The Soul City Lahore (SCL) is an emerging but promising housing project located at an ideal location in Lahore. Soul City is a project of Marwa Developers that is located adjacent to Ring Road Halloki Interchange on Main Jia Bagga Road. The Soul City got its approval from LDA way before its launch. So, its reliability or legality is never questionable.

: The housing society will cover a wide area of land of almost 6000 Kanal, out of which LDA (Lahore Development Authority) has approved 1817.32 Kanal .Initially, the SCL is offering residential plots of different sizes at pre-launch rates. : The housing society will cover a wide area of land of almost 6000 Kanal, out of which the LDA (Lahore Development Authority) has approved 1817.32 Kanal.

The developers of the housing society have started the development work and ensured to make the housing society ready within a few years. The management promises to provide world-class facilities and amenities to the residents.

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    Soul City lahore Location

    The location of Soul City Lahore is perfect; it is located on the Main Jia Bagga Road, nearby Ring Road Halloki Interchange. In fact, Soul City is the very first project that can be accessed via Halloki Interchange. The housing society can easily be accessed from several other routes as well. Moreover, it lies in the vicinity of numerous famous residential and commercial projects.

    Soul City Accessible Routes

    You can reach the Soul City via different routes, such as:

    • Located on the Main Jia Bagga Road
    • Nearly 4 minutes drive from LDA Road
    • Nearly 5 minutes drive from Lahore Ring Road
    • Nearly 8 minutes drive from Raiwand Road
    • Nearly 10 minutes drive from Defense Road
    • Nearly 11 minutes drive from Ferozepur Road
    • Nearly 10 minutes drive from Lahore-Kasur Road
    • Nearly 15 minutes drive from Rohi Nala Road

    Soul City Nearby Landmarks

    The housing society is located at an ideal location. It lies in the vicinity of several landmarks, such as:

    • Karyal
    • Rasul Pura
    • Jedu
    • Al Haram Garden
    • Liberty Lands
    • Mid City Housing, Lahore
    • Lake City, Lahore
    • Fazaia Housing Society
    • DHA, Lahore
    • Bahria Town, Lahore
    • WAPDA Town, Lahore
    • OPF Housing Scheme, Lahore
    • District One Lahore
    • LDA Avenue
    • Valencia, Lahore
    • The University of Lahore
    • COMSATS University, Lahore

    Soul City Lahore Location Map

    Soul City Lahore Google map shows that the housing society is very easy to access.

    soul city lahore map

    NOC Soul City Islamabad

    The approval of the No Objection Certificate (NOC) is the deciding factor for deeming a project reliable and successful. The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has technically approved the NOC of Soul City Lahore. The Soul City’s officials fulfilled all the requirements and submitted the asked documents in time, which is why they had approval even before the launch of their housing project.

    noc soul city lahore

    The officials submitted the application for approval on October 13th, 2022 and eventually got approval on January 27, 2023, against the reference number LDA/DMP (M&E)/ 2986. It is important to note that Soul City got its NOC approval from the authorities before its launch, a milestone for any housing project.

    noc document for ads soul city lahore

    The developers of SCL will fulfill the expectations of investors by officially launching the housing society in the last days of February.  The LDA has also issued the NOC for the advertisement of Soul City.

    Video on Soul City Islamabad

    Payment Plan of Soul City Islamabad

    The payment plan of Soul City is highly affordable as the plots are available at pre-launched rates. The payment plan also comes with an easy installment plan; 10 quarterly installments are available for those who cannot pay the total price at once. Investors can book plots at a minimal amount of down payment.

    The management of the housing society will soon announce the payment plan for the commercial plots.Stay tuned to Wirasat for the Soul City latest rates.

    Plot SizeDown PaymentBallotPossession10 QuaterlyTotal
    5 Marla646,625369,500369,500230,93836,95,000
    10 Marla1,049,250699,500399,500454,67569,95,000
    1 Kanal1,874,2501,249,5001,249,500812,175124,95,000
    2.5 Year Payment Plan

    Owner & Developers Of Soul City Lahore

    Soul City is developed by Marwa Developers

    The owner and development company of Soul City in Lahore is Marwa Developers. The construction and development company is also a land provider known to have provided land for the DHA Lahore. The Marwa Developers are popular in the real estate sector of Lahore. Mr. Malik Mudassar Khokhar is the CEO of the company. Currently, the development company is getting a lot of recognition due to its name associated with Soul City.

    This housing society is going to be a one-of-a-kind residential project in Lahore. People have shown great interest in the said project for several reasons, but mainly due to its ideal location and affordable prices.

    Soul City Islamabad Master Plan

    The Soul City management has not yet revealed the master plan of Soul City. : However, it is confirmed that the highly experienced team working on the project will share their efforts with the public. The developers of the housing society have plans to divide the housing society into various blocks. The total land area of Soul City is 6000 Kanal, and the LDA has only approved the 1817.32 Kanal land.

    soul city lahore master plan

    Furthermore, the developers will use most of the land for residential purposes. However, they have also included commercial areas in the master plan. However, commercial areas are also included in the master plan. The developers also plan to establish several green areas to promote a natural and eco-friendly environment.

    Lahore Blocks

    The blocks are to be announced soon.

    Lahore Plot for Sale

    So far, only residential plots are available for sale, but they will soon announce the booking of commercial properties.

    Soul City Lahore Residential Plots

    The residential plots available for sale in Soul City are of the following sizes:

    • 5 Marla
    • 10 Marla
    • 1 Kanal

    Soul City Lahore Commercial Plots

    The commercial plot sizes are as follows:

    • 5 Marla
    • 10 Marla

    Salient Features

    The housing project comes with several features. Some of them are as follows:

    • Gated Community
    • Basic Utilities; water, gas, and electricity
    • Community Center
    • Sports Complex
    • Parks and Playgrounds
    • Hospital and Healthcare Centers
    • Sewerage System
    • Waste Disposal System
    • Drainage System
    • Grand Mosque
    • Several Mini Mosques
    • Commercial Centers
    • Water Filtration Plant
    • 24/7 Security
    • Restaurants and Cafés
    • Gyms and Spa
    • Graveyard

    Facilities and Amenities

    Soul City Housing Scheme ensures to offer all the necessary amenities and facilities to its resident, such as:

    Basic Utilities

    The housing project ensures to offer all the basic utilities, like a continuous supply of water, gas, and electricity. The developers will install sewerage and drainage pipelines all over the housing society.

    Roads and Boulevards

    The initial plan is to install an extensive road network throughout the housing society. The management will make sure of the construction of wide carpeted roads.The roads will be almost 200 sq. ft. to 250 sq. ft. wide. The smooth flow of traffic and avoidance of any traffic accidents are among the top priorities of Soul City’s management.

    Moreover, they will also build several other mosques in almost all the blocks of Soul City.Also, there will be several coloured flowers to give a decorative look to the roads and avenues of the housing society.


    The developers will also construct a Grand Jamia Mosque in the center of the housing society, so the residents living in various blocks can easily access it.The façade of the mosque will be elegant and feature a state-of-the-art design. It will accommodate thousands of worshippers. Moreover, several other mosques will be built in almost all the blocks of Soul City.

    Eco-Friendly Environment

    Soul City is one of the residential projects that will use most of its land for building parks to encourage an eco-friendly environment. Global warming is a universal issue and the management plans to play its role in reducing it by making the housing project nature-friendly. Furthermore, the developers will also build several nurseries and gardens and organize tree plantation drives from time to time.

    Educational Institutes

    The Soul City administration plans to build several schools that will offer quality education to young residents.: Similarly, they will establish multiple colleges and universities to ensure higher education provision.The educational institutes will easily be accessible to the residents. Moreover, highly qualified and professional staff will be responsible for teaching the students.

    Community Center

    The management will include Mini Marts so that the residents can fulfil their daily needs quickly. Moreover, more than one mall will be available in the housing society.It will help promote a sense of community and encourage the residents to interact with each other. The residents could also book the community center for social gatherings and events. The inhabitants of the housing scheme can participate in the events organized by Soul City’s management.

    Markets and Malls

    Mini marts are to be included in the housing society’s blocks so that the residents’ daily needs can be fulfilled easily. Moreover, more than one mall will also be included in the housing scheme.

    Healthcare Facilities

    The developers plan to build an international standard hospital to provide residents with state-of-the-art healthcare facilities. A highly professional and experienced staff will provide treatment and intensive care to the residents. The 24/7 emergency service will also be available. Similarly, several health clinics will also be opened in various areas of the housing society.

    Development Status

    Initially, the investors can see the heavy machinery on the Soul City site as the land leveling work is going on. The cutting of plots will happen shortly and the work will start to construct the primary infrastructures, such as roads, playgrounds, sewerage and drainage pipelines installation, and underground cable installation for electricity and internet. For the latest updates regarding the developments within Soul City, stay tuned to Wirasat.

    Soul City Lahore File Verification

    The future residents and investors of Soul City can easily verify their files’ status. To learn the status of your file, they need to do is visit the official website of Soul City and enter their reference or application number. This way, they will not have to keep visiting the booking office.

    Soul City Lahore Balloting

    The housing society’s management will announce the Soul City balloting after the housing project’s official launch. However, investors can expect the launching ceremony at the end of February. Once they launch the residential project, they will soon announce the balloting of the plots. You can visit the official website of Soul City or contact us at Wirasat for details about balloting.

    Soul City Lahore Balloting Result

    The management will update the balloting result within 24 hours after the ceremony. You can find balloting results for Soul City on the Soul City Lahore official website.

    Soul City Lahore Latest News

    So far, the housing project is offering residential plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal at highly affordable rates. Similarly, the commercial plots of 5 Marla and 10 Marla are also available for sale. The management will share more plot sizes in the not-so-far future.

    The development work will pick up its pace after the Soul City launching ceremony.

    Soul City Lahore Online Booking

    We have exciting news for our clients who want to book their plots within Soul City. The investors and residents-to-be can now book their plots in the housing project via online booking. Reach out to Wirasat at our website, and our cooperative team will help you throughout the online booking procedure.

    How to Book your Plot in Soul City Lahore?

    The booking procedure of Soul City is quite easy. The documents that you need to bring with you for booking are as follow.

    booking process for customers

    Documents Required For Booking

    > 2 Copies of your CNIC (ID card)
    > 2 CNIC copies of your next to kin (father/mother/brother/wife/sister)
    > 2 Passport size Pictures of an applicant
    > Fresh Bank Statements

    Once the documents mentioned earlier are verified, you can proceed with the booking process. Make sure to bring the down payment as well for booking.

    Why Invest in Soul City Lahore?

    Soul City is a great investment for the people of Lahore. It provides you with an opportunity to earn high returns on investment. There are several other reasons why you should invest in Soul City, such as:

    • Accessible
    • Approved NOC
    • Easy Installment Plan
    • Easy Possession
    • Eco-friendly
    • High-quality Infrastructure
    • Prime Location
    • Reliable Developers
    • Speedy Development

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Some of the frequently asked questions regarding Soul City are as follows:

    Q1. What is Soul City Lahore?

    Ans: Soul City is an emerging new project within the premises of Lahore. Located at a prime location on the Main Jia Bagga Road, it is offering exciting investment opportunities to the citizens of Lahore.

    Q2. What is the exact location of Soul City in Lahore?

    Ans: The housing project is located a few minutes drive away from the Ring Road Halloki Interchange on Main Jia Bagga Road. The Soul City is the first residential society accessible via the Halloki Interchange.

    Q3. Who is the owner of Soul City?

    Ans: The housing society is a project of the Marwa Developers. It is a known development firm in the real estate arena of Lahore. Mr. Malik Mudassar Khokhar is the CEO of the development company.

    Q4. Who are the developers of Soul City?

    Ans: The Lahore-based development company, Marwa Developers Lahore, is responsible for the development and construction of Soul City. They intend to fulfill the promise that they have made to the people; to deliver a one-of-a-kind housing society as soon as possible.

    Q5. Is Soul City legal or illegal?

    Ans: The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has technically approved the NOC of Soul City. Their NOC was approved on January 21, 2023, against the reference number LDA/DMP (M&E)/ 2986. You can visit the LDA official website to confirm the status of Soul City.

    Q6. Are Soul City Lahore rates affordable?

    Ans: The plots for sale in Soul City are available at highly affordable rates. Since the housing project is in the pre-launched stage, the plots are offered at highly low prices. In the neighboring housing projects, such as Khayaban-e-Amin, plot rates are twice more than the Soul City’s.

    Q7. Is Soul City Lahore good for investment?

    Ans: The Soul City is a promising investment opportunity for the citizens of Lahore. The housing society is in its initial phase of development. Hence the plot prices are within the range of people with low income. However, with the progress of the development work, the plots are expected to increase.

    Q8. Is Soul City approved by LDA?

    Ans: The Soul City is an entirely legal project, as the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has approved its NOC. You can check the status of Soul City on the official website of LDA.

    Q9. Is Soul City Lahore Payment Plan 2023 available?

    Ans: The management has shared the latest payment plan of Soul City. The housing project offers residential plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal at reasonable rates. The commercial plots of 5 Marla and 10 Marla are also available.

    Q10. What is the booking process of Soul City?

    Ans: You can easily book your plots in Soul City. The documents required for booking a plot are as follows:

    • CNIC Copies of the Applicant
    • NICOP Copies (if applicable)
    • CNIC Copies of the applicant’s Next-of-kin
    • Passport Size Photos of the Applicant

    After the verification of the required documents, your plot registration process will start. Do not forget to bring the down payment for booking the plot. Contact Wirasat for a smooth booking process.

    Q11. What is the total land area of Soul City Lahore?

    Ans: The total land area of Soul City is 6000 Kanal, and the LDA has only approved the 1817.32 Kanal land. The remaining land area is under the process of approval. The land is mostly used for residential and commercial purposes. However, several other infrastructures would also be included, such as parks, mosques, educational institutes, roads, and a community center.

    Q12. Are Soul City Lahore reviews positive?

    Ans: So far, Soul City is the talk of the town. It is highly popular among real estate projects in Pakistan. People are showing great interest in investing or buying plots for their homes in Soul City.

    Q13. What are the sizes of residential plots in Soul City in Lahore?

    Ans: It offers residential plots of the following sizes:

    • 5 Marla
    • 10 Marla
    • 1 Kanal

    Q14. What are the sizes of residential plots in Motorway City in Lahore?

    Ans: It offers commercial plots of the following sizes:

    • 5 Marla
    • 10 Marla


    Soul City Lahore is an emerging yet promising housing project in Lahore. It is located at the most prime location of the city, merely a few minutes away from the Ring Road Halloki Interchange. It can easily be accessed from various significant routes of Lahore, such as Raiwand Road, Defence Road, and Ferozepur Road. Residential and commercial plots of different sizes are available at highly affordable rates. Moreover, it is a highly safe and secure housing society that is set to satisfy its residents by offering all the basic and modern facilities.

     There are many reasons why it is wise to invest in Soul City. These reasons include ideal location, pre-approved NOC, trusted developers, and affordable plots for sale.

    Wirasat highly recommends you to invest in this housing project now, as the plot rates are reasonable. With each passing day, its price is bound to increase. For any query or update, please visit our website.