Suppose you plan to invest in the real estate market, find your primary residence, a commercial plot, or sell or rent out your property. Partnering with the best Pakistan agencies can make a visible difference.

In Pakistan, the housing schemes appear to be so dynamic with opportunities favorable for those wishing to sell or buy property. However, for a beginner, it may seem difficult to move through such a flexible environment. Therefore, if you have chosen a trustworthy real estate agency it appears like somebody’s got your back while ensuring smooth real estate property transactions. However, this dynamic landscape can be challenging to navigate.

This blog highlights the leading five real estate firms in Pakistan for the year 2024 based on various factors such as their reputation, services, scope as well as online presence.

Top 5 Real Estate Agencies In Pakistan 2024

The definitive list of the top 5 real estate agencies in Pakistan.

1. Zameen

Zameen was started in 2006 and has become a household name for everyone dealing in property transactions within Pakistan. The company has made an impact in property sales, lease, and purchase by availing too many services through a user-friendly system.


For both residential and commercial needs, Zameen offers a wide array of saleable or rentable realty properties found in almost every major city of Pakistan.

Verified Listing

The verified listings are guaranteed to be accurate so that even if a person wants to rent a house it will exactly be what was described by the company owner without changing anything.


The advice from their seasoned professionals in real estate investments help their clients to make informed decisions based on their financial goals and risk tolerance.

2. Graana

The real estate market in Pakistan had recognized Graana as a major firm in 2015. It is dedicated to delivering a convenient and clear service to the individuals who purchase or sell property.


Graana facilitates smooth property transactions for residential and commercial properties, offering assistance with negotiations and paperwork.

They assist property owners in finding suitable tenants and manage rental agreements for a stress-free experience.

Verified Listings:

Listings on Graana are verified, ensuring buyers get accurate information about properties and minimizing the risk of encountering fraudulent listings.

Wanted” Feature:

Graana’s “Wanted” feature caters to buyers who haven’t found their ideal property yet. Simply register your requirements and connect with agents who can find suitable options for you.


Founded in the year 2017, Pakistan’s Wirasat is a leading real estate marketing agency. Its primary focus is on residential, agricultural as well as commercial property markets.

For its customers, the organization offers an entire range of services with an aim of raising the level of knowledge about a brand, ensuring that prospective customers respond and eventually results in sales.

Housing and business schemes:

  • Kingdom Valley Islamabad: This housing society features wide roads, a grand mosque, educational institutions, a community center, and various parks, promoting an eco-friendly environment. Development is progressing rapidly, with the goal of providing a sustainable and high-quality living experience​.
  • The Grenoken Farms: An agricultural project focusing on eco-friendly practices, organic food production, and the integration of the latest agricultural technology. It offers passive income opportunities, environmental sustainability, and smart water and energy management​.

Marketing and Sales Services:

Wirasat offers tailored marketing strategies to help clients achieve their real estate investment goals. This includes customized investment plans and assistance with safe and easy property transfers.

Analysis Tools:

This is where Wirasat stands out. They offer property valuation tools and market analysis reports directly on their website.

These tools empower clients to make informed decisions by understanding a property’s market value and current real estate trends. Imagine being able to get a quick valuation estimate or see how prices are fluctuating in your desired area – all before contacting an agent.


Imarat was started in 2016 and introduced 15 iconic Real Estate projects in Pakistan. Imarat Group is a prominent real estate developer in Pakistan, but it also offers services beyond development. Most of their projects are based in Islamabad. They build luxury apartments and hotels.


Over the last three years, they have accomplished fifteen projects such as apartments, hotels, and commercial areas. Imarat’s core principles include giving back to society while ensuring that there is a development that can be sustained by future generations. This is achieved through the use of ecological construction items as well as backing up various social projects.

Star Marketing:

In Pakistan there is a star marketing company known as Star Marketing which was established in 2005 that provides property marketing services across all regions of the nation including both domestic (houses) as well as international type buildings such as offices or warehouses.

With a portfolio that includes notable projects like Gulberg Islamabad, Green Square Villas in Islamabad, and the Mall of DG Khan, Star Marketing is known for its innovative strategies and extensive reach.

The company also has international offices and partners, enabling it to cater to a global clientele interested in Pakistani real estate investments

Choosing the Correct Partner:

Picking the correct Real Estate Agency can greatly affect the results of selling your property. Here are important points to think about before deciding.

  • Expertise: Choose a company with experience in the type of property and region you wish for.
  • Services:  Think about what you require including buying; selling; renting out apartments; managing residential buildings etc., among others
  • Reputation and Reviews:  Check out Reviews & Feedback shared by customers online about the agency itself 
  • Experience and Qualifications: Seek an agent that has been doing just that; giving counsel, because many years of knowledge are cumulative
  • Commission Structure: Understand the agency’s commission structure and fees to avoid any surprises.


The real estate market in Pakistan features many attractive investment opportunities, but its fast-evolving market dynamics may cause you difficulty. This blog post evaluated the best five realtors of last year by reputation, services, and online presence.

To succeed in property transactions, you need a meaningful partnership with established players such as Zameen, Graana or Wirasat. Their knowledge will ease your land sale/buy process as it subjects it to a similar success level. Please remember that when researching agents, make sure they have a proven track record.

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