Prime City Faisalabad


Prime City Faisalabad is a prestigious FDA-approved housing scheme. This remarkable housing society is a project of AH Developers. It is located in Mouza Chak No. 238/RB and Chak No. 239/RB on Satiana Road.

It is highly accessible and offers great chances to earn high returns on investment. This remarkable project offers an exceptional living experience with its modern amenities and state-of-the-art architecture.

Prime city faisalabad housing project

To get a good deal for booking a plot in Prime City, please visit Wirasat. We are here to provide you with all the primary and latest details regarding the housing project.

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Prime City Faisalabad

    Prime City Faisalabad Location

    Prime City is strategically situated on Satiana Road. It is close to Chak No. 239/RB and Mouza Chak No. 238/RB. Its prime location adds value and convenience to residents’ daily lives.

    Prime City Faisalabad Location shows it is located close to chak no 239/rb and mouza chak no. 238/rb

    Prime City Faisalabad Map

    The map of the housing project shows that it is located at an ideal location and can be accessed easily.

    prime city housing society location map easily allowing you to reach the housing society

    Prime City Accessible Routes

    The housing society gives easy accessibility via various routes, including:

    • Located on Satiana Road
    • 5 minutes drive away from Nilamwala Road
    • 2 minutes away from Faisalabad Bypass
    prime city Faisalabad housing society location access points
    • 15 minutes away from Faisalabad Road
    • 10 minutes away from Lower Canal Road
    • 12 minutes away from Jaranwala Road

    Prime City Nearby Landmarks and Other Places

    Several landmarks and places surround the Prime City of Faisalabad from different, such as:

    • Civil Lines
    • Clock Tower
    • Police Lines
    • Jinnah Colony
    • Batala Colony
    • People`s Colony
    • Canal Expressway
    • Faisalabad Bypass
    • Citi Housing Faisalabad
    • Shifa International Hospital
    • Faisalabad International Airport

    Prime City Faisalabad NOC

    The Faisalabad Development Authority (FDA) has approved the No Objection Certificate (NOC) of the Prime City. This certificate or document assures its legality and authenticity. The project’s compliance with regulatory approvals signifies a secure investment opportunity.

    prime city housing society NOC Approved by FDA

    The FDA has approved the 143.9 Kanals of the housing project in Mouza Chak No. 238/RB. Prime City Chak NO. 239/RB has also been approved.

    prime city faisalabad housing society is legal housing society the picture shows the legal status

    Park View City Islamabad is also a legal project and a good investment option in the capital city.

    Prime City Faisalabad Payment Plans 2023

    Prime City provides appealing and flexible payment plans to fit various budgets. With easy installment options, the project welcomes a wide range of investors, making property ownership more attainable for everyone. Furthermore, Prime City Faisalabad updated payment plans are as follows:

    Prime City Faisalabad Constructed Houses Payment Plan

    Prime City Faisalabad Constructed Houses Payment Plan

    Prime City Faisalabad Commercial Plots Payment Plan

    Prime City Faisalabad Commercial Plots Payment Plan
    prime time faisalabad payment plan

    Prime City Faisalabad Owners and Developers

    The developers of Prime City are AH Developers.

    The developers of Prime City are AH Developers. They are famous for their successful projects in real estate, like Model City-1 and Khayaban Gardens. Their good reputation in the real estate industry proves that Prime City’s development is in good hands.

    AH are developers of prime city housing society
    prime time faisalabad developers and owners

    They also have expertise in the fields of civil engineering, project management, HVAC, pipeline work, and so much more. Their dedicated team is working day and night to ensure the timely delivery of the housing society.

    Prime City Faisalabad Master Plan

    The master plan of Prime City has been crafted by a team of highly qualified experts with extensive experience. Prime City is planned as an ideal housing society for all.

    Prime City Faisalabad Master Plan showing the complete layout plan of plots

    According to the Master plan, the Faisalabad Prime City is divided into 2 Phases:

    • Prime City Faisalabad Phase 1
    • Prime City Faisalabad Phase 2

    Prime City Faisalabad Blocks

    The Prime City has several blocks, including:

    • Block A
    • Block B
    • Block C
    • Block D
    • Block E

    Prime City Faisalabad Residential Plots

    This diverse housing society offers a range of residential plot sizes, including:

    • Prime City 3 Marla Plots
    • Prime City 4 Marla Plots
    • Prime City 5 Marla Plots
    • Prime City 10 Marla Plots

    Prime City Faisalabad Commercial Plots

    This housing society offers a range of commercial plot sizes, including:

    • 2 Marla
    • 4 Marla
    • 5 Marla

    Prime City Faisalabad Homes

    The housing society also offers homes at reasonable rates. Right now, 6 Marla Double Storey homes are available for sale. With a 25% down payment, you can book your house. The remaining payments can be paid in monthly installments.

    The high-end housing society caters to the varying needs of potential investors and homeowners. For more details, please get in touch with Wirasat.

    Prime City Salient Features

    The housing project’s unique features are as follows:

    • 24/7 Security
    • 8.5 Kanal Main Park
    • A Grand Jamia Mosque
    • Boundary Wall
    • Business Areas
    • Educational Institutions
    • E-tag Entrance
    • Gated Entrance
    • Green Belts
    • Mosque
    • Parks and Playgrounds
    • Sports Center
    • Street Lights
    • Underground Electricity
    • Water Filtration Plant

    Prime City Facilities and Amenities

    Prime City offers modern facilities and amenities at affordable prices. It introduces smart housing with advanced homes and villas for a seamless living experience. Some of the facilities available in the housing project are as follows:


    A mosque is a place of worship for Muslims, where they can pray, hold religious ceremonies, and be together as a community. It is a must for any housing project to have mosques. Prime City has a grand mosque within its premises, and more mosques are expected to be built soon.

    Green Belts

    The community features green belts and designated areas with lush greenery, trees, and landscaping. These spaces allow residents to connect with nature, take leisurely walks, or spend time outdoors. These areas add to the overall beauty of the surroundings.

    24/7 Security

    Prime City ensures round-the-clock security measures to keep residents and their property safe. The presence of security personnel and surveillance systems helps deter potential criminal activities and provides a secure living environment.

    E-tag Entrance

    The community employs an e-tag entrance system, allowing automated and convenient access control. Residents and authorized visitors can use electronic tags or cards to enter and exit the premises without manual verification.

    8.5-Kanal Main Park

    The central park within the community spans over an area of 8.5 Kanals. This park offers an ample recreational space for residents to engage in various activities, such as picnics, sports, or spending quality time with family and friends.

    Water Filtration Plant

    Prime City has a water filtration plant to ensure that the water supplied to residents is purified and safe for drinking. This system removes impurities and contaminants, providing clean and potable water for the entire community.

    Underground Electricity

    The community has an underground electricity supply, meaning that power cables and lines are installed beneath the ground instead of being visible overhead. This enhances the area’s aesthetics and reduces the risk of accidents and power interruptions caused by weather or other factors. The project focuses on creating an eco-friendly environment with green spaces and hydroponic farms.

    Residents enjoy round-the-clock security, abundant water resources, and a well-equipped commercial area.

    Prime City Faisalabad Development Updates

    Prime City is now a developed society, providing residents with all modern facilities. Some of its development updates include:

    • The Parks and playing areas are ready
    • The development is happening according to the international standards
    • Not only the main boulevard but other streets and lanes are also ready and functional
    • It features an underground sewerage system
    • The main boulevard is completed and is functional as well
    prime city housing society development updates
    prime city housing society development updates
    prime city housing society development updates
    prime city housing society development updates

    Prime City Faisalabad Application Form

    To download and submit the application form for Prime City, you can visit the official website.

    However, you must inquire with the management first before proceeding.

    Documents Required for Booking a Plot in Prime City

    To book a plot in the said housing society, you need is to attach the following documents with the application or booking form:

    • Copy of NICOP
    • Copy of CNIC or Passport
    • Passport-size Photographs
    • Copy of Payment Receipt
    • A Screenshot of the Online Payment Slip (in case of online payment)

    Note: Do not transfer any amount to the personal account of a salesperson. In that case, the company will not be responsible for your transactions.

    Facts and Figures about Prime City in Faisalabad

    The real estate market in Faisalabad has been growing steadily, and it offers various options for investment, including residential and commercial properties. There are several reasons to invest in Prime City Faisalabad. We have gathered some facts and figures about the housing society:

    • Prime City, developed by AH Developers, is an FDA-approved gated community that offers a variety of residential and commercial properties
    • Spanning over 25 Acres, it provides plots, constructed homes, and shops with a convenient payment plan, catering to everyone’s needs
    • It is only a few minutes drive away from some famous educational institutions, restaurants, and the Faisalabad Bypass
    • It has already completed major development work, and the remaining construction is ongoing at a quick pace
    • The society has sold out 5-marla, 10-marla, and 1-kanal residential plots. Now, these plots are available for resale. You can buy them from authentic dealers in the real estate market, like Wirasat
    • The development work is nearly completed, with many 5-marla homes under construction
    • The management office is almost completed
    • The construction of Main Boulevard is completed
    • Public transport is also now available and the gas supply connection for Prime City is also approved

    Not only this, but Prime City in Faisalabad also features world-class facilities and amenities that make it a worthy investment project.

    Guidelines to Follow While Buying Plots in Prime City

    Here are the guidelines to follow while purchasing in Prime City:

    Document Verification

    It is essential to thoroughly verify all the documentation to avoid miscommunication or misunderstanding. Before proceeding with any property purchase, inquire about the NOC (No Objection Certificate) and approval documents issued by the relevant authorities. This step ensures that the project is valid and reliable, providing customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

    Financial Security

    Prior to finalizing any purchase of a property, it is crucial to ensure that your funds align with your purchase plan. This will help you complete the transaction smoothly without any financial issues or delays.

    Property Visits

    After verifying the documents’ validity, visiting the site in person is recommended. This step allows you to physically inspect the plot and verify that it meets the specifications mentioned in the written documents.

    What are the Reasons to Invest in Real Estate in Pakistan?

    Investing in real estate in Pakistan is the best opportunity, and below are the reasons why:

    Rapid Urbanization and Population Growth

    With a significant increase in urbanization and population growth, Pakistan’s real estate sector is in demand for housing and commercial spaces. As more people move to cities for better job opportunities and a higher standard of living, the need for properties will continue to rise. This trend presents an excellent opportunity for investors. It will help capitalize on the growing demand and earn substantial returns on their real estate investments.

    Affordable Property Prices

    One of the key advantages of investing in real estate in Pakistan is the relatively affordable property prices. This affordability factor attracts local investors and appeals to international buyers seeking good investment options. Investors can acquire properties at competitive rates and potentially benefit from their appreciation over time.

    Rental Income Potential

    The rental market in Pakistan is diverse. It offers investors a reliable source of passive income. With a large population and an increasing number of migrants, there is a consistent demand for rental properties. Individuals can generate steady rental income by investing in residential or commercial properties. It will ensure a regular cash flow and a higher return on investment.

    Diversification of Investment Portfolio

    Including real estate in your investment portfolio can bring several benefits. As an asset class, real estate tends to have a low correlation with stocks and bonds. Thus, making it an excellent option against market volatility. Diversifying your investment holdings can potentially achieve more stable and consistent returns over time.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Below are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Prime City:

    Q1. Is Prime City Faisalabad affordable?

    Ans: The payment plan for the housing project is convenient and affordable. The 25% down payment will help book a plot. You can pay the remaining payment in easy monthly installments.

    Q2. Is Prime City in Faisalabad a good investment option?

    Ans: Prime City is one of the finest housing projects in Manchester of Pakistan (Multan).

    Q3. Under which Mouza Prime City Faisalabad is approved?

    Ans: Prime City has applied for both Mouza Chak No. 238/RB and Chak No. 239/RB. Fortunately, they have received the FDA’s approval for both.

    Q4. Is Prime City in Faisalabad offer residential plots for sale?

    Ans: The housing project offers residential plots of the following sizes:

    • 3 Marla
    • 4 Marla
    • 5 Marla
    • 10 Marla

    Q5.  What is the location of Prime City?

    Ans: The housing society is located in Mouza Chak No. 238/RB and Chak No. 239/RB on Satiana Road.


    Prime City Faisalabad combines luxury and affordability, making it ideal for residents and investors. With its prime location, quality development, and convenient payment plans, it redefines living in Faisalabad.

    Prime City is the best choice for a dream home or a promising investment. Be a part of this community and do not miss out on getting a secure investment chance. For any query or booking details, please visit Wirasat.