrastructure
    • Reliable Owners and Developers
    • Speedy Development
    • Prime Location
    • Easily Accessible
    • Soon-to-be-approved NOC
    • Eco-friendly
    • Easy Installment Plan
    • Easy Possession

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Some of the frequently asked questions regarding District 1 Faisalabad are as follows:

    Q1. What is District One Faisalabad?

    Ans: District 1 Faisalabad is an upcoming housing project on Faisalabad Canal Expressway nearby WAPDA Town Faisalabad. It offers exciting investment opportunities to the citizens of Faisalabad.

    Q2. What is the exact location of District One in Faisalabad?

    Ans: The housing project is located nearby WAPDA Town Faisalabad on Faisalabad Canal Expressway. It can be accessed from different routes, such as Chak Jhumra Road, Faisalabad Bypass Road, and Sahianwala Road.

    Q3. Who is the owner of District One?

    Ans: The housing society is another promising project of the 101 Group. It has delivered several successful projects in various areas of Pakistan, such as The Qube (Lahore), Capital 59 (Islamabad), District One Sheikupura, and District One Lahore.

    Q4. Who are the developers of District 1 Faisalabad?

    Ans: Officially, the management of District One has not yet announced the developers for the project. However, most of their projects are developed by Habib Rafique (Pvt.) Limited (HRL). The chances are that they will give the development contract to the well-recognized HRL.

    Q5. Is District 1 Faisalabad legal or illegal?

    Ans: The Faisalabad Development Authority (FDA) has yet to decide on the status of District One Faisalabad. The management of the housing project has submitted the requested documents and is certain that the No Objection Certificate (NOC) will be granted soon. For more details, visit the FDA official website.

    Q6. Are District One Faisalabad rates affordable?

    Ans: The District 1 Faisalabad plots are available for sale at highly affordable rates. It is mainly because the housing society is in its launching phase, but its rates will increase after the launch. Visit Wirasat for District One Faisalabad latest rates.

    Q7. Is District One Faisalabad good for investment?

    Ans: District 1 Faisalabad is a brilliant new project of 101 Group. It is still in its initial development phase, so its plots’ prices are reasonable. Over time, its rate will increase. Investing in this project right now is a really smart option for investors.

    Q8. Is District One Faisalabad approved?

    Ans: The FDA has yet to approve the No Objection Certificate (NOC) of District 1 Faisalabad. The management has submitted all the required documents to the concerned authorities, which is why it is sure that NOC will be announced soon. Check the official website of FDA to check the status of District 1 Faisalabad.

    Q9. Is District One Faisalabad Payment Plan 2023 available?

    Ans: The officials of District One have shared a payment plan for the residential plots with the public. The 3 Marla, 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal residential plots are available at affordable rates. The commercial plots of 4 Marla are also up for sale. However, the payment plan for commercial plots will be announced soon.

    Q10. What is the booking process for District One Faisalabad?

    Ans: Bring the following documents for booking a plot in District One Housing Scheme Faisalabad:

    • CNIC Copies of the Applicant
    • Passport Size Photos of the Applicant
    • NICOP Copies (if applicable)
    • CNIC Copies of the applicant’s Next-of-kin

    Once the documents are verified, your plot registration process will start. Do bring the down payment for plot booking. Contact Wirasat for a smooth booking process.

    Q11. What is the total land area of District One Faisalabad?

    Ans: The total land area of the housing scheme is expected to be more than 100 Kanal. Most of the land will be used for residential and commercial purposes. Additional infrastructures like roads, parks, marts, mosques, educational institutes, and a community club are also included in the master plan.

    Q12. Are District One Faisalabad reviews positive?

    Ans: District 1 Faisalabad is one of the recent and most talked-about residential societies in Faisalabad. People are buying plots in the said project for several promising reasons, such as affordable rates, ideal location, and reliable owners.

    Q13. What are the sizes of residential plots in District One in Faisalabad?

    Ans: It offers residential plots of the following sizes:

    • 3 Marla
    • 5 Marla
    • 10 Marla
    • 1 Kanal

    Q14. What are the sizes of residential plots in District One in Faisalabad?

    Ans: It offers commercial plots of the following sizes:

    • 4 Marla


    District One Faisalabad is one of Faisalabad’s emerging and promising housing projects. It is located at an ideal location adjacent to the WAPDA Town on Faisalabad Canal Expressway.

    Residential and commercial plots are up for sale at very reasonable rates. Moreover, it provides its residents with a safe and comfortable environment and offers all the basic and modern facilities. Several convincing reasons make District 1 Faisalabad a wise choice for investment. These reasons include ideal location, experienced owners and developers, and affordable plots for sale.

    Wirasat recommends investing in District One in Faisalabad now, as the plot are available at reasonable rates. With each passing day, its prices are guaranteed to rise. For any questions or updates, please visit our website.